Great Britain. Public Record Office. Papers of the War Council, Dardanelles Committee and War Committee, 1914-1916: Cab 42, 1-26.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. PAPERS OF THE WAR COUNCIL, DARDANELLES COMMITTEE AND WAR COMMITTEE, 1914-1916: CAB 42, 1-26.

London: Public Record Office, 1967
8 reel(s)

In November 1914, the Cabinet of Great Britain appointed a War Council to consider general matters of war policy. The War Council existed only six months. In May 1915, the Coalition government created the Dardanelles Committee to review operations in the Dardanelles and Gallipoli. Replacing the War Council, it extended its deliberations to more general strategic and operational problems. On November 3, 1915, the War Committee superseded the Dardanelles Committee. For the thirteen months of its existence, committee's agenda covered the whole range of naval and military operations and the more general aspects of war policy. By the later part of 1916, it had assumed a considerable measure of executive authority in the day-to-day conduct of the war. It dealt with complicated problems of production, manpower, food supply, shipping, and other matters affecting the war effort, as well as diplomatic relations with allies and neutral countries.



Great Britain. Public Record Office. List of Cabinet papers, 1880-1914.

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