V.T. Hamlin Collection II

Hamlin, Vincent Trout, 1900-1993 Papers, 1932-

MU Ellis Special Collections Comic Collection 6

11.4 cubic feet.

hamlinii1Scope and Contents Note

The collection consists of material from a variety of sources by and about V.T. Hamlin and his career. Also included are works by and about Hamlin's Alley Oop successors, Dave Graue and Jack Bender. [Hamlin material presented to the University of Missouri Libraries by the Hamlin family (Theodora Dewalt) in 1991 are in V.T. Hamlin Collection I]. The material in the collection spans the period from 1932-1997. Included are copies of three unpublished Hamlin manuscripts acquired after the 1991 gift to the Libraries, transcripts of Hamlin interviews, articles about Hamlin and Alley Oop, reproductions of Hamlin' work (newspaper clippings, photocopies and photocopies from microfilm).

Restrictions on Access

The collection is available to all researchers, except permission to use selected Hamlin manuscripts must be obtained. Permission to publish material must be obtained by the head of Special Collections and, in some instances, from the Dewalt family. Inquire in Special Collections.

Biographical Sketch

Vincent Trout Hamlin was born May 10, 1900 in Perry, Iowa to Erma Garland and Frederick Clarence Hamlin.

He enlisted in the Army during his high school years serving with the Sixth Army's Motor Transport Group in France in 1917-1918. In 19l9 he returned to Perry High School where he played football and published cartoons in the high school's yearbook, The Eclipse.

He attended the University of Missouri for one semester in 1920 and enrolled in Drake University in 1921, also attending only one semester.

After brief tenures with the Des Moines News, Texas Grubstakers and Ft. Worth Record, he was hired (in 1923) by the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram as a photographer. He also produced a 4-panel comic strip, The Hired Hand, and a 2-column sports feature, The Panther Kitten.

In 1930, Hamlin drew, but destroyed, his first caveman comic strip, Oop the Mighty. The following year he re-drew the comic strip, renamed it Alley Oop, and sold it to Bonnet-Brown. When Bonnet-Brown went out of business, the strip was purchased by Newspaper Enterprise Association.

Hamlin continued his involvement in the comic strip until 1973. In 1950 David Graue became his assistant and started drawing the daily strips in 1968. Hamlin continued to write continuities until 1970 and draw the Sunday strips until 1973.

Hamlin married Dorothy Stapleton in 1926. His daughter, Theodora, was born in 1927 and son Jon in 1936. Dorothy died in 1985. V.T. Hamlin died in 1993.

Series Outline



Series One: Original Manuscripts by Hamlin

FF 1. Life of V.T. Hamlin by Frank Stack.

FF 2. Chronology by Frank Stack.

FF 3. V.T. Hamlin, Creator of Alley Oop 1900-1993 by Frank Stack. Obituary prepared for Comics Journal no. 160, July 1993.

FF 4. V.T. and Dorothy's residences 1926-1990 prepared by Teddy Dewalt.

FF 5-10. Four Rivers, the Playground of a Newspaper Comic Strip Artist by Vincent T. Hamlin. 50, 8 pp. typescript.

FF 5. p. 1-9 (p. 7 lacking)

FF 6. p. 10-18

FF 7. p. 19-26

FF 8. p. 27-36

FF 9. p. 37-47

FF 10. p. 48-50; pp. 1-8

FF 11-23. The Devil's Daughter by Tyler T. Nilmah (V.T. Hamlin). 1988 version 2. Edited by F.G. Dewalt.

FF 11. p. 1-8

FF 12. p. 9-18

FF 13. p. 19-28

FF 14. p. 29-38

FF 15. p. 39-48

FF 16. p. 49-58

FF 17. p. 59-68

FF 18. p. 69-79

FF 19. p. 80-89

FF 20. p. 90-99

FF 21. p. 100-109

FF 22. p. 110-119

FF 23. p. 120-130

FF 24-31. The Man Who Walked with Dinosaurs by Vincent T. Hamlin. Unpaged (73 pp.) typescript.

FF 24. p. 1-8

FF 25. p. 9-17

FF 26. p. 18-26

FF 27. p. 27-35

FF 28. p. 36-44

FF 29. p. 45-53

FF 30. p. 54-62

FF 31. p. 63-71

FF 32-35. The Man Who Walked with Dinosaurs by Vincent T. Hamlin. Transcript by Frank Stack. VTH chronology by Frank Stack appended.

FF 32. p. 1-9

FF 33. p. 10-19

FF 34. p. 20-29

FF 35. p. 30-38

FF 36. Alley Oop Daily Comic Strip 1933-1970. Daily story line from beginning to V.T. Hamlin's retirement in 1970. Prepared by Frank Stack.

Series Two: Interviews of Hamlin

FF 37-38. V.T. Hamlin Interviewed by Lee Castro. Tapes 1-4. Transcribed by Frank Stack. Tape 1

FF 37. p. 1-10

FF 38. p. 11-21

FF 39-40. V.T. Hamlin Interviewed by Lee Castro. Tapes 1-4. Transcribed by Frank Stack. Tape 2

FF 39. p. 22-26

FF 40. p. 27-30

FF 41-42. V.T. Hamlin Interviewed by Lee Castro. Tapes 1-4. Transcribed by Frank Stack. Tape 3

FF 41. p. 31-41

FF 42. p. 42-52

FF 43-44. V.T. Hamlin Interviewed by Lee Castro. Tapes 1-4. Transcribed by Frank Stack. Tape 4

FF 43. p. 1-12

FF 44. p. 1-11

FF 45. Report on Frank Stack's trip to Denver on December 26-28, 1989 to meet V.T. Hamlin and the family of his daughter, Theodora Dewalt.

FF 46. Notes from interview with V.T. Hamlin at the home of his daughter Teddy Dewalt in Lakewood, Colorado December 26-28, 1989 by Frank Stack.

FF 47. Interview with V.T. Hamlin by Frank Stack taped on December 26, 1989 at his daughter's home in Lakewood, Colorado.

FF 48. Tape of Hamlin reminiscence (with transcription). Recorded by Hamlin for Ronald P. Sharrah. Gift of Daniel P. Levine with the permission of Ronald P. Sharrah, 1998.

Two additional cassette tapes, gift of Ronald P. Sharrod, 2002.

Transcription by Margaret Howell, 2002.

(See also Hamlin II, Box 1, FF. 50 for Levine article that excerpts the tape).

