Presidential Memorabilia

Provenance, Scope and Contents

The collections contain miscellaneous letters, memorabilia, magazines, and other periodicals given to MU Libraries by various donors.


The collection is not catalogued. The materials are available to all researchers during regular service hours. For more information about the use of the print collections, see Book Use Policies.



FF4. Facsimile, letter to Craven Peyton from Thomas Jefferson, 27 Sept. 1803, printed for advertising by Morris Plan Banks in 1930s.

5. State of the Union Message by the President to a Joint Session of the Congress, The White House, January 4, 1965, signed by Lynden B. Johnson. Presented by Jerry W. Friedheim through Friends of the Library.

6. Newspaper clippings of the State Funeral of John F. Kennedy, from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 26 November 1963.

7. Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 88th Congress, First Session, vol. 109, no. 191, 25 November 1963. Includes eulogies for John F. Kennedy. 3 copies.

8. The Saturday Evening Post December 14, 1963Cover: John F. Kennedy 1917-63 (portrait by Norman Rockwell).

9. Life, vol. 55, no. 23, December 6, 1963.

10. Life, vol. 61, no. 1584, March 6, 1913; vol. 63, no. 1636, March 5, 1914. Gift of Carl Schweitzer.

11. Facsimiles, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, first and final drafts, 1863. Gift of Anna Rebholz

12. Mark Twain memorabilia, includes a few black and white photos, letters to Mrs. Lewis (Faye R.) Kensinger from Clara Clemens Gabrilowitsch and Ida Langdon, and two magazines: Newsweek v. 55, no. 18, May 2, 1960 and The Mentor, May 1924. Gift of Faye R. Kensinger.

13. Scribner’s Magazine, 50th anniversary edition, vol. 101, no. 1, January 1937. Gift of Mrs. Lewis Kensinger.

14. Walt Whitman Fellowship Papers, 1894-1906. From the Walt Whitman collection of Charles E. Feinberg.

16. Les Modes covers and fashion plates, Paris, 1902-03, 1906-07, 1909

17. Silk square (white with orange decoration) with busts of Grover Cleveland for President, and Allen G. Thurman for Vice President.

18. Pen used by President Eisenhower to sign the National Defense Education Act on September 2, 1958.


FF3. Land Grant on parchment, to Jonathan Bryan of St. Charles County, Missouri, signed by John Quincy Adams, 10 May 1825.

4. Land Grant on parchment, to William B. Burris of DeKalb County, Missouri, signed by Millard Fillmore, 1 Dec. 1851.

5. Bill, Act, and Amendment. S. 26 Senate of the United Stated on Land Claims in the State of Louisiana and Missouri Territory, Jan. 19, Mar. 10, Apr. 1, 1820.