Artists’ Books

Special Collections actively collects artists’ books, livres d’artistes, and fine illustrated books.   Most of these holdings are cataloged in the Rare Book Collection; however, a few are located in the Closed Collection.  Complementary materials can be found in the Press Ephemera Collection.

The list below is preliminary and does not represent the entirety of the holdings.  The following search headings can be used to locate artists’ books in the MERLIN library catalog.




Aesop. 12 fables of Aesop. Linoleum blocks by Antonio Frasconi. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, c1954.
PA3855.E5 W5 1954

Alcosser, Sandra. Glyphs. Drypoints by Michele Burgess. [S.l.]: Brighton Press, 2001 [i.e. 2002].
PS3551.L294 G49 2002

Amsden, Andrew. If at first you don’t succeed–. [Columbia, Mo.]: printed by Andrew Amsden, [2008].
N7433.4.A67 I4 2008

Aristophanes. Lysistrata by Aristophanes; a new version by Gilbert Seldes with a special introduction by Mr. Seldes and illustrations by Pablo Picasso. New York: The Limited Editions Club, 1934.
PA3877 .L8 1934


Baldwin, James. Gypsy & other poems. Etched portrait(s) by Leonard Baskin. Searsmont, Maine: Gehenna Press, 1989.
PS3552.A45 G97 1989

Bartók, Béla. Prince Bluebeard’s castle: a libretto; and, The splendid stags. [London]: Tern Press, 1978.
ML50.B287 D82 1978

Bell, Marvin. Walking in the footsteps of the dead man. Image by Lisa Schoenfielder. [La Crosse]: Sutton Hoo Press, c2000.
PS3552.E52 W35 2000

Blake, William. The tyger. Illustrated by Linda Anne Landers. London: Spoon Print Press, 1996.
PR4144 .T9 1996

Bolton, Claire. M. Marcham, Oxon: Alembic Press, 2002.
N7433.4.B66 M3 2002

Bolton, Claire. Madeleine. [Marcham, England]: Alembic Press, 2004.
N7433.4.B66 M34 2004

Bolton, Claire. Paper cranes. [Marcham, England]: Alembic Press, 2004.
N7433.4.B66 P36 2004

The Book of Ruth: King James version. Engravings by Ladislav Hanka. [Winona, Minn.?]: Priv. print. at Sutton Hoo Press, [2002].
BS1313 2002

Borchardt, Brian. The seven deadly sins. [Wisconsin]: Seven Hills Press, 2005.
N7433.4.B6735 S47 2005

Borchardt, Brian. Two saints: the martyrdom of St. Sergius & St. Bacchus. [Wisconsin]: Seven Hills Press, 2004.
N7433.4.B6735 T85 2004

Bruns, Stephen C. Are you a princess or a witch?: all girls must choose. [Columbia, Mo.: s.n., 2004]
N7433.4.B783 A65 2004

Buckley, Christopher. Still light: twelve poems from paintings. [Columbia, Mo.?]: Sutton Hoo Press, [1996?].
PS3552.U339 S75 1996

Burke, Clifford. A chiroxylographic book. [United States?: C. Burke, 1981?].
NE1112 .B8 1981

Burns, Robert. The jolly beggars; a cantata. Edited by John C. Weston. Northampton: Gehenna Press, 1963.
PR4311 .A1 1963

Butts, Anthony. Evolution: a prose poem. Woodcuts by Thomas Huck. La Crosse Wis.: Sutton Hoo Press, 1998.
PS3552.U782 E95 1998


Casey, John Albert. Colorless, odorless, tasteless. Columbia, Missouri: Sutton Hoo Press, c1993.
PS3553.A793343 C65 1993

Caxton, William. The history of Reynard the Foxe [done into English out of Dutch] by William Caxton [corr. by Henry Halliday Sparling. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press; sold by B. Quaritch, London, 1893.]
PT5584.E5 C33

Chafetz, Sidney and James L. Battersby. 7 poets: Samuel Johnson, John Milton, John Dryden, Joseph Addison, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Thomas Gray. Columbus, Ohio: Logan Elm Press, The Ohio State University Library, 2005.
PR502 .C434 2005

Chaucer, Geoffrey. The floure and the leafe, & The boke of Cupide, god of love, or The cuckow and the nightingale.
Ed., F.S. Ellis. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1896.
PR1898 .F4 1896

