Twentieth-Century Political Pamphlet Collection


The provenance of this collection is unclear. Most of the materials appear to have been acquired by the MU Libraries at the time of publication.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of ephemeral political materials distributed by and for members of national organizations and political committees. The majority of the materials relate to New Left organizations from the 1960s, but examples from the 1940s to the early 1990s are also included. Many of the materials are concerned with civil rights, anti-war protest, feminism, and economic policy. Current events in China, Cuba, Europe and the Middle East are also discussed. Organizations represented include Students for a Democratic Society, Southern Student Organizing Committee, Radical Education Project, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and several others. The collection offers primary source material to researchers interested in the various social protest movements of the 1960s.


The collection is available to all researchers in the Special Collections reading room during regular service hours. Materials do not circulate. The collection is not cataloged, but specific titles may be accessed using the finding aid below.


Box 1 (FF1-69)

Africa Research Group

Armed Struggle in Southern Africa. New York.

Southern Africa: A Smuggled Account from a Guerrilla Fighter. Reprinted from Ramparts 8 #4, October 1969. Cambridge, MA.

Air Force

Air Force Regulation No. 35-24.

Alexander Defense Committee

Tabata, I.B. The Freedom Struggle in South Africa. New York, 1965.

American Friends Service Committee

Draft Counseling and Educational Centers, 1968.

Making the Draft an Issue in Your Community: A Manual for Local Draft Counseling Groups. Program on Conscience and the Draft, New York Metropolitan Region.

Schesch, Adam. An Outline History of Vietnam. 1968.

Three Official Documents on Occupational and Graduate Student Deferments, Philadelphia, PA.

Vietnam: Vital Interest or Tragic Mistake? Des Moines, IA, 1968.

The Appalachian South

Caudill, Harry M; and William C. Blizzard. Poverty and Affluence. Appalachian Wonderland. Reprinted from The Appalachian South (Charleston, WV), spring and summer 1966.

Atomic Scientists

Kahin, George McT.; and John W. Lewis. The United States in Vietnam. Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists XXI #6, June 1965.

Army Regulations

Army Regulations 614-260.

Ballantine Books

Hunter, Allan A. Courage in Both Hands. New York, 1962.

Bay Area R.U.

The Red Papers. San Francisco, CA. (2 copies)

Berkeley Graphic Art

Like it is… May 1969. Berkeley, CA.

Black and Red

Debord, Guy. Society of the Spectacle. Detroit, MI: Black and Red translation (unauthorized), 1970.

Black Panther Party for Self Defense

Cleaver, Kathleen. Position of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense on the Seventh Congressional District Election and the Candidacy of John George in the Democratic Party. Berkeley, CA: 1968.

Black Swan Press

Smith, Walker C. Sabotage: Its History, Philosophy and Function. Chicago, IL.

Boston Draft Resistance Group

Draft Counselor’s Kit. Informational Resources for Draft Counselors.

List of Local Board Memoranda in Effect

Memorandum on Access to a Counselee’s File

Problems Arising from Emigration to Avoid Military Service

The Channeling Memo

Brick, Allan

Brick, Allan. Report on the Catonsville Nine. What is Nonviolence Today?

Canadian Dimension

Genovese, Eugene D. War on Two Fronts. Reprinted from Canadian Dimension.

Gonick, C.W. Self-Government in the Multiversity. Reprinted from Canadian Dimension Magazine 111 #314.

Laxer, James. The Student Movement and Canadian Independence. Reprinted from Canadian Dimension Magazine 6, #3-4.

Warnock, John W. Why I am Anti-American. Reprinted from Canadian Dimension Magazine 5 #1.

Caravan-Wisconsin Draft Resistance Union

What Is Guerrilla Theatre, Anyway? Madison, WI.

Catholic Peace Fellowship

Merton, Thomas. Blessed Are the Meek: The Christian Roots of Nonviolence. July 1967.

Center for Study of Democratic Institutions

Cousins, Norman; Robert McAfee Brown; Hermann J. Muller; Everett E. Gendler; and Thomas Merton. Therefore Choose Life. Santa Barbara, CA, 1965.

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

Armed Forces Security Questionnaire.

Details of Compulsory Work Program for Conscientious Objectors.

Draft Counseling.

Emigration to Canada: Legal Notes for Draft Age Men. (2 copies)

Letters in Support of a C.O. Claim.

Making a C.O. Claim after Issuance of an Order to Report for Induction.

