Digitization Advisory Committee

The MU Libraries Digitization Advisory Committee was formed in 2013. For information on its predecessor, see Committee on Digitization Initiatives.

Committee Charge – (June, 2013)

The Digitization Advisory Committee has responsibility for:

  • Advising the Digital Services Department on prioritizing, coordinating, and planning local digitization projects;
  • ensuring that metadata and preservation considerations are addressed as part of the collection development process;
  • coordinating with the MERLIN Digital Projects Committee;
  • the formulation of policies and best practices in digitization in the MU Libraries;
  • acting as an advisory body to the Library Management Team regarding the role of the library in digitization-related activities and services, needed resources and infrastructure in support of digitization activities, and participation in collaborative projects with other institutions;
  • facilitating collaborative efforts for digitization projects and services in the MU Libraries, the University of Missouri (Columbia), and with extra-mural partners.

The Committee will also, in cooperation with the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration, participate in identifying granting agencies that support the development of digital collections and cooperate in drafting grant proposals to those agencies.

Committee Organization

The Committee will be appointed by the Director of the Libraries and include representation from Special Collections, Archives and Rare Books (SCARaB), Acquisitions/Collection Development, the Head of the Catalog Department, the Digital Humanities Coordinator and two to four other librarians or staff. One of the two to four other librarians or staff should be part of the Research & Information Services Division and one should be from the Health Sciences Libraries. Ex-officio members will include the Associate Director for SCARaB, the Associate Director for Access, Collections and Technical Services, and the Head of Library Technology Services.

Terms for the rotating members of the Digitization Advisory Committee will be two years and will be staggered to ensure committee continuity. Terms may be renewed by the Director of the Libraries. The Director of the Libraries will entertain nominations and self-nominations for the rotating member positions as part of the annual committee staffing process.

Committee Members

Name Position Term Email address
Anne Barker Humanities Librarian 2013-2106 barkera@missouri.edu
Dorothy Carner Head of Journalism Libraries 2013-2014 carnerd@missouri.edu
Marie Concannon Government Documents Coordinator 2013-2016 concannonm@missouri.edu
Felicity Dykas Head of Digital Services Department ex-officio dykasf@missouri.edu
Michael Holland Director of SCARaB ex-officio hollandm@missouri.edu
Anselm Huelsbergen Technical Services Archivist 2013-2015 huelsbergena@missouri.edu
Edward McCain Digital Curator of Journalism 2013-2016 mccaine@rjionline.org
Ann Riley Associate Director for Access, Collections, and Technical Services ex-officio rileyac@missouri.edu
Ernest Shaw Head of Library Technology Services ex-officio shawec@missouri.edu
Shelley Worden Collection Management Librarian, Health Sciences 2013-2015 wordens@health.missouri.edu


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