Confederate States of America. War Department. Letters Sent by the Confederate Secretary of War, 1861-1865.

Confederate States of America. War Department. LETTERS SENT BY THE CONFEDERATE SECRETARY OF WAR, 1861-1865.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1963
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 522; v. National Archives record group 109.
10 reel(s)

This collection includes letters sent by the Office of the Secretary of War from February 21, 1861, to May 22, 1862, and September 13, 1862, to January 23, 1865. Some additional letters were added, dated February 9, to April 22, 1865. The secretary of war was the chief officer in the Confederate War Department. Under the direction and control of the president, the secretary had charge of all matters connected with the army and Indian tribes within the Confederacy. The letterbooks in this collection originally contained correspondence sent from the Office of the Secretary of War to all permanent officials, including the president. For letters to the president, a separate series of letters was started in November 1861, but some letters continued to be copied in this series through April 1862. There are two letters written to the president in 1865. The remainder can be found in the microfilm collection, Letters sent by the Confederate Secretary of War to the President, 1861-1865 (Microcopy no. M 523). The letters are arranged in chronological order.

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