Memorandum on Filling Out Selective Service Form 118, “Dependency Questionnaire” (For Class III-A).

Memorandum on Occupational Deferment.

Memorandum on Student Deferments.

Naturalization of Conscientious Objectors.

Refusal of Induction by Conscientious Objectors.

Regulations Relating to Travel Abroad.

The C.C.C.O. Draft Counselor and the Law.

The C.O. and the Armed Forces. (2 copies)

The Non-Cooperator and the Draft. Philadelphia, PA, 1963.

Cisler, Cindy

Women: A Bibliography. New York, 1969.

City Lights Publication

Sanders, Ed. Poem from Jail. San Francisco, CA, 1963.

Clergy and Laymen concerned about Vietnam

Bennett, John C.; et al. In Whose Name? New York, 1968.

Columbian Anti-Imperialist League

Viet Nam. Call To All Progressive Americans of the Anti-War Movement. 1973.


Duff, Peggy; and Agit Singh. Vietnam: The Credibility Gap. London: Goodwin Press.

The Committee of Oppose the Deportation of Joseph Johnson

Johnson, Joe. They Have Declared Me a Man without a Country. Minneapolis, MN, 1966.

Committee to Defend the Rights of PFC Howard Petrick

Free Speech for G.I.s: The Case of Pfc. Howard Petrick, a Soldier Opposed to the Vietnam War. New York: Committee to Defend the Rights of Pfc. Howard Petrick, 1967.

The Council of Religion and International Affairs

Zahn, Gordon. An Alternative to War. New York, 1967.

Counter-draft Committee

Appeals Procedure.

Memorandum on Medical Appeals.

CPSU Central Committee

CPSU Central Committee. March 1972.

USSR Council of Ministers. March 1972.

Government and Party Leaders. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

DBRG (Draft Board Research Group)

Notice: Men of Draft Age.

Revised Memo, June 1968.

Questionnaire on Draft Information.

Department of Navy, Headquarters US Marine Corps

Marine Corps Order 1306.16A

Diablo Press

Mailer, Norman; et al. We Accuse: A Powerful Statement of the New Political Anger in America, as Revealed in the Speeches Given at the 36-Hour “Vietnam Day” Protest in Berkeley, California. Berkeley, CA, 1965.

Draft Information Service

Memorandum on Alien Physicians.

Draft Law Group

The Draft Law and Antiwar Protest.

Editorial En Marcha

The U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo: Imperialist Outpost in the Heart of Cuba. Havana.

Fair Play for Cuba Committee

Canadian Students in Cuba. Toronto, Canada, 1965.

Castro, Fidel. Cuba Confronts the Future: Five Years of the Revolution. Toronto, Canada.

Castro, Fidel. Cuba’s Agrarian Reform. Toronto, Canada, 1963.

Castro, Fidel. Cuba’s Socialist Destiny. July 26, 1961. New York

Castro, Fidel. Declaration of Santiago, July 26, 1964. Toronto, Canada,1964.

Castro, Fidel. Division in the Face of the Enemy Was Never a Revolutionary or Intelligent Strategy. March 13, 1965. Toronto, Canada.

Chartrand, Michel; Vernel Olson; and John Riddell. The Real Cuba. Toronto, Canada, 1964.

Cox, Cedric; Dick Fidler; John Glenn; and Charles Biesick. A Report by Four Canadians on Cuba as They Saw It. Toronto, Canada.

Scott, Jack. A Second Look at Cuba. Toronto, Canada, 1963.

Fellowship Publications

Bevel, James. A Movement to End Mass Murder.

Ferry, W.H. Peace on Earth: Moral and Technological Implications.

Gottfried, Sue. What Do You Mean, Nonviolence? The Story of Wars with Peaceful Weapons. Nyack, NY.

King, Martin Luther, Jr. “Unwise and Untimely?” A Letter from Eight Alabama Clergymen to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his reply to them on order and common sense, the law and justice, nonviolence and love. Reprinted from Liberation, June 1963. Nyack, NY.

Lens, Sidney. Revolution – And You. The Story of the Rising Expectations of the World’s People. Nyack, NY.

Merton, Thomas. Two Articles by Thomas Merton. The Root of War. Red or Dead: The Anatomy of a Cliché. 1961.


Adams, Frederick C. Paradisal Sanctuary. Altadena, CA, Inc., 1969.