Series Three: Articles about Hamlin and/or Alley Oop

FF 49. Articles:

"Comics and Their Creators." Literary Digest, vol. 118 no. 4, July 28, 1934, p. 11.

Hamlin, V.T. "Alley Oop and Me." Colliers, vol. 123 no. 12, March 19, 1949, p. 28. Reduced photocopy.

Hamlin, V.T. "Alley Oop the Man I'd Like to Be" Cinvention Memory Book, Cincinnati, OH, September 3-5, 1950. Includes cover, table of contents, preface, and Hamlin article [speech].

"When Hamlin Started Digging Into History Out Came Alley Oop" World of Comic Art, vol. 2 no. 2, pt. 1 (no. 8), 1970.

Bowden, Robert. "Who's the Man Behind the Land of Moo?" reprinted from The Floridian, ([?] 1972). Gift of Ray Snodgrass (also in Hamlin I, Box 1, Folder 50 from St. Petersburg Times).

"Dave Graue: Master of Oop Art." Cartoonists Profiles, no. 31, September 1976, p. 43.

Stanley, John. The Great Comics Game, (Pierce, Stearn, Sloan). Question 61 is about Alley Oop. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

"V.T. Hamlin Speaking" Transcription of a tape for The Funnies, June 23, 1986. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

"Alley Oop." Cartoonist Profiles, no. 47, September 1980, pp. 50-56 [interview of Graue].

Harvey, R.C. "Three Classic Strips" Comics Journal, no. 129, May 1989, pp. 89-92 [review of Hamlin's Alley Oop (Dragon Lady), Wunder's Terry (Dragon Lady) And Toth's Zorro (Eclipse).

"From Moo to Mizzou." Mizzou Weekly, vol. 12 no. 18, January 29, 1991, p. 6-7.

Pekar, Harvey. "Working-class Caveman Alley Oop: The Adventures of a Time-Traveling Caveman and Alley-Oop: The Mystery of the Sphinx." Comics Journal, no. 147, December 1991, p. 38-39.

Price, Michael H. "Oops! Former Star-Telegram illustrator made his mark with comic strip." Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Feb. 10, 1991, sec. E p. 1.

FF 50. Articles:

Lowrey, Larry. "The Alley Oop Big Little Books" Big Little Book Times, vol.11 no. 2. March/April 1992. Gift of Ray Snodgrass and the author.

Levine, Daniel B. "Classica American Troglodytica: V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop, April 1939-February 1940; The Epic Meets the Comic." Classical and Modern Literature, vol. 14 no. 4, summer 1994, pp. 365-387. Preprint gift of Daniel B. Levine. Tape and complete transcription of interview that is reproduced in part in the article is in Hamlin II, Box 1, FF 48.

"V.T. Hamlin, Creator of Alley Oop, Dead at 93." Comics Journal, no. 160, July 1993, p. 13-14.

"Time-traveling Caveman Alley Oop is 60." Comic Buyers' Guide, no. 1034, September 10, 1993, p. ?.

"N.C. Artists Draw 4 Famed Comic Strips." Charlotte Observer, May 5, 1995, p. 2E. (Graue)

Hamlin, V.T. "The Man Who Walked with Dinosaurs." Inks, vol. 3 no. 2, May 1996, pp. 20-29.

Harvey, R.C. "Alley Oop Volumes #1-3" Comics Journal, no. 200, December 1997, pp. 30-31 [Review of Kitchen Sink publications]

FF 51. Articles:

Gedney, Larry. "Alley Oop and the Dinosaurs, Article #565" Alaska Science Forum, September 24, 1982. Found at: http://www.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF5/565.html.

Maggard, Dewey. "Off the Cuff: Royal Road to Moo" Dewey's World of Coins, July 28, 2000. Found at: http://www.thevision.net/deweymag/roayalroadtomoo.html [obsolete URL].

Markstein, Donald D. "Alley Oop" Don Markstein's Toonopedia, 2000-2002. Found at: http://www.toonopedia.com/oop.htm.

Falk, Lee. "A Short History of The Comic Strip" from an unknown magazine, [1972?]. The article mentions V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop strip as one of the humorous adventure era strips. On the top of the artcle is a note to V.T. Hamlin written by Thomas McAffee, University of Missouri-Columbia English professor: "Snitch: Alley Oop is in good company here–Tom."

Howell, Margaret A. "The Prehistoric Salesman." Hogan's Alley no. 11, 2003, 96-132. Photocopy.

Bender, Jack, and Carole Bender. "Our Friend Alley Oop." Cartoonist Profiles, no. 135, Sept. 2002, 38-47. Photocopy.

FF 52. "Alley Oop Man Ready to Retire." Unidentified newspaper article.

Signed photo of V.T. Hamlin (2 copies). Gift of Peter Malik, 2004.

FF 53. July 15, 1990 letter to Frank Stack from Michael H. Price, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram re Panther Kitten cartoons of 1926 with 11 photocopies of cartoons from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

Ten reproductions of the Panther Kitten cartoon from Dave Graue[?]

FF 54. "Alley Oop Comes to Campus." Arts and Science, Columbia, Mo.: University of Missouri-Columbia, 1990-91. p. 1 (4 copies).

FF 55. Articles:

Ellinport, Jeffrey M. Collecting Original Comic Strip Art, Norfolk: Antique Traders Books, 1999, p. 114.

Duin, Steve and Mike Richardson. Comics Between the Panels, Dark Horse, 1998.

Horn, Maurice. 100 Years of Newspaper Comics, New York: Gramercy, 1996, pp. 38-39.

Exhibition catalog excerpt: Harvey, Robert C. Children of the Yellow Kid, Seattle: Frye Art Museum in association with University of Washington Press, 1998, title page and p. 62.

"Top 100 Comics" [Alley Oop is named number 60 of the century] Comics Journal, no. 210, February, 1999.

Lowrey, Larry and Snodgrass, Ray. "Collectors' Corner" [on identification of editions of Alley Oop Big Little Books] Big Little Times, vol. 20 no. 1, March/April 2001. Gift of authors.

Interview with V.T. Hamlin. Comics Journal no. 212 (May 1999).

Series Four: Alley Oop in World War II

FF 56. World War II.

Copies of photos and insignia from veterans of the 92nd and 97th Bomb Group. Hamlin decorated planes with Alley Oop drawings. Photocopies of the photographs in V.T. Hamlin Collection I, Box 5.

Lineage, assignments and decorations of 92nd, 325th, 236th, 327th and 820th Bombardment Squadrons. Photos (copies) of crews and airplanes with Alley Oop nose art. Gift of Jack Bromiley.

