Plat Books of Missouri Counties Collection




This collection is available in its entirety in digital form and can be viewed online.


In 1930 W.W. Hickson and Co. of Rockford, Illinois published plat books of townships in counties throughout Missouri.


Documenting the ownership and locations of plots of land in Missouri counties, the 111 items in the collection are an invaluable research tool for genealogists, urban historians, and preservationists.

The plat books show the location, size, and name of the owner for each plot of land within the townships.

Holdings: 111 plat books


The plat books are frequently consulted and in an effort to make them more accessible and also to preserve them, they were scanned and are now easily  available for the public-at-large. The MERLIN records can be accessed through the heading Plat Books of Missouri (University of Missouri–Columbia. Libraries).


The collection contains platbooks for the following counties:

Platbooks of the following counties are not available in this collection:

  • Audrain
  • Johnson
  • Lincoln
  • Saint Louis (City)