Great Britain. Public Record Office. Minutes and Conclusions of the War Cabinet and Cabinet. Cab. 23/1-47, 61-67, 81-88.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. MINUTES AND CONCLUSIONS OF THE WAR CABINET AND CABINET. CAB. 23/1-47, 61-67, 81-88.

London: Public Record Office, 1967
16 reel(s)

Minutes and conclusions of the War Cabinet, formed on December 9, 1916, span the period from 1916 to 1937. Subjects discussed are naval, military, domestic, and diplomatic matters such as news from the battle fronts, troop movements, disposition of guns and munitions, man-power planning, agreements with other countries, and peace proposals. Later meetings discuss reparations, treaties, shipping, continuing problems in Ireland, and foreign relations. The papers provide an unambiguous statement of each decision reached, a general synopsis of the expert evidence upon which conclusions were based, and a general summary of the arguments for and against the decisions made.

(List and index society series. V. 40, 51, 61, 62, 92, 100). These guides provide subject access. An index on reels 14-16 also provides subject access.

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Great Britain. Public Record Office. The records of the Cabinet Office to 1922.

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