The Onyx


The Onyx

Alternative Title

Facets of the Black Experience


Hardy, Danielle


Artist Statement

In this collection of separate photo series, I aim to illustrate the nuance that comes with the black experience. Each person has his own story and complexity that creates the elaborate mosaic we call “The Black Community.” Through this exploration, I strive to fully embody the evidence of these complexities that I either witness or experience in my day-to-day life. Moreover, reflecting on how personifying the concepts through photography can shift the overall black perception of itself. Double consciousness, kingship, navigating white spaces with black skin, and the balance between the masculine and feminine within the confines of the traditional black manhood are showcased. My conceptualization of these concepts gives me an outlet to make the seemingly intangible, yet universally-felt experiences an audience to foster conversation regarding such topics within the black community.





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