The Alfresco Abode


The Alfresco Abode


Schneider, Claire


Artist Statement: Alfresco abode means “in the fresh air living” which is the quintessential idea The Alfresco Abode design presents to potential homeowners in the Columbia area. This is an architectural design project for a mixed-used multi-family housing building typology, focusing on creating a comfortable living space for the building residents. By encouraging sustainable living behaviors through the buildings design and creating an energy efficient building, the design and layout of the building embrace nature by allowing lots of natural daylighting and providing each resident the opportunity to direct personal outdoor spaces. The site around the building is used to teach the public about sustainability through a park, rain collection pool, urban garden, a playground for children while also creating an inclusive space for the other neighborhoods in the surrounding areas. The overall building form and material is used to help the residents feel more individual and prideful about their living space, which will improve their overall living experience. Artistic intervention and design problem solving allows for this particular design project, The Alfresco Abode, to be an example of aesthetically interesting and creative solutions, which dually considers its impact on the environment and people’s perception to create a home beneficial to both humans and the environment.




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21VADS - 021



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