Adams, Frederick. The Kore. Altadena, CA, Inc., 1969.

The Historical Perspective of Feraferia: Psycho-Ecological Evolution. Altadena, CA, Inc., 1969.

Topocosmic Mandala of the Sacred Land Sky Love Year. Altadena, CA, Inc., 1969.

Foreign Languages Press

Le Duan. Role of the Vietnamese Working Class and the Tasks of the Trade-Unions at the Present Stage. Hanoi, 1969.

Lin Piao. Long Live the Victory of the People’s War! Peking, 1966.

Mao Tse-Tung. Serve the People, In Memory of Norman Bethune, The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains. Peking, 1967.

Viet Nam and the Failure of the U.S. War of Destruction against the D.R.V.N. Hanoi, 1968.

Forum Publishing Co

Vennard, Wickliffe B., Sr. 50 Years of Treason in 100 Acts. Boston, MA, 1965.

Vennard, Wickliffe B., Sr. The Enemy Within. Boston, MA, 1964.

Vennard, Wickliffe B., Sr. What’s Wrong in Washington? What’s Your Answer? U.S. Senate Clobbered by Our Hidden Government. Boston, MA.

Fort Hood Three Defense Committee

The Fort Hood Three: The Case of the Three G.I.’s Who Said “No” to the War in Vietnam. New York, 1966.

The Fourth International

Germain, Ernest. Marxism vs. Ultraleftism: Key Issues in Healy’s Challenge to the Fourth International. Paris, France, 1967.

Friends Peace Committee

A Perspective on Nonviolence. Philadelphia, PA, 1957.

The General Union of Students of Libya

General Union of the Students of Libya, U.S. Chapter. “The 7 th of April 1976…” April 1990.

General Union of the Students of Libya, U.S. Chapter. Brochure. 1987.

General Union of the Students of Libya, U.S. Chapter. Political Demands. 1986.

General Union of the Students of Libya, U.S. Chapter. The Quest for Freedom. 1990/

National Front for the Salvation of Libya. Press Release: The Fire at the Chemical Factory at Rabta. 1990/

Glad Day Press

Ahmad, Eqbal. Revolutionary Warfare: How to Tell when the Rebels Have Won. Reprinted from The Nation, 30 August 1965.

Cuba Fights Bureaucracy. Ithaca, NY: Glad Day Press and Niagara Region SDS. (2 copies)

Henig, Peter. Selective Service System: or, The Manpower Channelers. Reprinted from New Left Notes, 20 January 1967. Ithaca, NY.

Greenleaf Books

Handbook on Nonpayment of War Taxes. Canterbury, NH, 1968.

Harvey, Arthur. Theory and Practice of Civil Disobedience. Canterbury, NH, 1967.

Muste, A.J. Of Holy Disobedience. Canterbury, NH.


Gellhorn, Martha. Vietnam – A New Kind of War. Reprinted from The Guardian. Manchester, England: Manchester Guardian, 1966.


Parsons, Howard L. The Young Marx and the Young Generation. Offprint from Horizons: The Marxist Quarterly, Summer 1968.

Housman’s Publishers

Guillain, Robert. Vietnam – The Dirty War. Reprinted from Le Monde, May 1966. London.

Randle, Michael; and April Carter. Support Czechoslovakia. London: Housmans and War Resistors International.

Sharp, Gene. Creative Conflict in Politics. London, 1962.

The Mershon Report. Accidental War: Some Dangers in the 1960s with an introduction by Bertrand Russell. Oxford, England: The Campaign in Oxford University for Nuclear Disarmament and Housmans, Publishers and Booksellers, March 1963.

Independent Socialist Clubs of America

Friedman, David; et al. Crisis in the Schools: Teachers and the Community. New York.

Industrial Workers of the World

The General Strike for Industrial Freedom. Chicago, IL.

The I.W.W. in Theory and Practice. Chicago, IL.

Unemployment and the Machine. Chicago, IL.

Institute for International Studies

Lasley, Jack. In Quest of Freedom – Abolish the Draft. Chapel Hill, NC, 1969.

International Publishers

Engels, Frederick. The Part Played in Labor in the Transition from Ape to Man. New York, 1950.

Johnny Appleseed Publications

An Open Letter to the American Left. Cicero, IL.

Glusman, Pual; David Horowitz; and Todd Gitlin. One, Two, Three…Many SDS’s (A Symposium). Cicero, IL.

