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Celebration of Service Comments

5 Years

Ying Hu
I have worked with Ying for about two years now in Digital Initiatives (Digital Services), and with her solid knowledge, experience and abilities I know I can totally rely on her for excellent advice and information. In the last couple of years, we’ve tried lots of new things, and taken on new challenges, while maintaining a connection to existing good practices. Ying has helped navigate that course to bridge the past and future, instructed and mentored new students and staff, and managed projects to keep progress going as things have changed. She has knowledge of pretty much all workflows, software techniques, equipment, past projects, etc. in the office and I know I can get great answers and honest feedback about whether something will work, or if it’s a good idea, or if it’s already been tried. On behalf of the Digital Initiatives team, Ying, congratulations, and thank you so much for everything!
-Steven Pryor

Chris Pryor
Many librarians in Missouri and elsewhere know Chris as a dedicated library
professional who engages actively in professional organizations. She taught courses for SISLT for many years before coming to the libraries at Mizzou, and she is still doing her part to prepare library professionals of the future. She has a uniquely authentic way of making connections with others, whether it’s with peers or those she supervises. Since coming to Mizzou, Chris probably holds the record for the number of titles she has held simultaneously, due to her willingness to go the extra mile and her practical yet creative approach to leadership. Chris can be counted on to be a strong advocate for all libraries, especially those here at MU. Congratulations on five great years at the Libraries, Chris!
-Deb Ward

Steven Pryor
Calm and analytical, Steven is also approachable and kind. He is amazingly serene in the face of daunting challenges. He is a respected teacher and colleague. Capable with systems, he sees the big picture of libraries and computer systems, and he uses thoughtful problem-solving techniques to help us achieve our systems-related goals. Courteous to all, Steven helps us identify solutions through both technology and people. I appreciate his willingness to take on the big challenges we face together with our partner UM Libraries. Thanks, Steven, for your leadership in library digital initiatives, and your willingness to take on increasing responsibilities. Congratulations on five successful years with the Libraries!
-Deb Ward

10 Years

Matt Gaunt
Many of you will remember that Matt was the engaging MC for our virtual Celebrations of Service during the pandemic time. Gregarious and supportive, with keen business acumen, Matt presents our case to donors, illuminating the many ways in which librarians and staff benefit our users. Matt dreams big for the libraries and seeks ways to bring the dreams to reality. More than a fund-raiser, Matt is a member of the Libraries team, who is helping to shape and carry out our vision for the future. His efforts were key to the recent Husni gift and the Eisenstein collection loan. Matt brings humor and a personal touch to his work that I greatly appreciate. Thanks for 10successful years with the Libraries, Matt!
-Deb Ward

Navadeep Khanal
Navadeep is once again stepping into a new and expanded role as Head of Teaching and Learning in our MU Libraries organization. He will bring to this role his dedication to campus partnerships, collegiality, and innovation. Hired as an e-learning librarian, Navadeep has led our Libraries’ efforts to integrate resources and services into the campus learning management system and has supported the libraries’ desire to develop online learning content. Along the way, he added responsibility for our website to his portfolio and created an attractive digital media lab with highly trained staff supporting the needs of our libraries, faculty and students with their recording and video needs. Navadeep supported all of us as we transitioned to Zoom for virtual work life during the pandemic and to transitioning our teaching online. Ten years have gone by fast. Thanks to Navadeep for being a great colleague and for helping us advance our support for teaching and learning.
-Jeannette Pierce

Kimberly Moeller
Kimberly embodies the standard of service and excellence that we strive for in the libraries. She is a caring and supportive friend to all. She has always been willing to take on new responsibilities and try new things and does so with enthusiasm and complete commitment. In this past year, she has assumed supervisory responsibility for the seven peer navigators and it has been wonderful to watch how positively they have responded to her support and management. Whether through her instruction sessions, her collection decisions, her mentoring of student employees, her research support for authors and more, she is always focused on providing the best for our users. It is wonderful to have her with us on the team and in the libraries.
-Rhonda Whithaus

Jeannette Pierce
Jeannette is known for her thoughtful and strategic approach to library services. Kind and serene, she can be counted on to take a reasoned and thorough approach to library issues, bringing in perspectives that might otherwise be overlooked. Her analytical skills are a great match for her leadership of the Assessment Committee. She is always thinking of new ways to integrate the Libraries’ services into the life of the campus, reaching out willingly to other campus leaders to create logical bridges between users and services. An advocate for the needs of staff and mindful of the diverse needs of users, Jeannette is a highly valued library leader. Thanks for 10 terrific years at the Libraries, Jeannette!
-Deb Ward

