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SCARaB (Special Collections, Archives, and Rare Books) in the News is a collection of links to newspaper articles, journal articles, and interviews relating to the department and/or staff members of Special Collections and Archives. Click a date range or scroll down to view article citations.

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10/3/2013: "Ellis Library adds $10,000 treasure to its collection with 1996 Bible."  Columbia Missourian. 

Alla Barabtarlo provides a peek at the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible, a recent gift to Special Collections from Bruce Kovner.

7/16/2013: "Boone County Considers Spending Tax Dollars on Microfilm," KOMU News.

Karen Witt advises on the value of microfilm.

4/22/2013: Angels in performance: Playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner will speak on campus. Mizzou Magazine, April 22, 2013

Information about the Angels in Performance conference, in conjunction with the Libraries' Lanford Wilson Collection.


fall/winter 2012: "Ink Indelible: Ellis Exhibit Features Masterworks from Printers Past." Illumination.

Feature on incunabula and fine printing in Special Collections.  Online feature contains narration on printing history.

11/1/2012: McConnell, Tyler. "The Presidential Election: Super Hero Style." Vox Magazine.

Special Collections graduate assistant Rebecca Vogler helps Vox figure out which candidate comic superheroes would vote for in the 2012 presidential election.

7/6/2012: "LCV Cities Tour – Jefferson City: University of Missouri Special Collections," C-SPAN Book TV segment.

Alla Barabtarlo provides a peek inside Special Collections.

2/23/2012: Moen, Nancy. "Mizzou owns important literary work by Jane Eyre author. " Mizzou Weekly.

Special Collections is home to a manuscript written by a teenage Charlotte Bronte.

2/3/2012: Hagar, Megan. "Famous author’s manuscript preserved at Ellis." Maneater.

An article featuring Special Collections' manuscript written by Charlotte Bronte.

1/24/2012: Moen, Nancy. "Mysterious Manuscript: MU owns a minor masterpiece by the author of Jane Eyre." Mizzou Wire.

An article featuring Special Collections' manuscript written by Charlotte Bronte.


10/14/2011: "iPad app celebrates Homecoming History." Maneater.

Photos from the University Archives' collection are among those featured in "MU Homecoming: 100 years in photos," an app created by Mizzou Magazine and the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

9/29/2011: Ralph, Kaylen. "Columbia's curators protect historical treasures." Vox Magazine.

A look at the measures in place to protect Special Collection's materials.

Summer 2011: "Meet the librarian: Mike Holland, director of special collections, archives and rare books division." Library Connections.

An interview with Mike Holland, University Archivist and director of SCARAB.

3/10/2011: "Ellis Library features Special Collections room." Vox Magazine.

Highlights from the Division of Special Collections and Rare Books, including the Comic Art Collections, medieval manuscripts, incunabula, and war posters.

02/22/2011: "MU Libraries emphasize digital archives." The Maneater.

Discussion of The Future of Archives in a Digital Age, a symposium hosted by MU and sponsored in part by SCARaB.

2/24/2011: "Key Documents from the St. Louis World’s Fair Now Available through MU Libraries" News Bureau. 

A reflection and summary of the St. Louis World’s Fair documents now available through the University of Missouri Digital Library.


10/21/2010: "In time for Homecoming, MU dedicates new Student Center." Mizzou Weekly.

The Traditions Lounge in the new MU Student Center features a photo mural including pictures from University Archives.

21st July – 27th August 2010: "The Art of the Book: Journals Then and Now" was the third international exhibition in The Art of the Book series.The exhibition was presented by the University of Missouri – St. Louis, Department of Art and Art History in association with Special Collections at the St. Louis Mercantile Library, Washington University in St. Louis and the St. Louis Public Library, The University of Missouri at Columbia, The Centre for Fine Print Research at The University of the West of England and The Winchester School of Art Library at the University of Southampton.

8/26/2010: Lynch, Melanie. "Mort Walker collection on display at Special Collections library." Columbia Missourian.

An article about Special Collection's Mort Walker Collection.

Spring 2010: "From art to anatomy." Mizzou.

In conjunction with the sixth annual Life Sciences and Society Symposium, Special Collections, Archives and Rare Books division presents the exhibit "Anatomical Illustration: Art Informing Science: 1543–1950." View a slide show of books included in the exhibit.


12/9/2009: Hilgedick, Kris. "MU's collection of rarities range from Babylonian tablets to a page from the Gutenberg Bible." Jefferson City News Tribune.

An overview of the holdings available to patrons at Special Collections and Rare Books.

September 2009: Chambers, Erin. "The Collectors: three people, three passions, three amazing collections." Inside Columbia, p. 73-76.

Head of Rare Books and Special Collections Alla Barabtarlo shows some of the highlights of the Rare Book Collection.

Fall 2009: "Rare books enrich classes." Mizzou, p. 8.

Discusses the use of material from Rare Books and Special Collections in MU classes. The online edition features a slide show of various books.

07/15/2009: Markham, Madoline. "Mizzou’s missing memories: We don’t miss MU’s Savitar yearbook, but maybe we should." Vox Magazine.