"Comic Strips at War" Look Magazine, November 30, 1943 (photocopy of full article and copy of portion of article that reproduces Alley Oop war scenes). Gift of Jack Bromiley.

Alley Oop nose art (photocopies). Gift of Wallace Forman, author of B-17 Nose Art Name Directory and B-24 Nose Art Name Directory, 2000.

Alley Oop in military recruiting advertisements from The Evening Standard, 1 January 1942. 2 photocopies from microform. Gift of Peter Malik, 2004.

FF 56A. 360th Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group. Photo (copy) of B-17 with Alley Oop nose art no. 42-5854. Taken from web site: http://www.303rdbg.com/ground-nose.html.

465th Bomb Group, 780th Bomb Squadron. Photo (copy) of B-24 with Alley Oop nose art no. 44-41112. Taken from Davis, Larry: Planes, Names and Dames v.1, 1940-1945. Carrollton, TX, Squadron/Signal Publications, 1990.

465th Bomb Group, 780th Bomb Squadron. Sortie, vol. 1 no. 11, March 4, 1945. Shows aircraft with Alley Oop nose art on B-24. Partial, article torn.

379th Bomb Wing. Photo (copy of B-52G with Alley Oop nose art. no. 58-0159). Taken from Walker, Randy. Painted Ladies: Modern Military Aircraft Nose Art and Unusual Markings, West Chester, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1992.

FF 56B. 92nd Bomb Group Heavy. Historical markers at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport.

Articles about dedication. Photos of restored aircraft. Color copies of patches. Gift of Dale Aylward.

Photograph of Michael J. Drake, historian of the Sarasota group, in leather jacket with 92nd patches. Photo taken at the reunion of the 92nd USAAF/USAF Memorial Association, St. Louis, 2000.

FF 56C. Patch. 325th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group (color photocopy). Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

The 325th was inactivated at Fairchild AFB, Washington in 1994 with the movement of B-52's from Fairchild. Patch is 3 1/2" diameter.

Patch from the 325th Bomb Squadron showing Alley Oop riding a tiger. Patch is a copy of the original used during World War II.

Patch. 325th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group. Leather (reproduction), 5 1/2" diameter. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Patch 407th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group. Recent reproduction. Purchase.

Flight jacket from the 325th Bomb Squadron. (eBay description only)

Hand-painted metal drum lids (2). Photographs. Mementos of the 325th Bomb Squadron.

Pictured on one is Ally-Opp [sic] and lists of sorties. The other shows a PF-Y aircraft and list of locations of the squadron. Signed by Bill Horanburg, Staff Sgt. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.


Description of a copy of Leatherneck Magazine (Nov. 1, 1944) that has two comic inserts with Alley Oop comics, Leatherneck Comics, no. 14 and G.I. Comics, no. 13 printed exclusively for overseas Marines as the Leatherneck Pacific Edition. (from eBay)

Photo (copy) of 325th Bomb Squadron plane with Alley Oop nose art (Blooming Grove) taken from Campbell, John M. Talisman, a Collection of Nose Art. (West Chester, PA, Schiffer Military History, 1992)

Air Force insignia. Shows insignia for 325th, 326th and 327th squadrons, 92nd Bomb Group with Alley Oop designs. Taken from Archer, Robert D. U.S. Army Air Forces Aircraft Markings & Camouflage 1941-1947. The History of USAAF Aircraft Markings, Insignia, Camouflage and Colors, Aglen, PA, Schiffer Military, 1994.

Patches of 326th and 327th Bomb Squadrons (color photocopies). Taken from Maguire, Jon: More Silver Wings Pinks and Greens, Atglen, PA, Schiffer, 1996.

FF 56D. 92nd USAAF/USAF Memorial Association (92nd BG, 92nd BW, 92nd ARW, 325th BS) patch and pin for each squadron (325th, 326th, 327th, 407th).

Color photocopy of patches taken from back cover of 92nd Bomb Group (H) Fame's Favored Few, Paducah, KY: Turner Pub. Co., 1996.

[For 325th Bomb Squadron (Reactivated) 509th Bomb Wing, (B-2 Bomber) Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Reactivated January 6, 1999. See Hamlin II, Box 5 for cap, scarf and T-shirt.]

FF 56E. 820th Bombardment Squadron, 41st Bombardment Group (B-25 Mitchells). Veteran's Organization. Includes a copy of their History (36 pages), a patch (Alley Oop throwing bomb), copies of their newsletter, tribute to the 820th in the Alley Oop strip of November 11, 1995 by Dave Graue and Jack Bender (copy) and Christmas greetings from Graue, 1999. Gift of William W. Childs.

FF 56F. Alley Oop in the Navy: PS-592 (USS Towanda). Enlargement of photograph no. 49 (Hamlin I, Box 5) showing Alley Oop detail. Prepared by Ray Snodgrass.

Post-war photograph of PS-592 (on reserve duty in NY harbor) and history of the ship. Gift of Robert W. Daly.

Navy Air Force: VPB-129 (also called VP-129, VB-129) Items from Glenn A. Ottsman's photo album: Christmas card of the 129th showing Alley Oop insignia, photo (copy) of two service men wearing jackets with Alley Oop patches, and poem "The Best Damn Outfit in the Navy" (photocopy) on United States Atlantic Fleet, Bombing Squadron 129 letterhead. Gift of Ray Snodgrass 2001. Decal of insignia showing Alley Oop poised to throw a large bomb. Gift of Margaret Howell 2001 (also from the Ottsman album, purchased separately). History of the squadron taken from Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadron, vol. 2, (Washington, D.C.: Naval Historical Center, Dept. of the Navy, 1995- ) pp. 558-560.

Notes by Margaret Howell of a January 15, 2002 phone conversation with Alvin G. (Tuck) Welter (formerly U.S. Navy Sonar Master 2nd Class, PC 592) about photographs of the PC 592's Alley Oop painting and events and maneuvers the ship participated in.

Series Five: Alley Oop Merchandise

FF 57. Comic Classic Postage Stamp and First Day Covers, October 11, 1995 (originals, photocopies and eBay descriptions).

Cachets of Colorano, Pugh, Fred Collins, David Peterman, Bonnie Fuson, Robert J. Lazzaretto, Steven Brainerd, Postal Commemorative Society and Fleetwood.

FDC envelopes with Alley Oop stamp (cachet not Alley Oop) of ArtCraft, House of Farnen, Dave Bennett, Bill Lary and Larry R. Fidler.

