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New Exhibit in Special Collections: Spring Flowers

Spring is in the air (as is a lot of pollen), so now is a good time to start anticipating spring flowers! Descriptions of flowers in botanical books are often accompanied by images, which can be produced in a variety of ways: woodcuts, engravings, lithographs, and even nature printing where the object itself becomes a printing tool. This spring, we’ve gotten out three books that each use a different technology: hand-colored engravings from 1799, lithographic plates from 1899, and woodcuts from 1999. Come take a look!

The current display in Special Collections features The Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed (1799), The Flowering Plants, Grasses, Sedges & Ferns of Great Britain (1899), and Shakespeare’s Harvest (1999).

John Henry Adams

John Henry Adams is a librarian in the Special Collections and Rare Books department. He provides instruction and reference for the history of the book in general, but especially for medieval manuscripts, early European printing, the history of cartography, and English and German literature.