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Voyage dans les deux Louisianes : et chez les nations sauvages du Missouri, par les États-Unis, l
Published: Lyon : Bruyset aîné et Buynand, An XIII--1805
Description: First Edition. Two large fold-out plates, including an important early map of the Missouri river, its tributaries, surrounding towns and villages. Voyage dans les deux Louisianes is “important for details concerning the early fur trade with the Indians on the upper Missouri. The map is the best of that region published at the time” (Howes 7901). Perrin du Lac traveled with a fur-trading expedition, which ventured up the Missouri River as far as the White River in South Dakota in the first few years of the 19th Century. This work provides many details on the different tribes he encountered, their villages, and the towns and territories he passed through on the journey. Also includes details of the early fur trade with Indians on the upper Missouri river.
Condition/Repair: Joints cracking, needs rebacking. Repair small tear to inner edge of map.
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