FDC envelope with Alley Oop stamp of Rochester philatelic Association. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

Background card. Sheet of 20 classic comic postage stamps. Gifts of Ray Snodgrass, Bonnie Fuson and Margaret Howell.

Toon into Stamps, U.S. Postal Service: Kansas City, Mo., 16 pp.

Toon into Strips poster and promotional packet by U.S. Postal Service.

FF 58. Alley Oop Merchandise.

Picture postcard of V.T. Hamlin. (Kitchen Sink Press. Famous Cartoonists Series no. 4 of 18, KSP postcard whole number 106). Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1998.

Trading cards, Ooola, Dinny, King Guz. NEA, 1949. Gift of Margaret Howell, 1999.

Description of Alley Oop (Test Product) Statuette, 1945, copied from a collectibles price guide. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1998.

Description of Alley Oop statue, 1999, Gary Ernest Smith, artist. Limited Edition of 30. Color brochure from Overland Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999. Also Bud Plant Catalog description, 1999.

Alley Oop Game (Boxed) 1937. Differs from Alley Oop Game (see Hamlin II, Box 5) with the addition of raised bands on the can, used to increase challenge to play and to raise score. eBay description only. "How to Play-Game Instructions." Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999.

Pez dispenser. eBay description only. 1999.

Ring. eBay description only. 1999.

Scorekeeper. Los Angeles Daily News in late 1940's-early 1950's. 4 p. Cover shows Alley Oop and other comic characters playing baseball. eBay description only. 1999.

Parade of Comics paste book. Saalfield, 1969. eBay description only. 1999

Description of Alley Oop game from Canadian manufacturer, Granger Feres Ltd. in University of Waterloo Museum.

Advertisement for the Game of Alley Oop by the Royal Toy Company. Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

Advertisements for Alee-Oop game from Toys and Bicycles, vol. 34, July 1937 (p. 11) and August 1937 (p. 13) and a different ad from the same publication in June 1937 (p. 16) issue.

Survey of Toys and Bicycles Buyers Guide 1927-1951 that attempts to resolve questions about why two games Alee-Oop (Roy Toy Co.) and Alley Oop (Royal Toy Co.) were manufactured in 1937.

Advertisement on a match book cover for the Alley Oop Pub at the Apple Valley Restaurant, Milford, PA., with a drawing of a caveman figure holding a club and a mug of beer. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

FF 59. Masonic pin with Alley Oop, 1989. eBay description.

Trading cards. eBay description of seven cards.

Photos (color photocopies) of Pez dispensers, ring, Alley Oop Coloring Book, Alley Oop Fun Book, Penny Books, Cocomalt Book, Pan-Am Premium Books, Trading cards, Jungle Game, Expanded Can Game. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2000.

Trading Cards – Ooola with pistol. eBay description.

Ad for Alley Oop button photocopy [actual button in Hamlin I]. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Paperweight U.S. Postal Service . eBay description.

Coasters that show Alley Oop and Nancy (of "Nancy and Sluggo" strip) United Features Syndicate, 1991.

Penny Cards, Alley Oop Series. Seven cards showing characters for the Alley Oop strip and a cover. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

Color photocopies of Penny Cards, Alley Oop series. Numbers 154, 160, 161, 180, 184, 217, 226, 227, 244, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252, 263, 274, 278.

Trading cards — Oola, King Guz, Dinny, Alley Oop, 1950.

See also Box 4 for lunch box and videos and Box 5 for magnets, games and Movie Jecktor projector and movies.

Series Six: Alley Oop Imitations and Parodies

FF 60. Sample strips that imitate Alley Oop (3) Gift of Jack Bromiley, 1998.

Rocky the Stone-Age Kid (Frank Engli).

Looking Back (Frank Engli).

Peter Piltdown (Mal Eaton) Began Aug. 4, 1935. cf. Coulton Waugh, The Comics, p. 324.

FF 61. Parodies/Tijuana Bibles

"The Story of Mankind… and Womankind" Panic, September 1958. (Panic's Educational Feature. Shows an Alley Oop-like figure in cap and gown) Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999.

Alley Opp[sic] in "The Rescue." Copied from Gillmore, Donald H. Sex in Comics. A History of the Eight Pagers, vol. 1. San Diego: Greenleaf Classics, 1971, pp. 110-111.

Upa. Copied from Gillmore, Donald H. Sex in Comics. A History of the Eight Pagers, vol. 1. San Diego: Greenleaf Classics, 1971, pp. 112-113.

Doctor Wonmug in "Perfect Pick-up." Copied from The Tijuana Bibles, vol. 2. Eros Comics, 1997, pp. 42-46. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Foozy in "The Decoy." Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Alley Oop [banana leaf story]. Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass. Another copy in Tijuana Bibles, vol. 6. Compiled by Brian Hunt, Portland, OR, 1999. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999.

Alley Oop's Whore House. Gift of Margaret Howell, 1999.

FF 62. Parodies

Cherry, no. 5, 1987. Alley Oop makes an appearance in the story "The Clan of Carl Bear."

"Cave Babes – Alley Oop Meets Cherry Poptart" Sex & Violence, no. 1. Includes Tijuana Bible, Alley Opp in 'The Rescue' and a few frames from (Cherry, no. 5). Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2000.

Novelty satire art of Alley Oop and woman (Ooola?) by Jim Vanhollebeke. Color photocopy

"Assey Oof" Pastiches, no. 2 by Roger Brunel. Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2000

FF 63. "Irving Oops" by Lo. Hemline (Bill Elder). Parody (photocopy) of Alley Oop from Panic Comics, 1954. Gift of Lee Castro.

FF 64. "Early Poop" by Q. P. Hamstrung. The Funniest Cartoons Presents: Curvey Cutie Comix, August, 1972. Phoenix, Az.: Jalart House Inc. Alley Oop parody. Color photocopy of front cover, black and white photocopies of the "Early Poop" story. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

FF65. Materials about Alley Oop: The Musical, Hip Pocket Theatre, Fort Worth, TX. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Series Seven: Miscellaneous Alley Oop Comic Strip Material


FF 1. Kitchen Sink reprints of Alley Oop comic strips

Typescript of intro to vol. 2 of Kitchen Sink edition of Alley Oop by Teddy Dewalt with letter from Teddy Dewalt and lecture list.

Letter to Frank Stack from R.C. Harvey, March 27, 1991 re publication of Kitchen Sink edition of Alley Oop.