15 Years
Dustin Hoffmann
Dustin’s commitment to excellent customer service is unwavering; for years you could regularly see Dustin’s skills on display thought out the library. Two years ago Dustin was asked to join the campus-wide DoIT Windows Configuration Team in addition to his work at the library. While continuing to do an excellent job at the library, Dustin has also been doing outstanding work for the campus increasing the efficiency and security of desktop computing at MU. Congratulations on 15 years of service, I look forward to seeing what great things you do in the future!
-Ernest Shaw

20 Years

Gary Cox
It is difficult to imagine University Archives without Gary Cox at the helm of its reference services. It is a position he has made his own over the past 20years; he is the go-to for University of Missouri history. From providing film footage to ESPN to opening a 123-year-old time capsule, Gary does it all. As I am sure many of you know, Gary’s work ethic, his attention to detail, his ability to communicate with patrons and coworkers, and his professionalism are all beyond reproach. His reference work is always conscientious, diligent, and thorough so that no reference question is too straightforward or too complex to get anything but Gary’s best. Every time. Thanks, Gary!
-Anselm Huelsbergen

PT Martin
PT has been a cornerstone of computer support at the library for longer than
any other member of LTS. As a team member, she works with everyone in LTS
to ensure that problems outside of her area of expertise are quickly resolved.
Her commitment to customer services is ever present, and the support she has
provided to the employees and patrons of the library over the years is
invaluable. For the last several years, PT has been a part of a DoIT campus-wide
virtual team called the Technology Response Team where in addition to
her responsibilities at the library she helps ensure that student employees that
provide first-tier support are dispatched across campus efficiently and helps
track their work. PT, thank you for all your work, and congratulations on 20
-Ernest Shaw

25 Years

Anne Barker
Our Excel Queen! If you have not seen her color-coded spreadsheets, they are masterpieces. Masterfully is the word to describe all of Anne’s work. She is passionate about the libraries – our spaces, our services, our collections and how we can best meet our users’ needs. Her faculty are vocal in their admiration and appreciation for all she does for them. She makes a huge impact on students in her consultations and instruction sessions. Many library science graduate students have told me over the years that they became interested in librarianship after attending one of Anne’s English instruction sessions as an undergraduate. She is an enthusiastic advocate for the libraries and for our users. Anne is a very caring person, always offering to help others and take on responsibilities to help out. It has been such a pleasure to work with, learn from and know Anne.
-Rhonda Whithaus

Ryan Bish
Books to shelve and shift or sort,
Ryan’s work was so routine,
Now he packs, tubs, transports,
He’s a mean, book-movin’ machine!
-Cindy Cotner

30 Years

Cindy Cotner
Cindy’s dedication to providing excellent public service and her advocacy for the staff in her own areas of responsibility and beyond are among her most notable qualities. In her 30 years with MU Libraries, Cindy has worked in Administration, Reference & Information Services, and Access Services. She knows our libraries and our patrons well and uses that knowledge to help us create a better organization. Cindy is a skilled problem-solver who brings her own ideas to the table but still seeks input and listens to others. I was grateful to work with Cindy to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. I appreciate Cindy’s attention to recognizing and celebrating the work of staff in Access Services through her staff communications and events. Cindy’s cheerfulness and positive attitude create a welcoming environment for all.
-Jeannette Pierce

Kathy Peters
Kathy has contributed to the Libraries here at MU in many ways, even as a student worker before she became a full-time staff member in Technical Services. Today, Kathy’s job covers the landscape of budget and expenditures, supervisor of the Safety Team, and coordination for the Ellis Library facility and Libraries HR. The ultimate team player, Kathy does every task with cheerfulness and amazing energy.
She supports her co-workers by looking for ways to help them achieve their desired results. She is meticulous with numbers, creative with solutions, and she brings a sense of humor and humanity to our workplace. Thanks, Kathy, for 30 great years with the Libraries!
-Deb Ward

Sheila Voss
Sheila Voss has served in several library departments, including general administration, security, acquisitions and advancement, and now serves as the Facilities Project and Building Coordinator for the Libraries. Her attention to detail is essential to providing a high-quality of service to the Libraries. When the campus shut down due to COVID in March 2020, Sheila was one of two library employees asked to work on-site inside Ellis Library every day to enable the work of the windows construction project. As the libraries prepared to re-open to the public in Aug 2020, she tirelessly worked to provide furniture arrangements that met COVID safety protocols. As the COVID restrictions lifted, she spent countless hours rearranging furniture again in a new layout designed to contribute to student success. As the gate counts and space planning projects have increased, she has worked hard to provide quality daily service while helping the libraries plan for the future. The Libraries are lucky to have Sheila serving in this role. Congratulations and Thank You for Your Service, Sheila!
-Kathy Peters