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Bible. Latin.
Published: Manuscript, circa 1300.
Description: This Latin Bible, written entirely by hand in Italy at some time in the fourteenth century, is one of the jewels of Special Collections. The text contains much of the Old Testament, a complete New Testament, and a table of readings for the Mass. The text is decorated with 54 large blue initials with intricate red pen flourishing. Perhaps most interesting, the bible is bound in a page reused from another manuscript, a fifteenth-century antiphonal with musical notation. This book has been a part of Special Collections at MU since 1983, when it was donated by Mr. and Mrs. William Fratcher. More information about the manuscript can be found online at the Digital Scriptorium.
Condition/Repair: The binding structure is weakening, and the book has been repaired before, although not during its time in Special Collections. In order to preserve the integrity of this historic binding, the conservator will take off the frayed sewing junctures, reinforce the spine lining, replace the endpapers (which are not original), and reinforce the hinges at the original sewing points.
Donation Needed: $100.00