The Collected Alley Oop stationery.

Alley Oop Fantasy Land by Ronald P. Sharrah. This was intended for volume 3 of the Kitchen Sink reprint, but was not published.

FF 1A. Alley Oop: the magazine, edited by Frank Stack. Vol. 1, Manitou Springs, Co.: SPEC Productions, 1998. (2 copies).

FF 2. May 13, 1991 letter to Frank Stack from Lee Castro. (photocopy)

FF 3. Checklist of a traveling comic strip exhibit, St. Louis 1990.

Illustration of a pterodactyl by Herbert Morton Stoops, influence on Hamlin (photocopy).

Illustration, "Alley Oop charging on Dinny, his pet dinosaur" (photocopy).

Pen sketch, Alley Oop with a folding chair (photocopy). Gift of Jack Bromiley, 2000.

Letter from Ron Lizorty to Ray Snodgrass (photocopy). Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2000.

FF 4. Alley Oop – A Brief Outline of Episodes by John P. Grace. 1996, 23 p. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999. Revised edition (2000) gift of the author.

FF 5. Sketch (photocopy) of Alley Oop inscribed to Bob (Bindig). San Diego Comic Con 1982. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Photographs (photocopies) of Dave Graue. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Invitation to Graue home following Reuben Award Weekend 1997 with note from Bob Bindig. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

An Open Letter to V.T. Hamlin, "Robert's Ramblings" by Bob Bindig, a column that appeared in The Funny Papers. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

FF 6. Alley Award 1961-1969. Brief account excerpted from Schelly, Bill. Golden Age of Fandom, Seattle: Hamster Press, 1999.

FF 7. Perry, Iowa. Birthplace of V.T. Hamlin.

Map of Perry.

Patterson, Marge [former Perry Chief employee] Life in Small-Town Iowa. (Perry: Fullhart-Carnegie Museum Trust, 1997] pp. 304-306 and photos. Also pages from a typescript of a draft of the book.

Obituary of V.T. Hamlin. Perry Chief, June 24, 1993. All gift of Jack Bromiley.

FF 8. "Alley Oop" Painting by Jasper Johns:

Johns used the June 22, 1958 Sunday strip for this painting (identified by Ray Snodgrass).

Color copy from Jasper Johns by Michael Crichton, New York: Abrams, 1977. pl. 33.

Bernstein, Roberta. Jasper Johns' Paintings and Sculpture 1954-1974, Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press, 1985, pp. 38-39.

Schiff, Richard. "'Alley Oop' 1958" Artforum, vol. 34 no. 7, March 1996, pp. 88-89.

Katz, Jonathan. "Jasper Johns' Alley Oop: on comic strips and camouflage, 2001. Found at: http://www.queerculturalcenter.org/Pages/KatzPages/KatzJohns.html.

FF 9. Exhibit at MU Libraries. 1991.

Exhibit at MU Libraries. 2000.

FF 10. Display card for coloring contest, "Hey Kids! Here's an Opportunity – Win Real Money." Rocky Mountain News. Front full color, back b &w, 2 1/4x 4 1/2. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Christmas Coloring Contest — Sketch No. 2, "Of course they didn't have Christmas back in prehistoric days, but Alley Oop, Ooola and Guz aren't going to miss out!" The Junior Club Reporter. 2 copies from microform.

Christmas Coloring Contest — Sketch No. 3. Alley Oop putting Christmas decorations on Dinny. 3 copies from microform.

FF 11. Associated Press interview. Dave Zabalsky interview of Teddy Dewalt from October 1, 1995.

FF 12. Announcement and advertisements for Alley Oop from newspapers, 1930's-1960's (photocopies) and copies of cartoons prepared for AAF Regional and Convalescent Hospital. Provided by Comicana Corporation, 1997.

FF 13. Illustrations for Is Your Child Gifted? by Dave Graue. Book by Eliza Graue (San Diego: Oak Tree Publications, 1982, 1985).

FF 14. Alley Oop paper dolls drawn by Alex Gonzales. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2000.

Alley Oop paper dolls drawn by Wes Vogler. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

FF 15. Universal Studios' Escape Park, Florida. Alley exhibit in Comic Strip Café (in Toon Lagoon on Island of Adventure. Work of Jack Bender. Color copies. Gift of the Park.

FF 16. Photographs of Dave Graue and Jack Bender. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Photography of Dave Graue at National Cartoonist Society, 1997.

FF 17 to 17E. American Pressman magazine featuring Alley Oop in R. Hoe & Co. ads:

FF 17. vol. 66 no. 10, September 1956 p. 17

FF 17A. vol. 66 no. 11, October 1956 back cover

FF 17B. vol. 66 no. 12, November 1956 p. 15

FF 17C. vol. 67 no. 1, December 1956 back cover

FF 17D. vol. 67 no. 2, January 1957 p. 14

FF 17E. vol. 67 no. 4, March 1957 p. 23

FF 18. Alley Oop painting by Ken Ladd (photo). Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

FF 19. Comic conventions promotions 1977 and 1981. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

FF 20. Super Book of Comics, no. 9 (Omar) color copy of cover. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

FF 21. Hamlin-drawn advertisement for a tire company published in Ft. Worth Star Telegram. Gift of Frank Stack, 2000.

Advertisements for R. Hoe & Co. printing press, 1956. Color copies.

FF 22. "Mad's Updated Comic Strip Heroes" Richard [Nixon] Oop. Mad. no. 122, October 1968 p.4-6. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

FF 23. "Alley Oop. V.T. Hamlin. From Tarzan to Alley Oop." Translation of the introduction to Alley Oop, Rome: Editrice Comic Art, 1975. Book is in COMIC collection.

FF 24. "Alley Oop", the play. 1967-1968. Articles, news releases. Red Barn Theatre, Bellport, Long Island. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

FF 25. V.T. Hamlin's student record in the Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis. (photocopy) Gift of Mark Lambert, 2001.

FF 26. NEA promotional advertising from San Diego Sun, August 9-12, 1933. Photo of framed full page promotional. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

NEA promos in Sandusky Register & Sun, 1952 and Community Fund Drive 1941 (also Sandusky). Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

NEA promos featuring "starter strip" to introduce Alley Oop to new newspaper readers and an advertisement to promote summer reading of newspapers by carrying the Alley Oop strip. Photocopies. Gift of Rev. Peter Malik, 2002.

See also NEA promotionals in Hamlin I.

FF 27. Alley Oop tribute to Charles M. Schulz, May 27, 2000 (photocopy).

