Great Britain. Public Record Office. Papers of the Committee of Imperial Defense, 1888-1914: Cab 38, 1-28.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. PAPERS OF THE COMMITTEE OF IMPERIAL DEFENSE, 1888-1914: CAB 38, 1-28.

London: Public Record Office, 1967
9 reel(s)

In 1902 the Defense Committee of the Cabinet, formed in 1895, reorganized to include not only Cabinet ministers, but also heads of the Army and Navy. In 1904, the Prime Minister took the responsibility of the chairmanship, with absolute discretion in the selection of other members. The committee considered questions of defense against invasion both at home, and in particular, overseas territories. Memoranda concern subjects such as the Russian threat to India in Afghanistan and Persia (Iran), Egyptian defense, the Suez Canal, the Far East, national insurance of war risks, mine defenses, censorship, Russian navy movements, possible military action against Germany, and use of wireless telegraphy.


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Great Britain. Public Record Office. List of papers of the Committee of Imperial Defence to 1914 [by A. W. Mabbs]

The guide provides a chronological list of documents as they appear on the film. Subject content notes are provided.

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