Stanton, Robert Livingston. Church and the Rebellion

Stanton, Robert Livingston. CHURCH AND THE REBELLION

New York: Derby and Miller, 1864
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Stanton (1810-1885) was a professor in the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church of Danville, KY. Chapters in this work against the secession of states from the Union include “Character of the Rebellion,” “Cause of the Rebellion,” “Responsibility for the Rebellion,” “Responsibility for Beginning and Continuing the War,” “Responsibility of the Southern Church for the Rebellion and the War,” “The Church and Slavery,” “Slavery and Polemics,” and more. Stanton dedicated it “To the young men of the United States, of every creed in religion and every party in politics, who prefer freedom to slavery; who are loyal to the country, and who are aiding to sustain its government against rebellion.”

Microfilmed by the Library of Congress, Washington, DC


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