FF 28. Editor & Publisher announcement of new Alley Oop feature July 29, 1933.

Editor and Publisher, July 21, 1934 (Reprinted in Kobre, Sidney: Development of American Journalism, Dubuque: William B. Brown & Co., Publisher, 1969)

Grants Pass Cavemen show 1936 (2).

Alley Oop strip drawn for Washington and Lee University.

Photo of Hamlin at drawing table. Gift of Jack Bromiley (photocopies).

FF 29. Inventory of V.T. Hamlin records in the possession of Gary Dewalt (January 1989).

Photocopies of three original strips in the possession of Bob and Roberta Stacy.

FF 30. Letter, biographical sketch and photos of Jack Bender on the occasion of his visit to the University of Missouri-Columbia, April 11, 1997. The photographs of Bender and his wife Carole were taken with the Beetle Bailey statue, in Special Collections and in Frank Stack's cartooning class (10).

FF 31. Information on the visit of Peter Malik with V.T. Hamlin in Sarasota, Fl. when Malik was fifteen years old. Gift of Rev. Peter Malik, 2002.

Photographs taken by Peter Malik of V.T. Hamlin, Dorothy Hamlin and Dave Graue during a visit to V.T. Hamlin on July 21, 1970 (3)

"Local Youth Gets Part in 'Alley Oop' Comic." Evening Standard, March 17, 1973, p. 1. Photocopy.

Photocopies of the March 23, 1973 to April 14, 1973 daily Alley Oop strips drawn by Dave Graue introducing the character of Pete Malik.

FF 32. Music

Alley Oop sheet music. By Dallas Frazier. New York, Kavelin-Maverick. Music. 1960. Cholley-Oop parody lyrics. From eBay.

Alley-Oop sheet music cover (photocopy). Sydney (Australia): Leeds Music PTY, LTD, 1960. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

Cover for The Hollywood Argyles LP (Lute Records – Includes Alley Oop) Photocopy of front and back cover. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

See Box 5 for tape and CD of song and parodies.

FF 33. Music related material

"Tin Pan Alley Goes 'Oop'" Evening Standard, July 5, 1960, p. 2.

T and J Enterprises. "Alley Oop [by] The Hollywood Argyles" T and J Enterprises: Lyrics Database, August 15, 2002. Found at: http://lyrics.tandj.net/index.cgi?song=The_Hollywood_Argyles_-_Alley_Oop.

Thorogood, George. "Alley Oop by Dallas Frazier," July 28, 2000. Found at: http://blueslyrics.tripod.com/lyrics/george_thorogood/alley_oop.htm.

FF 34. Alley Oop segments in Fabulous Funnies videos.

"Alley Oop." July 28, 2000. Found at: http://lavendar.fortunecity.com/clockwork/616/alley.htm [obsolete URL].

"The Fabulous Funnies" Fabulous Funnies – Yesterdayland Saturday Morning TV, August 15, 2002. Found at: http://www.yesterdayland.com/popopedia/shows/saturday/sa1040.php [obsolete URL].

FF 35. Alley Oop Park, Iraan, Texas.

"IRAAN, TEXAS" The Handbook of Texas Online, August 3, 2001. Found at: http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/hji02

"Iraan" Texas Trails, August 3, 2001. Found at: http://www.lnstar.com/mall/txtrails/iraan.htm

"Alley Oop Fantasy Land, Iraan, TX" Roadside Gallery An Online Museum of the weird and the wacky that can be found on your next Road Trip, August 15, 2002. Found at: http://www.savvycenter.com/explorer/roadside/alleyoop.htm [obsolete URL].

"Alley Oop Land," August 3, 2001. Found at: http://iraan.com/alley.htm [obsolete URL].

"Alley Oop Fantasy Land, Iraan, Texas," August 15, 2002. Found at: http://www.philiplamb.com/Oop.html [obsolete URL].

"Iraan Gears up for 38thAlley Oop." Iraan News, June 12, 2003. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Sharrah, Ronald. "People, Places and Pastimes: Alley Oop Fantasyland, Iraan, Texas." Daily News (Rogers, Arkansas), June 22, 1977. Gift of Ronald Sharrah.

"Iraan VFD and EMS to host Bingo and Auction at Alley Oop Day." Iraan News, May 22, 2003, p. 1. Gift of Margaret Howel, 2003l.

"Iraan-Sheffield Chamber of Commerce to sponsor annual Alley Oop Celebration." Iraan News, May 15, 2003, p. 1. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

"Annual Alley Oop Beauty Pageant to be held June 13." Iraan News, May 29, 2003, p. 1, 3. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

Map of Alley Oop theme park. Photograph. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

Four postcards of Dinny the Dinosaur at Alley Oop Fantasyland theme park, Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

Announcement for Alley Oop Annual Celebration, Saturday, June 14, 2003, Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Announcement for Alley Oop Pet Show, Iraan Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

Brochure for Yates Field and Iraan, Texas, produced by the Marathon Oil Company. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

"Dinosaur Hunting License" from Alley Oop Fantasyland. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003. Two copies.

Photographs of Iraan, Texas, and Alley Oop Fantasyland taken by Margaret Howell, 2003. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2003.

For merchandise from the Alley Oop Fantasyland, see listing for Box 5.

FF 36. Boy Scout patch for Alley Oop Day in 1972, Maramech Hill District of the Two Rivers Council, Illinois. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

FF 37. Cover of a Spanish language Alley Oop cartoon book saying, "Domingos Alegres presenta: Trucutu." Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

FF 38. Cover of the 1971 Cotton Bowl program drawn by V.T. Hamlin featuring Alley Oop and other Moo characters riding on Dinny.

FF 39. Alley Oop adventures, no. 1 to 3, San Antonio, Tex.: Antarctic Press, 1998. Issue no. 3 is signed by Jack Bender. Gifts of Jack Bromiley.

FF 40. Cover and pages of 100 Pages of Comics, no. 101, New York, NY: Dell Publishing, 1937. Pages reprint Alley Oop Sunday strips. Color photocopies. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

FF 41. V.T. Hamlin drawing dated 1979 with Alley Oop holding a golf club. Photocopy. With it is a letter from V.T. Hamlin dated May 18, 1979 talking about the drawing. Color photocopy. Both are gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

FF 42. Jack and Carole Bender.

