Great Britain. Public Record Office. Memoranda: 1915 to 1922. Cab. 24.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. MEMORANDA: 1915 TO 1922. CAB. 24.

London: Public Record Office, 1967
31 reel(s)

Papers prepared by ministers and officials that were printed and circulated to the British Cabinet from 1915 to 1922 are included. Their purpose was to initiate discussion of new policies, to state arguments for and against proposals made by ministers or departments, or simply to provide background information on topics to be discussed by the Cabinet. Although matters discussed at Cabinet meetings were frequently raised verbally by a minister, the most common method of bringing any subject to the attention of the Cabinet was by circulation of printed or typewritten memoranda in advance of a meeting. Among matters discussed were expenditures, activities of the League of Nations, foreign relations, postwar planning, and colonial matters. Included are memoranda circulated to the War Cabinet (December 1916 – October 1919).

(List and index society series. V. 29, 41, 52, 156). These indexes provide subject access to the collection.

FILM 10:13-14


Great Britain. Public Record Office. List & Index Society Series

Great Britain. Public Record Office. The records of the Cabinet Office to 1922.

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