Article about The Savitar, MU's yearbook, and what is missing now that it is no longer being printed. Images and information for the article provided by University Archives.

06/01/2009: MacDonald, Heidi. "Alley Oop!." The Beat: The News Blog of Comics Culture.

Publishers Weekly comics blog post mentions SCARaB's online Alley Oop exhibit.

03/15/2009: Dalton, Warren. "Showme column revives old memories." Columbia Daily Tribune.

Former Showme Magazine editor's article discusses the digital collection of University Archives' copies of Showme.

03/05/2009: Eischen, Trevor. "Columbia celebrates Darwin's birthday: Ellis Library's exhibit features rare books and collections about evolution." The Maneater.

Darwin exhibit and lecture at Ellis Library featured in piece about the Darwin Days celebration.

02/26/2009: George, Geoff. "He is legend: Behind the Matheson blockbusters." Vox Magazine.

New book about author and MU alumnus Richard Matheson contains correspondence between Matheson and William Peden from SCARaB.

02/09/2009: Harris, Katie. "Various activities planned in Columbia for Black History Month." The Maneater.

Article about Columbia's activities for Black History Month features slide show of images from University Archives.


11/30/2008: Hastings, Haley. "Exhibit celebrates Memorial Union's history." Missourian.

An article about the exhibit on the history of MU's Memorial Union. Curator Rebecca Dunham made extensive use of University Archives' collections in her research.

08/01/2008: "Many Events Will Mark the 75th Anniversary of ‘Alley Oop’." Editor & Publisher .

Upcoming SCARaB exhibition is mentioned in article about Alley Oop's 75th anniversary.

07/01/2008: Smith, Jerry. "But Seriously Folks, I Majored in Funny." St. Charles Journal.

Former Showme Magazine editor collaborates with University Archives to produce an online history of the magazine.


12/11/2007: Mahshie, Abraham. "Old Maps Go Digital: MU Libraries offers online look at Missouri history, campus past."  Columbia Tribune.

Interview with Special Collections employees about the digital Sanborn Map collection.

11/14/2007: Loy, Jeffrey. "Some Historical Maps of Missouri Cities Now Available Online." KBIA.

Brief discussion of digitization of Sanborn Maps collection.

11/05/2007: Overby, Peter. "Thompson's Watergate Role Not as Advertised." All Things Considered.

Contains information obtained by the author from a tape in the Donald Sanders Papers at the MU Archives.

11/05/2007: Basi, Christian. "An Easy Click Takes You Back to Missouri Cities in the 1880s: Maps from 1880 to 1920 of Missouri Cities Are Now Digitalized at University of Missouri Library's Website." University of Missouri-Columbia, News Bureau.

SCARaB's collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are digitized and available online.

10/23/07: Obermeier, Molly. "MU J-School centennial lacks budget" Missourian.

The Journalism School's 100th anniversary celebration is set to be more modest than the 50-year anniversary, as evidenced by documents in the University Archives.

September 2007: Celebrating Research: Rare and Special Collections from the Membership of the Association of Research Libraries.

The Fragmenta Manuscripta collection is profiled in this book and website featuring collections from ARL libraries.

July 2007: Barabtarlo, Alla. The "Farmer's Wife" Nadezha's Round Dance. Library Connections (Volume 3, Number 2).

Details of the fascinating book "Nadezhda's Round Dance-My Path to a Song" written by Russian author, Nadezhda Pleviiskaia, a piece held in the Rare Book collection.

6/2/07: Luebbers, Robert. U-High juniors of ’25. Weekend Columbia Missourian.

A request for information about the U-High juniors of 1925. The MU Archives are digitizing the Tiger Claws, the yearbook for U-High.

4/27/07: KBIA Radio Interview, Off the Clock. Miniature Literature exhibit.  (segment starts at 3:25).

4/19/07: Palosaari, Ben. Roundin' Up Local Literature. Vox Magazine.

A look at the miniature books held by Special Collections.

4/2007: Daniels, Bryan. MU Launches Online Catalog of Watergate Artifacts and Documents. Research at MU.

An interview with Mike Holland about the contents and scope of the Donald Sanders Papers, held in the MU Archives.

3/29/07: McHugh, Mike. Bam! Graphic Novels Get Big. Vox Magazine.

Highlighting the Comic Arts collection.

3/22/07: Borseth, Jason. Exhibit Magnifies Miniature Books. Columbia Missourian.

An examination of some texts exhibited in the Miniature Literature and Miniature Book Society exhibits.

3/22/07: Yates, Mariah. Spring Break: Destination Columbia. Corner Post.

An announcement of the Miniature Literature Exhibit at Ellis Library.

Spring 2007: Reineke, Charles. Historic Disclosure. Illumination Magazine.

A summary of the contents of the Donald Sanders collection, including the planner Sanders used when noting the taping of Nixon's conversations and meetings in the Oval Office.

February 2007: Barabtarlo, Alla. The New and Rare Acquisitions" Library Connections (Volume 3, Number 1).

