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A flora of North America
Published: Philadelphia: M. Carey & Sons, 1821-23.
Description: Barton\'s Flora is an important early American color plate book. Barton’s descriptions of plants include the current Latin name of each species, the names used by the botanists Carolus Linnaeus and Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, and common English names. His discussion also includes growing habits, ranges and habitat, and the history and usages of each plant. The illustrations for this volume were drawn from nature by Barton, engraved in the workshop of Cornelius Tiebout of Philadelphia, and colored by hand, “its execution being wholly accomplished by American artists.” Barton paid special attention to color; in one of the prefaces of the first volume, he provides color charts with real-world explanations of the terms he uses to describe plants.
Condition/Repair: Resew all three volumes and recase, saving original bindings and endpapers. Add support under spine, touch up edges, corners, and marbled paper covers.
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