Merlin Fund Codes Charts

These charts are available as a pdf file or as an Excel spreadsheet; charts are arranged by Fund Code, by Fund Name or by Selector.  

Each fund has a fund code consisting of a stem and a number. The number designates for what types of materials the fund is used.  The coding is as follows:

-1:  firm order monographic materials (except ebooks)

-2:  approval and DDA monographic materials in print and electronic formats

-3:  continuing print orders (e.g. print serial subscriptions)

-4:  continuing monographic print sets 

-5:  firm order monographic ebooks

-6:  firm order monographic materials (except ebooks) purchased with gift funds

-7:  continuing electronic orders (e.g. electronic serial subscriptions)

-9:  firm order monographic ebooks purchased with gift funds

-0:  electronic continuations purchased with gift funds