Revolutionary Quotations from the Thoughts of Uncle Sam. Cicero, IL, 1969.

Toward a New Patriotism. Cicero, IL.

Lanka Samasamaja

Trotsky, Leon. I Stake My Life! Columbo, Ceylon: Lanka Samasamaja and Hashim Press, 1950.

League for Social Action

The Status of Women in Canada. Toronto, Canada.

League of Peace and Free Sea

Corbett, Julian. The League of Peace and Free Sea. Hodder and Stoughton. The G. H. Doran Company, New York.


Camus, Albert. Neither Victims Nor Executioners. Reprinted from Liberation, February 1960.

Mann, Eric. The Newark Community School. Reprinted from the August 1967.

Norden, Eric. American Atrocities in Vietnam. Reprinted from Liberation, February 1966.

Resistance to the Draft, March 1966.

The New Conscientious Objector, January 1967.

Lyle, Stuart

Castro, Fidel. History Will Absolve Me! 1968.

MacCarthy, Robert

Frank, Andre Gunder. Hugo Blanco Must Not Die. Toronto, Canada, 1967.

Merit Publishers

Boutelle, Paul. The Black Uprisings. New York, 1968.

Boutelle, Paul; George Novack; Clifton DeBerry; and Joseph Hansen. Murder in Memphis: Martin Luther King and the Future of the Black Liberation Struggle. New York, 1968.

Browne, Robert S.; and Robert Vernon. Should the U.S. Be Partitioned into Two Separate and Independent Nations – One a Homeland for White Americans and the Other a Homeland for Black Americans? New York, 1968.

Cannon, James P. E.V. Debs: The Socialist Movement of His Time – Its Meaning for Today. New York, 1967.

Castro, Fidel. Fidel Castro Denounces Bureaucracy and Sectarianism. Speech of March 26, 1962. New York, 1968. (2 copies)

Castro, Fidel. Fidel Castro’s Tribute to Che Guevara. New York, 1967.

Castro, Fidel. The Revolution Must Be a School of Unlettered Thought. Speech at University of Havana. New York, 1969.

Castro, Fidel. Those Who Are Not Revolutionary Fighters Cannot Be Called Communists. New York, (2 copies).

Cruse, Harold; George Breitman; and DeBerry, Clifton. Marxism and the Negro Struggle. New York, 1968.

Guevara, Che. On Vietnam and World Revolution. New York, 1967.

Mandel, Ernest. The Catastrophe in Indonesia. Three Articles on the Fatal Consequences of Communist Party Policy. New York, 1966.

Novack, George. The Long View of History. New York: Merit Publishers, 1969.

Novack, George. Uneven and Combined Development in History. New York: Merit Publishers.

The Milwaukee 14

The Milwaukee 14 brochure.

National Advisory Committee on Farm Labor

Farm Labor Organizing 1905-1967: A Brief History. New York, 1967.

National and State Directors of Selective Service

National and State Directors List.

National Committee of Black Churchmen

Organizer’s Kit for the National Black Referendum on Vietnam.

The National Black Referendum on Vietnam. March 1970.

National Lawyers Guild

Desertion, A.W.O.L., and Missing Movement.

The Nurnberg Principles as Formulated by the International Law Commission.

National Organization for Women

Abortion Counseling Information. New York, 1969.

National Service Board for Religious Objectors

A Personal Appearance before a Local Board.

A Personal Appearance before a Local Board.

Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual Part C, C-5208 and C-5210.

Civilian Work Agency List of Conscientious Objectors.

Department of Defense Directive Number 1300.6: Conscientious Objectors.

Literature Order Blank: National Service Board for Religious Objectors.

Questions and Answers on the Classification and Assignment of Conscientious Objectors. Washington, D.C, 1967.

Statements of Religious Bodies on the Conscientious Objector, 1968.

Statements of Religious Bodies on the Conscientious Objector, 1963.

New England Free Press

Alavi, Hamza. Imperialism, Old and New. Reprinted from Socialist Register, 1964. Boston, MA.

Alavi, Hamza; and Amir Khusro. Pakistan: The Burden of U.S. Aid. Reprinted from New University Thought, autumn 1962. Boston, MA.

Amalric, Jacques. Chicago and Black Power. Reprinted from Le Monde, February 1968. Translation by Denise Bordet and John Heckman. Boston, MA.

