Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn

August 28, 1612 - October 3, 1653

The author of this book is unknown, but it is frequently attributed to the Dutch philologist and historian Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn, a professor at the University of Leiden. He was born in 1612 in Bergen op Zoom, a tiny ancient city-fortress in Northern Brabant. His most important discovery was in linguistics: he supposed the existence of a proto-language common to all Indo-European languages, which he called "Scythian". He died on October 3, 1653.

Russia seu Moscovia itemque Tartaria: Commentario Topographico atque Politico Illustratae.

Lugduni Batavorum: Ex officina Elzeviriana, anno 1630
DK39 .R8 1630b