Chaucer, Geoffrey. The prologue to The Canterbury tales With original screen images designed by Ronald King. Guildford, Eng.: Circle Press Publications, 1978.
PR1868.P8 K52 1978

Connors, M. J. Denominations of worship. [S.l.: s.n.], 1994.
N7433.4.C66 D4 1994

Connors, M. J. Evidence of attendants. [New York]: Women’s Studio Workshop, c1991.
N7433.4.C66 E9 1991

Cummins, Maureen. The business is suffering. [Rosendale, N.Y.: Women’s Studio Workshop, 2003]
N7433.4.C8 B8 2003

Cutler-Shaw, Joyce, 1932-. Three cages. [New York]: Center for Book Arts, 1993.
N7433.4.C88 T57 1993


Dean, Tacita, 1965-. Die Regimentstochter. Göttingen, Germany: Steidl, c2005.
N7433.4.D43 R44 2005

Dal Cerro, Michael. Small world alphabet: wood cuts. Seattle: Grey Spider Press, 1992.
NE1112.D35 S6 1992

Deaton, Anthony. Rhumb lines. Winona, [Minn.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 2002.
PS3554.E175 R488 2002

Dickey, James. Puella. Tempe, Ariz.: Pyracantha Press, School of Art, Arizona State University, 1985.
PS3554.I32 P8 1985

Doty, Mark. Fire to fire: poems. Woodcuts by Lisa Schoenfielder. Winona [Minn.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 2004.
PS3554.O798 F55 2004


El costurero de Aracne. II. Granada: Escuela de Arte de Garanada [sic], 2005.
N7433.35.S63 C68 2005

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Friendship: an Emerson homage in remembrance of Joseph Blumenthal. Woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi. New York: Kelly-Winterton Press, c1993.
PS1610 .F73 1993

Entre telas. 1. Granada: Taller de Tejidos de la Escuela de Arte de Granada, 2005.
N7433.35.S63 E68 2005

Everwine, Peter. Figures made visible in the sadness of time: poems. Etchings by Bill Kelly. San Diego: Brighton Press, 2003.
PS3555.V4 F54 2003

Everwine, Peter. Speaking of accidents: poems. Woodcuts by Gary Young. Winona [Minn.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 2003.
PS3555.V4 S67 2003


Field, Eugene. My book. To William C. Buskett with the affectionate regards of his friend, Eugene Field. With vignettes by C. M. Seyppel. [St. Louis: Priv. print. for W. K. Bixby, 1905]
PS1667 .M8 1905


Golden, Alisa J. Cinnamon & saffron: regarding love and squashes. [Berkeley, Calif.]: Never Mind the Press, 1997.
PS3557.O3592 C5 1997

Golden, Alisa J. Critical opalescence. [Berkeley, Calif.]: Never Mind the Press, 2004.
PS3557.O3592 C74 2004

Golden, Alisa J. Night monster. [Berkeley, Calif.: Never Mind the Press, 2004]
PS3557.03592 N54 2004

Gómez, Antonio, Àngel Sanz, and Consuelo Vallejo. Sueños en libertad. [Granada?: Escuela de Arte de Granada?, 2005].
N7433.35.S63 S84 2008

Graziani, Sante and Bertha Ten Eyck James. Zodiac, the twelve signs: engraved on wood. [Northampton, Mass.?]: Gehenna Press, 1963.
N7433.4.G73 Z6 1963

Green, Justin. Sacred and profane. Berkley, Calif.: Last-Gasp, c1976.
PN6728.45.L3 S23 1976


Hanzlicek, C. G. and Olda Prochazka. Mahler, poems & etchings. [San Diego, Calif.]: Brighton Press, c1994.
PS3558.A544 M348 1994

Harvey, Sarah S. Generosity is an ornament of the world. [State College, Pa.?: S.S. Harvey], c2001.
N7433.4.H37 G46 2001

Hersey, John. Hiroshima. With a new poem by Robert Penn Warren and silk-screens by Jacob Lawrence. New York: The Limited Editions Club, 1983.
D767.25.H6 H4 1983

Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179. Sanctae Hildegardis Circulus sapientiae = Circle of wisdom/ Hildegard von Bingen; songs performed by Anima…; the introduction and notes by Elizabeth Thompson; with English translations by W.R. Johnson. Newark, Vt.: Janus Press, 2001.
N7433.4.V275 C57 2001

