English as My Second Language


English as My Second Language


Montano, Pamela


During these two years living in the United States, I never had the opportunity to express my emotions about how difficult it was for me to adjust to my new home. As an international student, adapting my customs, ideas and my language was not easy. English as My Second Language is a short stop motion video of almost three minutes inspired by the emotions and difficulties that I had to go through to improve my English. The video is an animation where the images and texts reflect my moments of sadness and happiness. They convey every moment I had to show myself and my family that I could achieve my goal and defy obstacles in this path. The design of the video is simple but very meaningful to me because it is the proof of my effort, time and creativity. The animation use paper cut out puppets, letters, and personal objects like my books to represent myself and my experiences in learning English. For me, showing a challenge in my life through video is something that I never imagined doing, especially when it comes to certain emotions that are difficult to express in a single drawing or in words alone. This process of learning a language led me to understand that there are many things left to discover and to know about English. I appreciate the opportunity to share my journey and experience with the public and to bring forth the results of my hard work.




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21VADS - 017



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