Updated instructions to ensure you are paid correctly for 80 hours (Instead of 80.1 or 79.9)


We have come to realize that timesheets in Time and Labor report time to two decimal points, e.g., 6.75 hours. However, rounding occurs in the Payable Time Summary window with the rule-of-thumb of rounding up if the second decimal is 5 or higher, e.g., 6.75 rounds up to 6.8 hours but 6.74 rounds down to 6.7 hours.


Once you have submitted your time sheet, follow the NAVIGATION PATH below to check for overtime paid or if Time & Labor has shorted you hours:


Ø  Go to Self Service

Ø  Time Reporting

Ø  View Time

Ø  Payable Time Summary

Ø  Here you are able to view one week of hours (Review both weeks by changing dates)

Ø  Review the “Time Reporting Code” column for OTM = overtime

Ø  Add the “Total Quantity” column to calculate if you are over or under 80 hours

Ø  Please go back to your time sheet and make corrections - ADJUST PAID LEAVE HOURS (see example below)

Ø  SUBMIT Time sheet again.

Ø  Redo the steps above after 30 minutes to verify changes made


Regular hours will round up in Payable Time Summary starting at .x5 where x is any number reported on your Time Sheet.


Example 1: Employee Smith worked 2/3rds of an eight-hour day and wants to report the remaining 1/3 as paid leave.

Let’s say Smith’s punch in/out times add to 6.75 regular hours within the timesheet. That amount will round up to 6.8 hours of regular pay in Payable Time Summary. Smith would report 1.2 hours of paid leave to reach 8.0 hours total for the day.


The next day, Smith works 6.74 hours. That amount will not round up and report as 6.7 hours in Payable Time Summary. Smith would report 1.3 hours of paid leave to reach 8.0 hours total for the day.


Example 2: Employee Jones claimed 8.0 hours of vacation on Monday. Jones worked Tuesday through Friday and Payable Time Summary shows 33.0 hours of regular hours worked and 8.0 hours of vacation.  Since this adds up to 41.0 hours and since overtime was not intended to accrue, Jones would go back into the timesheet and adjust vacation hours to 7.0.