Homer. The Odyssey of Homer. Translated by T.E. Shaw, Lawrence of Arabia; wood engravings by Berry Moser; preface by Jeremy M. Wilson. New York: Limited Editions Club, 1981.
PA4025.A5 L3 1981


In praise of patterned papers: a collection of essays by Paul Nash… [et al.]; with an introd. by Tanya Schmoller Oldham [Eng.]: Incline Press, 1997.
Z271.3.E53 I5 1997


Joyce, James. Ulysses. Introduction by Stuart Gilbert and illustrations by Henri Matisse. New York: The Limited Editions Club, 1935.
PR6019.O9 U4 1935


Kafka, Franz. Conversation with the supplicant. English translation by Willa & Edwin Muir; with 8 lithographs by Claire Van Vliet. West Burke, Vt.: Janus Press, 1971.
PT2621.A26 G4813 1971

Kaufman, Margaret. Deep in the territory. Newark, Vt.: Janus Press, c1999.
PS3561.A8612 D44 1999

Kermaire, Christine. The silent host = De zwigende minigte = La multitude silencieuse. Charleroi, Belgium: C. Kermaire, 2008.
N7433.4.K47 S55 2008

Kermaire, Christine. World libraries of artist’books: 1 april 2007-2017. Charleroi, Belgique: Christine Kermaire, 2007.
N7433.4.K46 W67 2007

King, Ronald. Circus turn. London: Circle Press, c1994.
N7433.4.K48 C57 1994

Kinnell, Galway. Two poems. With offset lithographs by Claire Van Vliet. Newark, Vt.: Janus Press, 1979.
PS3521.I582 T86

Kipling, Rudyard. The neolithic adventures of Taffi-mai Metallu-mai: how the first letter was written and how the alphabet was made: Just so stories. Marina del Rey, Calif.: Printed and published by the Bieler Press, 1997.
PR4854 .J882 1997


Lamb, Charles. A dissertation upon roast pig: an essay Illustrated by Wilfred Jones. Rochester, New York: The Printing house of Leo Hart, 1932.
PR4862 .D5 1932

Levine, Philip. Naming: a poem. [Winona, Minn.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 2004.
PS3562.E9 N33 2004

Levine, Philip. Praise. La Crosse, Wis.: Sutton Hoo Press, 2000.
PS3562.E9 P73 2000

Line, E.C. The oldest Christmas story. [New York]: K. H. Volk, 1938.
BT315 .A3 1938

Longus. Daphnis et Chloé. Bois originaux d’Aristide Maillol. [Paris]: Frères Gonin, [1937].
PA4229.L8 F8 1937

Luis, Carlos M. Palimpsests for Beckett & Walls for Finnegans. [Oysterville, Wash.]: anabasis, 2004.
PQ7390.L85 P3 2004


Malory, Thomas, Sir. The birth, life and acts of King Arthur, of his noble Knights of the Round Table. With an introduction by Professor Rhys and embellished with many designs by Aubrey Beardsley. [Edinburgh: Printed by Turnbull & Spears], 1909.
PR2043 .R5 1909

Martin, Emily. Mutually exclusive. New York, N.Y.: Naughty Dog Press, c2002.
N7433.4.M37 M88 2002

Matthews, William. Provisions: lost prose. Edited and introduced by Sebastian Matthews and with original artwork by Cris Cristofaro. Winona, Minn.: Sutton Hoo Press, 2003.
PS3563.A855 P76 2003

McClure, Pamela. Blood lily. With images by P. Michael Hook. [Columbia, Missouri?]: Sutton Hoo Press, c1999.
PS3563.C3426 B55 1999

McClure, Pamela. Holding the air: poems. [Columbia, Missouri?]: Sutton Hoo Press, 1996.
PS3563.C3426 H65 1996

McClure, Pamela. Sweet geometry: and other poems. With drawings by Kim Van Someren. [Winona, Minn.]: Sutton Hoo Press, c2005.
PS3563.C3426 S94 2005

McMahon, Lynne. Not solely mourning. [Columbia, Missouri]: Sutton Hoo Press, c1997.
PS3563.C3856 N68 1997

Mishnah. Avot. The living Talmud: the wisdom of the Fathers and its classical commentaries. Selected and translated with an essay by Judah Goldin. With drawings by Ben-Zion. New York: Printed at the Spiral Press for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1960.
BM506.A23 G6 1960