Copy of an email to Ray Snodgrass from Jack Bender dated September 20, 2002 Outlining Jack and Carole's involvement with the Alley Oop strip. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

Biographical information about Jack Bender gathered by Jack Bromiley on a visit to Waterloo, Iowa and photographs of Jack Bender. Photocopy. Gift of Jack Bromiley, 2002.

Alley Oop Quarterly #3 (February 2000), signed by Jack Bender. Gift of Jack Bromiley, 2002.

Casette tape with interview of Jack Bender by Jack Bromiley, 2002. Gift of Jack Bromiley, 2002.

FF 43. Obituaries for Dave Graue.

"Dave Graue, 75, Cartoonist of Stone Age Tales of Alley Oop," New York Times, December 12, 2001. Gift of Jack Bromiley. Photocopy.

"Dave Graue, 75, Cartoonist of Stone Age Tales of Alley Oop," New York Times, December 12, 2001. Printed from Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe.

"David Graue, 75; 'Alley Oop' Creator's Successor," Los Angeles Times, December 14, 2001. Printed from Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe.

"Dave Graue, 75, 'Alley Oop' Comic Strip Artist," Los Angeles Times, December 15, 2001. Printed from Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe.

FF 44. Premiere of Caveman: V.T. Hamlin and Alley Oop documentary in Perry, Iowa

Issues of The Perry Chief: June 16, June 23, June 30, 2005. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2005.

CHAT: Chief Happenings Around Town, Friday, June 24, 2005. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2005.

Photos of the screening taken by Margaret Howell. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2005.

Information about Hotel Pattee. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2005.

BOX 3 (oversize)

FF 1. Pencil sketches of Alley Oop by Dave Graue. (9)

Color chart (1)

Sunday strip with color overlay (1)

FF 2. Alley Oop Sunday proof copies, January 2-April 24, 1955.

FF 3. Alley Oop Sunday proof copies, May 1-August 21, 1955.

FF 4. Alley Oop Sunday proof copies, August 28-December 25, 1955.

FF 5. Alley Oop daily strip proof copies and photocopies, May 6-August 3, 1974. Continuity by Ronald P. Sharrah.

FF 6. Alley Oop daily strip proof copies and photocopies, September 10-December 1, 1979.

Continuity by Ronald P. Sharrah.

FF 7. "Alley Oop and Me." Colliers, vol. 123 no. 12, March 19, 1949. p. 28 (full size color copy)

FF 8. Alley Oop related art by Jack Bromiley: map of Iraan, Texas, greeting card for Hamlin's 89th birthday, memorial card sent to Teddy Dewalt, The Wonmug Time-Machine – How it works in Detail, drawing for a proposed comic book cover and letter from Bromiley (photocopy).

FF 9. Original strips (purchases):

Strip for 2/2/1943 (TRH Gallery, 4/20/1998)

7/9/1943 (TRH Gallery, 4/20/1998)

7/11/1946 (Robert Stolzer, 6/11/1998)

1/31/1950 (Patrick Block, 12/12/1997)

6/4/1952 (TRH Gallery, 4/20/1998)

2/20/1967 (Robert Breedlove, 4/20/1998)

FF 10-15. Original daily strips, initial sketches, original scripts, proof copies for September 28, 1998-December 12, 1998. Gift of Jack Bender and Dave Graue, 1998

FF 10. Original scripts.

FF 11. Initial sketches.

FF 12. Original strips September 28, 1998 – October 22, 1998.

FF 13. Original strips October 23, 1998 – November 17, 1998.

FF 14. Original strips November 18, 1998 – December 12, 1998.

FF 15. Proof copies.

Newspaper strips (clippings) for 1998 are in Hamlin II, Box 7.

FF 16. Original strip for May 31, 1997 drawn by Dave Graue and Jack Bender. Inscribed "For Frank [Stack] from Jack [Bender] 9-8-97." Gift of Frank Stack.

FF 17. Limited edition (100 numbered copies) Comic Art Portfolio print of Alley Oop. Printed by Abrams Original Editions, New York, 1979. eBay description only.

11 x 17" color photocopy of print number 1.

Letter to Lucy S. Caswell, Ohio State University, from Hugh L. Levin of Abrams describing the Comic Art Portfolio series. Photocopy.

Photographs of print number 1 (2). Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

FF 18. Original printing page for the comics page of the Evening News for August 30, 1938 (page 26). Made of heavy paperboard, it has the impresions of the comic strips published that day, forming the mold for the lead printing sheets. Comics included are Donald Duck, Wash Tubbs, The Mountain Boys, Boots and Her Buddies, Freckles and His Friends, and Alley Oop.

FF. 19. Original drawing by Frank Johnson for page 21 of Alley Oop Dell Comic #1, 1962. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

FF. 20. Original pencil drawing of Alley Oop by unknown Disney artist, 1951. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

Original drawing of Alley Oop by Tony Chikes. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

FF. 21. Photocopy of original daily comic strip from December 29, 1937. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

Series Eight: Alley Oop Music, Videos, Animation Cels, Merchandise, etc.



Fabulous Funnies Vol. 1. "Safety Second," "Comic-ition," " Animal Crack-ups" 69 min. Filmation Associates, 1978. 2 copies, VHS gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999, BETA gift of Margaret Howell.

Fabulous Funnies Vol. 2. "Yeah, but Would You Want Your Sister to Marry an Artist?", "Save Our World," "Bods and Clods." 69 min. Filmation Associates, 1978. VHS. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Fabulous Funnies Vol. 3. "Save our World " and "Yeah, but Would You Want Your Sister to Marry an Artist?" Filmation Associates. VHS. Gift of Ray Snodgrass and Margaret Howell, 2002.

Fabulous Funnies Vol. 4 two untitled stories. Gift of Margaret Howell, 2000.

Fabulous Funnies Presents Alley Oop in "That's Life." 30 min. Filmation Associates, 1986. 2 copies. Gift of Ray Snodgrass and Margaret Howell, 1 copy each, 1999.

Fabulous Funnies. Contains complete videos of Vol. 1 and "That's Life" plus "Different Jokes for Different Folks." 2 copies. VHS. Gift of Ray Snodgrass and Margaret Howell, 1 copy each, 1999.

Fabulous Funnies Presents Alley Oop in "The Captain and the Kids" in School Daze. 30 min. Filmation Associates, 1978. Gift of Ray Snodgrass and Margaret Howell, 2002.


Animation cels. Fabulous Funnies Cartoon. Filmation, 1978.

Story synopsis, 3 pages.
Production cels (2).
Original drawing (1).
Purchased from Van Eaton Studios, Sherman Oaks, Ca., 1999.