Booth, Heather; Evi Goldfield; and Sue Munaker. Toward a Radical Movement. Boston, MA, 1968. (2 copies)

Carmichael, Stokely. Power and Racism: What We Want. Reprinted from New York Review of Books, 1966. Boston, MA.

Chand, Gyan. Democracy in China. Reprinted from The New Economy of China, 1958. Boston, MA.

Fasulo, G. The Powers Behind Apartheid. Africa Research Group Reprint 3. Boston, MA.

Frank, Andre Gunder. The Development of Underdevelopment. Boston, MA.

Gintis, Herb. Economics. Poverty. Boston, MA.

Gittings, John. China and the Cold War. Reprinted from Survey, January 1966. Boston, MA.

Halperin, Morton; and Dwight Perkins. Chinese Foreign Policy. Boston, MA, 1965.

Henry, Jules. Capital’s Last Frontier. Reprinted from The Nation, 25 April 1966. Boston.

Hutton, William R. The Drug Price Scandal. Boston, MA, 1967.

McKelvey, Donald. Socialist Man and the Chinese Revolution: The Basis of the Cultural Revolution. Boston, MA, 1967.

Revolution and U.S. Aggression. Reprinted from the (Peking) People’s Daily, 20 February 1966. Boston, MA.

Rothstein, Richie. E.R.A.P. and How It Grew. Boston, MA.

Roy, M.N. A Marxist Interpretation of Chinese History. Reprinted from Revolution and Counterrevolution in China. Boston, MA.

Schiffrin, Andre. The Student Movement in the ‘50s: A Reminiscence. Reprinted from Radical America, May-June 1968. Boston, MA.

Smith, Robert Freeman. Social Revolution in Latin America: The Role of U.S. Aid. Reprinted from International Affairs (London), October 1965. Boston, MA.

Spannaus, Ed; and Paul Gallagher. Who Pays for Poverty? Reprinted from Viet-Report, summer 1968. Boston, MA.

Stavenhagen, Rodolfo. Seven Erroneous Theses about Latin America. Reprinted from New University Thought 4 #4, winter 1966/67. Boston, MA.

Stembridge, Jane. Freedom School Notes. Nashville, TN: Southern Student Organizing Committee; Boston, MA.

Students for a Democratic Society. SDS National Resolution on Women. December 1968. Boston, MA.

Weisstein, Naomi. Kinde, Kuche, Kirche as Scientific Law: Psychology Constructs the Female. Boston, MA.

Box 2

New Individualist Review

A Journal of Classical Liberal Thought 4 #4 (spring 1967).

New Outlook Publishers

Aptheker, Bettina. Big Business and the American University. New York, 1966.

News and Letters

A Report on the Black-Red Conference Detroit, Mich. – Jan. 12, 1969. Detroit, MI, 1969.

American Civilization on Trial: The Negro as Touchstone of History. Detroit, MI, 1963.

Black Mass Revolt. Detroit, MI, 1967.

Denby, Charles. Workers Battle Automation. Detroit, MI.

Dunayevskaya, Raya. U.S. and Russia Enter Middle East Cockpit. Detroit, MI.

Savio, Mario; Eugene Walker; and Raya Dunayevskaya. The Free Speech Movement and the Negro Revolution. Detroit, MI, 1965.

Walker, Eugene. France Spring 1968. Masses in Motion, Ideas in Free Flow. News and Letters Youth Pamphlet No. 1. Detroit, MI.

New York Labor News

Petersen, Arnold. The Supreme Court: Watchdog of Capitalism. Brooklyn, NY, 1971.

New York Radical Women

Notes from the First Year. June 1968.

The North American Congress on Latin America

Black, Edie; and Fred Goff. The Hanna Industrial Complex. New York.

Mexico 1968: A Study of Domination and Repression. New York.

NACLA Research Methodology Guide. New York.

Who Rules Columbia? 1968. (2 copies)

Other Scenes

Dreifus, Claudia. He’s the Johnny Appleseed of Underground Journalism. Offprint from New York Scenes, September 1969.

Peace Council of German Democratic Republic

Centres of Conflict: The Attitude of the Two German States to International Problems. Dresden, Germany: Verlag Zeit im Bild.

Peace Education Program

Bristol, James E. Non-Violence as a Positive Concept. Philadelphia, PA.

Ferry, W.H. Disarm to Parley: A Case for Unilateral Disarmament. American Friends Service Committee, 1961. (2 copies)

Mayer, Milton. The Human Crisis. American Friends Service Committee Peace Education Publication, 1963.