Mitchell-Foust, Michelle. Poets at seven. [Columbia, Mo.?]: Sutton Hoo Press, 1995.
PS3563.I7534 P64 1995


Omar Khayyam. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Translated into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald, with an introduction by A.C. Benson; reproduced from a manuscript written and illuminated by F. Sangorski & G. Sutcliffe. London: Siegle, Hill & co., [1911].
PK6513 .A1 1911A

Oness, Elizabeth. Fallibility. With a wood engraving by Lad Hanka. Winona, Minn.: Sutton Hoo Press, 2003.
PS3565.N56 F35 2003


Pagina tertia de deluvio Noe. With lithographs by Nigel Davison. Guildford [England]: Circle Press, 1986.
PR1261 .D4 1986

Parra, Nicanor. Visualising antipoetry. Edited by David Unger; translated by David Unger et al.]; designed by Francisca Prieto. London: Francisca Prieto, 2002.
PQ8097.P322 A2 2002

Paz, Octavio. Three Poems. Lithographs by Robert Motherwell; translated by Eliot Weinberger. New York: Limited Editions Club, c1987.
PQ7297.P285 A6 1987b

Perricone, C. A summer of monkey poems. With an engraving by Eric May. [Omaha]: Cummington Press, 1996.
PS3566.E693 S85 1996

Peters, Sarah. Necessary disclosures. Rosendale, N.Y.: Women’s Studio Workshop, 2003.
N7433.4.P48 N42 2003

Poe, Edgar Allen. The Raven. Etchings and wood engravings by Alan James Robinson. Easthampton, Mass.: Cheloniidae Press, c1980.
PS2609.A1 1980


Remarque, Erich Maria. All quiet on the western front. Translated from the German by A. W. Wheen, with an introduction by Harry and with illustrations by John Groth. [New York:] Printed at the Spiral Press for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1969 [c1929].
PT2635.E68 I625

Renner, James. Soliloquy. San Diego: Brighton Press, 2007.
N7433.4.R46 S65 2007

Riker, Maryann J. Once–: a small revised fairy tale. Phillipsburg, NJ: Justarip Press, [2008]
N7433.4.R55 O63 2008

Rimbaud, Arthur. A season in hell. Translation by Paul Schmidt; photogravures by Robert Mapplethorpe. [New York?]: Limited Editions Club, 1986.
PQ2387.R5 S3 1986

Rinne, Fred. God Santa Christ. [San Francisco?]: Fred Rinne, c2003.
N7433.4.R56 S36 2003

Robinson, Alan James and Laurie Block. An odd bestiary, or, A compendium of instructive and entertaining descriptions of animals: culled from five centuries of travelers’ accounts, natural histories, zoologies, &c. by authors famous and obscure, arranged as an abecedary. [Easthampton, Mass.?]: Cheloniidae Press, 1982.
N7433.4.R624 O3 1982

Rossetti, Dante. Sonnets and Lyrical Poems. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1894.
828 R73so


Salov, Amanda. [The unfinished paper collection]. [2004?]
N7433.4.S24 U64 2004

Scott, Herbert. In the palm of space: a poem. Winona, Minn.: Privately printed, Printed at SHP, 2001.
PS3569.C624 I5 2001

Shakespeare, William. Images to Shakespeare’s sonnets: 12 engravings created and printed by Peter Lipman-Wulf. Garden City, N.Y., Adelphi University, 1964.
PR2848.A2 L5

Shakespeare, William. The poems of William Shakespeare: printed after the original copies of Venus and Adonis, 1593; The rape of Lucrece, 1594; Sonnets, 1609; The lover’s complaint. Hammersmith, Middlesex: Kelmscott Press; [London]: Reeves & Turner, 1893.
PR2841.A2 E4

Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus. Illustrated by Leonard Baskin. Northampton: Gehenna Press, 1973?.
PR2835.A2 B3

Shakespeare, William. Venus and Adonis. Illustrated by Rockwell Kent. Rochester: The Printing House of Leo Hart, 1931.
PR2845.A2 K4 1931

Shenitzer, Miriam. How to talk about art. [Rosendale, N.Y.]: Women’s Studio Workshop, c1994.
N7433.4.S44 H69 1994

Siegl, Helen. The Guest: author unknown: 17th century Christ Church manuscript. Woodcuts by Helen Siegl. West Burke, Vt.: Janus Press, Christmas 1976.
PR3291.A1 G83 1976

