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Race and University Life: Readings for MU Faculty and Staff

Back in November 2015, Race and University Life: Readings for MU Faculty and Staff, was created as a response to anti-racist activism at the University of Missouri. This guide is often updated to continue to contribute to the anti-racism conversation on campus and in the United States.

In this guide, you will find resources listed under the following categories:

  • Narratives– either firsthand accounts of racism as it is experienced by racial minorities in the United States, or journalistic reports and editorials from popular media.
  • Studies- there are hundreds of studies examining various aspects of racism and how people deal with it. These are selected for strength of method, readability by the educated nonspecialist, suggested solutions.
  • Books- authors of these studies are scholars in the fields of economics, geography, history, journalism, law and sociology.
  • Statistics- includes both statistics related to race and racism at Mizzou and beyond Missouri.
  • Underrepresented Groups at Mizzou- this includes histories, periodicals, and resources from our student unrest and activism collection in the University Archives.
  • Podcasts, Video, and Social Media- recommendations of non-book resources as well as links to prominent black voices on social media
  • Supporting Local- a list of black owned businesses in Columbia, Missouri.

This guide is a curated list of resources, not just for information related to Mizzou, but for information related to race and racism beyond the Mizzou campus. Not everything on this guide is behind a paywall. If there is a resource you cannot access, we encourage you to look at your local and university library or local bookstore.


Taira Meadowcroft

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