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The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, translated into English blank verse by William Cowper
Published: London : Printed for J. Johnson ..., 1791.
Description: William Cowper, a noted English poet, made this important translation of Homer into English blank verse. This copy is a first edition and is particularly interesting because it is in its original publisher's boards - the way it would have come straight from an eighteenth-century bookshop. This type of binding was never intended to last more than 220 years! It was meant to be temporary, to protect the book until its new owner could take it to the bookbinder of his choice.
Condition/Repair: The sewing is breaking down. The covers are detached, there is no spine, and there are old tape repairs. The conservator will reback and maintain the original character of the publisher\'s binding with a new hinge and spine. He will also fix the spine of the books\' enclosure.
Donation Needed: $225.00