Meacham, Stewart. Labor and the Cold War. Philadelphia, PA, 1959.

Peace Literature Service

Fromm, Erich. War within Man: A Psychological Enquiry into the Roots of Destructiveness. Philadelphia, PA.

Horowitz, Irving Louis. Games, Strategies, and Peace. American Friends Service Committee, 1967.

Lens, Sidney. Revolution and Cold War. American Friends Service Committee, 1962.

Sibley, Mulford. Unilateral Initiatives and Disarmament. Philadelphia, PA: American Friends Service Committee, 1962.

Peace News Ltd.

Carnall, Geoffrey. To Keep the Peace: The United Nations Peace Force. London: Peace News, 1965.

Carter, April. Direct Action. London, 1962.

Jameson, A.K. Unarmed Against Fascism. London, 1962.

Roberts, Adam; Jerome Frank; Arne Naess; and Gene Sharp. Civilian Defence. London, 1964.

Sharp, Gene. Tyranny Could Not Quell Them! Peace News Pamphlet. London: Housmans.

Pendle Hill

Weil, Simone. The Iliad, or, The Poem of Force. Pendle Hill pamphlet no. 91. Walingford, PA, 1967.

People Against Racism

Racism in the United States – An Introduction. Detroit, MI.

Philadelphia Area Committee to End the War in Vietnam

Aber, Joel; Jules Benjamin; and Robin Martin. Germ Warfare Research for Vietnam: Project Spicerack on the Pennsylvania Campus. Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Resistance

Finnerty, Daniel. Exiled: Handbook for the Draft-Age Emigrant.

Pioneer Publishers

Cannon, James P. American Stalinism and Anti-Stalinism. New York, 1947

Castro, Fidel. The Second Declaration of Havana. Cuba’s Answer to the OAS. New York.

Hansen, Joseph. Too Many Babies? New York.

Kruschev’s Downfall: A Statement by the United Secretariat of the Fourth International. With Hansen, Joseph. New Deepening of the Sino-Soviet Rift? New York.

Ring, Harry. How Cuba Uprooted Race Discrimination. New York.

Warde, William F. Moscow vs. Peking: The Meaning of the Great Debate. Reprinted from The Militant. New York. (2 copies)

Why We Are in Prison. Farewell Speeches of the 18 SWP and 544-CIO Minneapolic Prisoners. New York, 1944.

Promoting Enduring Peace

Davis, Jerome. Why Complete and Total Disarmament? Woodmont, CT.

Provisional Defense Committee

What Happened on June 15? New York.

The Public Affairs Committee

Fishel, Wesley R.; and T.A. Bisson. The United States and Vietnam: Two Views. Public Affairs Pamphlet no. 391. New York, 1967.

Public Law Education Institute

Selective Service Law Reporter Introductory Brochure

Radical Education Project FF1

Aberle, Kathleen Gough. Anthropology and Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI.

Analavage, Robert. Labor and the South: Laurel, Mississippi. Black Workers Set Against White – Strike Broken. Reprinted from Southern Patriot, January 1968. Ann Arbor, MI.

Ayers, Bill. Education: An American Problem. Ann Arbor, MI.

Calvert, Greg; and Carl Davidson. In White America – SDS and Radical Consciousness. Reprinted from the Guardian. Ann Arbor, MI.

Calvert, Greg; and Carol Neiman. The New Left. Reprinted from the Guardian 8, 15, 29 June 1968. Ann Arbor, MI.

Cloward, Richard; and Frances Fox Piven. Corporate Imperialism for the Poor. Reprinted from The Nation, 16 October 1967. Ann Arbor, MI.

Coatsworth, John H. Walt W. Rostow: The Stages of Economic Stagnation. Ann Arbor, MI.

De Muth, Jerry. G.E.: Profile of a Corporation. Reprinted from Dissent, July-August 1967. Ann Arbor, MI.

Debate within SDS: RYM II vs. Weatherman. Detroit, MI. (3 copies)

Debray, Regis. The Long March in Latin America. Guerrilla Movements: Theory and Practice. Reprinted from New Left Review, September-October 1965. Ann Arbor, MI.

Dennison, George. The First Street School. Reprinted from Liberation, July 1966. Ann Arbor, MI.

Dowty, Stu. The Academic Quagmire. Reprinted from Radicals in the Professions Newsletter, June 1968. Ann Arbor, MI.

