Funeral for One


Funeral for One


Gandy, Amberlee


Artist statement: Whether it be losing a loved one, being isolated from family and friends, or witnessing the horrors of COVID-19 firsthand as a frontline worker, it is impossible to come out of this pandemic without being personally affected by the illness. Our floral artwork conveys the lonely scene of a COVID-19 patient nearing death. Blooms of carnations, roses, gerbera daisies, and delphinium in tones of fuschia, marigold, sky blue, and peony pink were placed closer to the window to convey vitality before transitioning into more neutral earthy tones, symbolizing that they are about to be laid to rest. Using manipulated chicken wire, a human body was constructed on a resting surface. The constructed body was covered in severed fresh roses, baby’s breath and mums as well as dried artichokes and hydrangeas in tints, tones, and shades of brown, gold, and burnt orange to represent someone passing alone. One last thought of human connection to our patient was the lone arrangement on the bedside table. We were inspired to create this installation after our own family members were hospitalized due to COVID-19. We wanted to use this platform to showcase the feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and loneliness that our family members felt in and outside of the hospital. In true COVID-19 fashion, we were the only two people to see the exhibit and had to deconstruct it as quickly as we constructed it.




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21VADS - 012



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