Siegl, Helen. Herball from The dialogues of creatures moralised: appliable and edifying to every merry and jocund matter & right profitable to the governance of men: eleven dialogues. Illustrated with woodcuts by Helen Siegl. West Burke, Vt.: Janus Press, 1979.
PA8310 .D52 1979

Simon, Maurya. A brief history of punctuation: poems. Calligraphy by Cheryl Jacobsen. Winona, Minn.: Sutton Hoo Press, c2002.
PS3569.I4827 B75 2002

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Illustrated by Cyril Satorsky. New York: Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1971.
PR2065 .G3 1971

Sjoblom, Kara. Scared of the bugs. [San Francisco?: s.n.], c2002.
N7433.4.S52 S23 2002

Smith, R. T. Illumination. [La Crosse, Wisc.]: Sutton Hoo Press, [1999?].
PS3569.M537914 I4 1999

Smyth, Paul. Thistles and thorns: Abraham and Sarah at Bethel. With wood engravings by Barry Moser. Omaha: Abattoir Editions, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1977.
PS3569.M9 T46 1977

Stern, Gerald. Bread without sugar. Illustration by Nadya Brown. [Bethesda, Md.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 1991.
PS3569.T3888 B7 1991

Sweet, Pat. [Third chained bookcase]. [Riverside, Ca: Bo Press Miniature Books, 2012].
N7433.4.S885 T55 2012.


Thomas, Dylan. The mouse and the woman. Woodcuts by James Renner. San Diego: Brighton Press, 1988.
PR6039.H52 M68 1988

Thorne, Sabina. Of gravity and grace. Illustration by Claire Van Vliet. Newark, Vt. : Printed at Janus Press, 1982.
PS3570.H658 O34 1982

Trant, Carolyn. Animal friends: a cautionary tale to exercise the imagination. [New York]: Parvenu Press, 2002.
N7433.4.T36 A65 2002

Turley, Sandra. This original self. Rosedale, N.Y.: Women’s Studio Workshop, c2001.
N7433.4.T84 T4 2001


Updike, John. In the cemetery high above Shillington: a poem. Relief engravings by Barry Moser. Concord, N.H.: William B. Ewert, 1995.
PS3571.P4 I46 1995


Voltaire. Candide. Illustrated by Rockwell Kent. New York: Random House, 1928.
PQ2082.C3 E5 1928


Wakefield, Stacy. Slept in beds. Design by Stacy Wakefield; writing by Zachary Lipez; photos by Nicholas Zinner. New York: Evil Twin Publications, c2003.
N7433.4.W27 S43 2003

Walcott, Derek. The Caribbean Poetry of Derek Walcott, and the art of Romare Bearden. New York: Limited Editions Club, c1983.
PR9272.9.W3 A6 1983

Weston, Heather. Borges and I. London: H. Weston, 2001.
N7433.4.W45 B67 2001

Weston, Heather. Read (past, tense). London: H. Weston, 2000.
N7433.4.W45 R42 2000

Wheeler, Betsy and Jenny Sawle. 3 poems – 3 images. [La Crosse, Wis.]: Sutton Hoo, 2000.
PS3573 .H43 2000

White, Boyd. Rickety angels: poems. [Columbia, Mo.]: Soundpost Press [Distributed from Sutton Hoo Press], 1995.
PS3573.H4545 R5 1995

White, James Boyd. Last hour’s light: poems. [La Crosse, Wis.]: Zumbro River Press, c2000.
PS3573.H473 L38 2000

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of grass. Introduction by Mark Van Doren; photographs by Edward Weston. New York: Limited
Editions Club, 1942.
PS3201 1942a

Wilde, Oscar. Salome: a tragedy in one act. Translated from the French of Oscar Wilde by Alfred Douglas and illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. London: Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1938.
PR5820 .S15 1938b

Wright, Charles. North American bear. With woodcuts by Gary Young. [Columbia, Mo.?]: Sutton Hoo Press, c1999.
PS3573.R52 N68 1999


Young, Gary. No harm done: poems and woodcuts. Winona, MN: Sutton Hoo Press, 2004.
PS3575.O785 N56 2004

Young, Gary. The body’s logic: poems and a woodcut. [La Crosse, Wis.]: Sutton Hoo Press, c2000.
PS3575.O785 B63 2000

Young, Gary. Then it happens: 12 prose poems. [Columbia, Mo.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 1996.
PS3575.O785 T48 1996