Fitch, Robert. A Galbraith Reappraisal: The Ideologue as Gadfly. Reprinted from Ramparts, May 1968. Ann Arbor, MI.

Frank, Andre Gunder. Exploitation or Aid? U.S. – Brazil Economic Relations. A Case Study of U.S. Imperialism. Reprinted from The Nation, 16 November 1963. Ann Arbor, MI.

Frank, Andre Gunder. Hunger. Ann Arbor, MI.

Frank, Andre Gunder. On the Mechanisms of Imperialism: The Case of Brazil. Reprinted from The Monthly Review, September 1964. Ann Arbor, MI.

Frank, Andre Gunder. Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth through Escalation to Nuclear Destruction. Ann Arbor, MI. (2 copies)

Friedenberg, Edgar Z. Contemptuous Hairdressers: Ceremonies of Humiliation in School. Reprinted from This Magazine is About Schools, August 1966. Ann Arbor, MI.

Fuentes, Carlos. The Argument of Latin America: Words for North Americans. Reprinted from The Monthly Review, January 1963. Ann Arbor, MI.

Gilbert, Dave. Consumption: Domestic Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI.

Goodman, Richard. The Law and Monopoly: The Case of Tetracyclene. Reprinted from New University Thought 3 #4. Ann Arbor, MI, 1963. (2 copies)

Greeman, Dick. In a Crisis the Center Falls Out: The Role of the Faculty in the Columbia Strike. Ann Arbor, MI.

Greene, Felix. A Divorce Trial in China. Reprinted from China! Ann Arbor, MI.

Greene, Felix. Visit to a Rural Commune. Reprinted from China! Ann Arbor, MI.

Haber, Barbara; and Al Haber. Getting By with a Little Help from Our Friends. Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Hanley, George. Bus Stop – Alice’s Restaurant Revisited. Reprinted from Connections. Ann Arbor, MI.

Hochman, Larry. Zionism and the Israeli State. Ann Arbor, MI.

Huberman, Leo; and Paul Sweezy. The Cultural Revolution in China: A Socialist Analysis. Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Imperialism: An Exchange. American Imperialism and the Peace Movement by Robert Wolfe and Socialism – The Sustaining Menace by Ronald Aronson. Reprinted from Studies on the Left 6 #3, May-June 1966. Ann Arbor, MI.

Jacobs, Jim. S.M. Lipset: Social Scientist of the Smooth Society. Ann Arbor, MI.

Linder, Walter. The Great Flint Sit-Down Strike against G.M. 1936-37. Reprinted from PL 5 #6, February/March 1967. Ann Arbor, MI.

Mandel, Ernest. The Common Market: International Capitalism and “Supra-Nationality.” Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Mayer, Thomas F. The Position and Progress of Black America: Some Pertinent Statistics. Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

McAfee, Kathy; and Myrna Wood. Bread and Roses. Detroit, MI, 1969.

McDermott, John. Thoughts on the Movement: Who Does the Movement Move? Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Moselely, George. Tibet: Tradition vs. Reform. Ann Arbor, MI

Radical Education Project FF2

The Iceberg Strategy: Universities and the Military-Industrial Complex. Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Ofari, Earl. Black Liberation (Cultural and Revolutionary Nationalism). Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Oglesby, Carl. Trapped in a System. Reprinted from The Monthly Review, January 1966. Ann Arbor, MI, 1969.

PLP: A Critique. Reprinted from The Old Mole. Ann Arbor, MI

Radicals in the Professions: Selected Papers. Reprinted from Our Generation. Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Revolutionary Youth Movement: Toward a Unity of Theory and Practice. Ann Arbor, MI, 1969.

Rowntree, John; and Margaret Rowntree. The Political Economy of Youth (Youth as Class). Reprinted from Our Generation 6 #1-2. Ann Arbor, MI.

Simpson, Charlie. Kennedy’s Cultural Center Is a Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat. Ann Arbor, MI.

Stein, Buddy; and David Wellman. The Scheer Campaign. Reprinted from Studies on the Left, January/February 1967. Ann Arbor, MI.

Strauss, Anselm L. Medical Ghettos. Reprinted from Trans-Action, May 1967. Ann Arbor, MI.

Strong, Anna Louise. The Rise of the Chinese People’s Communes. Ann Arbor.

Walzer, Ken; and Dennis Gregg. A Seminar on Radicalism in American History. Radical Education Project Study Guide no. 5. Ann Arbor, MI, 1967.

