Great Britain. Foreign Office. Correspondence Respecting China, 1848-1922. F.O. 405, 1-239.

Great Britain. Foreign Office. CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING CHINA, 1848-1922. F.O. 405, 1-239.

London: Public Record Office, 1967
33 reel(s)

By 1848, when this collection of official correspondence begins, Britain had established a sphere of influence in China at Canton. She continued to extend that sphere in the face of competition from other European nations and Japan. Britain also faced considerable hostility from Chinese nationalists. This hostility resulted in the "Arrow" War, the Taiping Rebellion, and the Boxer Rebellion. By 1922, the nationalist Kuomintang party under Sun Yat-sen had overthrown the Manchu dynasty, established the Republic of China, and faced rebellions from local warlords and the Chinese Communists under Mao Tse-tung. The correspondence differs in focus, from specific incidents, such as an attack on British subjects, or specific subjects, such as railways in China, to general correspondence for a stated period.

The correspondence is grouped by subject. A list of correspondence appears at the beginning of each group.

FILM 10:12-13

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