Technical Services Collections Committee

Definition and charge (updated 2/9/09)

As part of the MU Libraries and under their mission, the Technical Services Division has primary responsibility for areas such as materials acquisitions, database licensing, fiscal operations of the collections budget, cataloging and classification, subject analysis and online access to materials, and physical processing and preservation.

The Technical Services Collections Committee (TSCC) will be constituted by the Technical Services department heads, including the Head of Technical Services of the Health Sciences Libraries and the Technical Services Archivist. The Assistant Director for Technical Services chairs the group. Its duties are to:

  1. Advise the Asst. Director for Technical Services in presenting collections budget and management information to the Library Management Team
  2. Maintain the primary business contact with vendors within the Acquisitions Dept., consulting with Collections Services Committee (CSC) and selectors and sharing information on vendor contacts
  3. Consulting on and conducting negotiations for purchases, contracts, contract addenda and other purchasing matters as authorized under University guidelines
  4. Work with the Acquisitions Dept. to oversee fiscal control of the collections budget and other collections funds
  5. Work with the Catalog Dept. to advise and consult with them on issues relating to access to materials
  6. Work with Health Sciences Technical Services on matters relating to their materials and processes
  7. Work with Physical Processing/Preservation on collections matters relating to them
  8. Work with the Archives on collections matters relating to them
  9. Coordinate the reporting of collection statistics with the Library Business Office
  10. Consult as needed and produce reports as requested by the Library Director, LMT, CSC, selectors and staff
  11. Communicate and coordinate activities with the Collections Services Committee, primarily through the TSCC and CSC committee chairs