Wellman, David. Putting-On the Poverty Program. Reprinted from Steps #2. Ann Arbor, MI.

Wiley, Brad. Historians and the New Deal. Ann Arbor, MI.


Beal, Frances M. Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female. New York.

Brainwashing and Women: The Psychological Attack. New York.

Mainardi, Pat. The Politics of Housework. 1968, revised 1970.

O’Connor, Lynn. Defining Reality. Berkeley, CA: Tooth and Nail, 1969.

Peslikis, Irene. Resistances to Consciousness. June 27, 1969.

Redstockings Manifesto. New York, July 7, 1969.

Sarachild, Kathie. Consciousness Raising and Intuition. New York: Redstockings of the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1968.

Susan, Barbara. About My Consciousness Raising. New York, 1969.

Willis, Ellen. “Consumerism” and Women. New York: Redstockings of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

Willis, Ellen. Whatever Happened to Women? Nothing – That’s the Trouble. New York.

Republic of Cuba Ministry of Foreign Relations

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Research, Information and Publications

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Delinquency and Prosecution Memo.

Outline of Selective Service Procedures.

Resist Draft Counselor’s Kit, Cover Letter.

Resist Draft Counselor’s Kit, Table of Contents.

Resistors’ Fact Sheet on the F.B.I.

Warning to Future Fathers.

The Resistance

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Resistance Literature

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Samasamaja Prakashan

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Schaller, John

How to Start a High School Underground. Naperville, IL, 1970.

Selective Service System

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S.S. Form 150, “Special Form for Conscientious Objectors”.

The Society for Social Responsibility in Science

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Southern Conference Educational Fund

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Socialist Workers Party

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Solidarity Publications

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Southern Conference Educational Fund

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Voices from the White South. Louisville, KY.

Southern Student Organizing Committee

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Supreme Court Amendment League (SCALE)

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Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court Decision in the Case of Seeger, October Term, 1964.

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Program Outline for Campus Friends of SNCC Groups. 1965.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. You Can Help.

Students for Democratic Society

A Rank and File Upsurge.

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Cuba: A History 1868-1959. Chicago, IL.

I. Counseling. Chicago, IL.

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SDS Anti-Draft Statement. 1966.

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Chicago, IL: JOIN Community Union.

Teachers’ Committee for Peace in Vietnam

New York, 7 March 1972.

I Need World at Peace. Art, Poetry, and Prose Contests for Pupils in New York City Schools.

University Christian Movement

Alert: An Occasional Focus on Some of the Hidden Problems with Which the Younger Generation Are Surrounded. II. The Draft: A Burning Issue. New York: University Christian Movement and Department of Youth Ministry, National Council of Churches.

US Directory Service

Wilcox, Laird M. Guide to the American Right. Directory and Bibliography. Second edition. Kansas City, MO.

Vancouver Committee to Aid American New Objectors

Information on Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship.

Van Lydegraf, C.

The Movement and the Workers.

Vietnamese Studies

American Failure. No. 20. 1968.

Vocations for Civil Rights

Vocations for Social Change. May-June 1969.

The Workers’ Vanguard Publishing Association

Canada-U.S. Relations. Toronto, Canada.

Dowson, Ross. The Power and Dilemma of the Trade Unions. Toronto, Canada.

Dynamics of World Revolution Today. Toronto, Canada. (2 copies)

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National Revolutionary Council of the National Liberation Front. The Tripoli Program. Program of the Algerian Revolution. Toronto, Canada, 1963.

The Moscow-Peking Dispute and the 4 th International.

Vive le Quebec Libre. The Socialist Viewpoint Statement of the LSA-LSO. Toronto, Canada.

Young Socialist Forum

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War Resisters League

WRL News. March-April 1972.

War Tax Resistance

A Call To War Tax Resistance. Brochure.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

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Carner, Lucy P. Tax Refusal: A Statement for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Philadelphia, PA: WILPF.

Danger to Mankind: Chemical and Biological Warfare. A Series of Statements by Prominent Scientists. Philadelphia, PA.

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Our Patriotic Duty to Dissent. Philadelphia, PA.

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What Progress? Civil Rights U.S.A. Philadelphia, PA.

The Weekly Vigil for Peace

Hubbell, Charles. Suggestions for the Conduct of Recurrent Silent Witness. Santa Barbara, CA, 1967.

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