Alley Oop lunch box with candy. Licensed by United Media, manufactured by American Specialty Confection Co, 1998. Gift of Jack Bender. 2 copies.

Rubber Alley Oop Halloween mask. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

Alley Oop embroidered pot holder. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

Max Allan Collins interview of Teddy Dewalt on January 10, 2001 at Ellis Library, University of Missouri-Columbia. VHS.

Animation film cell from Fabulous Funnies, 1978. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.


"Alley Oop" 45 rpm recording. Performed by the Hollywood Argyles. Written by D. Frazier. Arranged by Gary (Flip) Paxton. Los Angeles, Lute Records, 1960. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1998. Sheet music is in Box 2, Folder 32.

"Alley Oop" CD made from original recording. See above.

"Alley Oop: A Tuneful Memory!" CD. Disc #2. Copy from an anonymous doner, 2002.

Alley Oop Compilation tape. Contains original "Alley Oop" recording (recorded by the Hollywood Argyles), "Cholly-Oop" (recorded by the Hong Kong White Sox) and "Alley Oop Was a Two Dab Man" demo tape by Gary Paxton.

Bowling Alley Oop, the Cave Man (recorded by The Ape Quartet from the album "The Big Itch" vol. 4).

"Alley-Oop *Live Version*" orchestral accompaniment (orchestra not identified) recorded before a live audience. Cassette tape. Anonymous gift, 2001.

Collins, Ace. Disco Duck and Other Adventures in Novelty Music. New York: Berkeley Boulevard, 1998. Book with chapter on the Alley Oop Song.

The Game of Alley Oop. Royal Toy Company, Worcester, Ma., 1937. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1998. Game given by Ray Snodgrass is located in the cataloged collection (COMIC PN6728 .A45 G36 1937). Another game given by Margaret Howell is located here. (See Hamlin I, Folder 53 for newspaper article with photograph of man playing the game. See Hamlin II, Box 1, FF 58 for a description and playing instructions of a variation of the game.)

The Game of Alee Oop. Roy Toy Company, Worcester, Ma., 1937. Identical to Game of Alley Oop except for name, name of manufacturer and illustration on can.

Alley Oop magnets (8). Apparently reproduced from color photos in Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics, pp. 190-192. The magnets reproduce the full Sunday strip November 10, 1940 and August 4, 1935 and individual panels from another Sunday strip in 1935. Purchased on eBay. Gift of Margaret Howell, 1999.

Movie Jecktor Projector and Alley Oop movie. Also movies of Tom Sawyer's Adventure, Tom Sawyer Seeking Buried Treasure, Huckleberry Finn Our Group's Dark Side, Tom Sawyer in the Pirate Crew, Huckleberry Finn's Adventures and Huckleberry Finn the Splendid Rescue.

Alley Oop Movie Jecktor film. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2003.

Hand cranked projector, parchment-like movies. Gift of Margaret Howell. Photos and information about Movie Jecktor gift of Ray Snodgrass.

325th Bomb Squad (Reinstated) Whiteman Air Force Base. Alley Oop cap, scarf and T-shirt.

Coffee mug from Alley Oop theme park in Iraan, Texas showing a drawing of Alley Oop riding Dinny. Gift of Ronald Sharrah, 2002.

Alley Oop Days cap from Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Alley Oop can/cup holder from Iraan-Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Frisbee from Alley Oop Fantasyland in Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Alley Oop T-shirt from Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell.

325th Bomb Squad golf towel from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, with picture of Alley Oop riding Dinny. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Button from Alley Oop Fantasyland, Iraan, Texas. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Alley Oop figurine from Classic Comic character series in decorated tin.

Small Alley Oop button.

Series Nine: Alley Oop Daily Comic Strips, newspaper clippings (not photocopies)

BOX 6-7

Ask for details. 1933-1959, 1966 are complete or substantially complete.

1960 to date (except 1966) are substantially incomplete.

Box 6 contains daily strips 1933-1949.

Box 7 contains daily strips 1950 –


Preservation copies of strips, selected years.

Series Ten: Alley Oop Daily Strips, Newspaper Clippings Copied from Microform


December 5, 1932-April 24, 1933 (Waynesboro News Virginian). Gift of Jack Bromiley.

April 20, 1934 (source unknown).

May 26-October 11, 1934 (source unknown).

1935 fragments (source unknown).

November 2, 1936-June 1937 (Antigo Daily Journal).

September 1937 – October 2, 1945 (Jackson Daily News).

October 3, 1945 – November 22, 1945 (source unknown).

November 23, 1945 – March 8, 1946 (Jackson Daily News).

March 9, 1946 – April 27, 1946 (source unknown).

April 28, 1946 – June 16, 1946 (Jackson Daily News).

June 17, 1946 – January 24, 1947 (source unknown).

January 25, 1947 – February 16, 1947 (Jackson Daily News).

February 17, 1947 – March 27, 1947 (source unknown).

March 28, 1947 – June 20, 1947 (Jackson Daily News).

June 21, 1947 – March 25, 1948 (source unknown).

March 26, 1948 – October 29, 1948 (Rocky Mountain News).

January 2, 1950 – December 31, 1953 (source unknown).

January-May 19, 1960 (Detroit News).

Series Eleven: Alley Oop Daily and Sunday Strips Copied from Microfilm

(Gift of Jack Bromiley).

BOX 10

December 3, 1932 – April 24, 1933 (3 sets).

1934-1937 – months not given.

1938 – Daily: April-December (incomplete); months not given on several others.

1939 – Daily: January-March (incomplete) Sunday: January-April; October-November (incomplete).

1940 – Daily: September-December (incomplete) Sunday: February-May; September (incomplete).

1941 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-June (incomplete).

1942-1944 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1945 – Daily: April-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1946 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1947-1948 – Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1949 – Daily: January-February; September-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1950-1953 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1954 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: June-December (incomplete).

1955 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: February-July; October-November (incomplete).

1956 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: February; April-December (incomplete).

1957-1958 – Daily: January-December (incomplete).

1959 – Daily: January-December (incomplete) Sunday: January-December (incomplete).

1960 – Daily: January-December (incomplete).

1961 – Daily: January-June (incomplete).

Series Twelve: Alley Oop Sunday Strips, Newspaper Clippings

BOX 11-14 (oversize)


Ask for details. Most years are complete or substantially complete

Box 11 contains Sunday strips for 1934-1948

Box 12 contains Sunday strips for 1949-1960

Box 13 contains Sunday strips for 1961-