Ruffin, Edmund, 1794-1865. Diary of Edmund Ruffin, 1856-1865.

Ruffin, Edmund, 1794-1865. DIARY OF EDMUND RUFFIN, 1856-1865.

Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1966
7 reel(s)

Edmund Ruffin made his reputation from the 1830s to the 1850s as an innovator in southern agriculture. He wrote the important agricultural work An Essay on Calcareous Manures and edited the Farmer's Register beginning in June 1833. As the struggle over states rights evolved, Ruffin became an ardent secessionist. He reportedly fired the first shot against Fort Sumter. With the defeat of the Confederacy, Ruffin committed suicide on June 18, 1865. This collection contains the manuscript diary to the day of his death. It provides considerable information about southern politics before and during the war and repeated observations about conditions on the Confederate domestic front.

The manuscript diary through June of 1863 has been edited and published in two volumes by William Kauffman Scarborough (F230 .R9314). Volume one is titled Toward Independence, October 1856-April, 1861 and volume two is titled The Years of Hope, April 1861-June 1863. Only routine personal affairs were omitted in this edition and it is thoroughly indexed.


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