About newly acquired sixteenth-century extremely rare Ovid. The books are in the Rare Book collection.

1/12/07: Cecil, Liana.  Sanders Collection is a rich trove: Watergate papers, other documents available for use. Columbia Missourian.

A content description of the Donald Sanders papers, donated to MU in 2004.

1/8/07: Bell, Kim.  MU catalog opens a window on Watergate Investigation. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The  Post-Dispatch's coverage of the launching of the Donald Sanders papers catalog.

01/05/07: MU News Bureau. MU Launches Online Catalog of Watergate Artifacts and Documents. Research at MU.

Announcement of the online catalog of the Donald Sanders papers, held in the MU Archives.


11/28/06: Moring, Roseann. MU Libraries Receives Grant. The Maneater. Announcement of MU's awarding of the William T. Kemper Grant for the preservation of rare books and artifacts.

11/26/06: Wooldridge, Lauren. Now Showing. Columbia Missourian. Special Collections' Playbill collection.

11/5/06: Dorzweiler, Leah. Queen of the 'Golden Era'. Columbia Missourian. Elizabeth I at Ellis Library.

10/31/06: Kukuljan, Stephanie. Elizabeth I Was Both King and Queen in Paintings. The Maneater. Coverage of Judith Clark's (Stephens College Faculty) presentation on visual representations of Elizabeth I. In conjunction with Ellis Library's Elizabeth I exhibit.

10/24/06: Riesenberger, Cameron. Uncertainty Key to Shakespeare. Maneater. Additional coverage of the Elizabeth I presentations.

6/28/06: Clark, Bill. Access to Answers Makes Archivist's Job Enviable. Columbia Tribune. A peek into the daily life of an archivist, with details about MU's Special Collections and Archives.

Spring 2006: Reineke, Charles. Art for Books’ Sake. Illumination Magazine. The "Art of the Book" exhibit, a joint effort by the Museum of Art and Archaeology, and Ellis Library Special Collections. Items from both collections will be exhibited from September 16th to December 24th, 2006.


12/8/05: Spradley, Kyle. Ellis Library's Hidden Treasure. Corner Post. A look at Special Collections' unique texts such as Dialogo, De Constructione, and Beetle Bailey.

9/29/05: Douthit, Lindsey. Libraries Undergo an E-volution. Vox Magazine. Interview and commentary on the future of the traditional library, and the digitization of archives and Special Collections' textual resources.

8/4/05: Colmery, Anne. Hidden Literary Gems. Vox Magazine. Notes of Special Collections' most unique texts: Galileo's Dialogo; Fuchs' De Historia Stirpium; Charlotte Bronte's manuscript of The Secret and Lily Hart; and V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop cartoons and personal correspondence.

06/12/05: Clawson, Brenden. Exposing the Tapes of Watergate: Don Sanders set aside his interests to do what was right – and played a pivotal role in bringing down Nixon. Columbia Missourian. A short biography of Donald Sanders, the man who uncovered the recording devices and tapes of Nixon's meetings while in office.

Spring 2005: Historic Donald G. Sanders Collection Donated to MU Libraries. Library Connections. The donation of the Donald Sanders papers to the MU Libraries, with personal and professional correspondence.


November/December 2004: Diener, Jeremy. MU Receives Watergate Papers. @Mizzou. MU receives the Donald Sanders papers, donated by his widow, Dolores Mead.

11/19/04: Thies, Stephanie. Watergate Case Files Donated to MU. Columbia Missourian. Missourian announcement of MU's receipt of the Donald Sanders papers, both personal and professional.

10/12/04: Ellis, Lyndsey. 500-Year-Old Books on Display at Ellis. The Maneater. Announcement and coverage of Loci Theologici Reverendi display at the library.

9/24/04: Mullen, Daniel. Pages from the Past. Columbia Missourian. The donation of Loci Theologici Reverendi to Special Collections.

6/24/04: Nadolny, Jamie. Alley Oop Lurks in MU Library. Columbia Missourian. The evolution of the Comic Art collection.


6/22/03: England, Lora. Elizabeth I Exhibit Announcement. Columbia Tribune. (Scroll down for article).

6/4/03: Mueller, Sarah Magill. Institutional Memory: Graduate researchers in Vicki Rosser’s history of higher education seminar are working with MU archivists to shed light on the ‘hidden’ history of the University and its former students. Illumination Magazine. The use of primary sources, available at the MU Archives and the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, in classwork at the University.


2/5/02: Calhoun, Greg. "Showme" Found in Campus Libraries. The Maneater. "Showme", the first publication to showcase Mort Walker's title character, Beetle Bailey, is available in Special Collections.


Fall 2001: Strand, Kathleen. Treasure Trove. Mizzou Magazine. LH1.M63 A5. Special Collections' Gutenberg Bible leaf's history, from printing to its acquisition by Special Collections in 1923 for $135.


3/28/96: Averett, Nanci. Tribune Online Scene. Columbia Tribune. A biography of Jim Downey, who has repaired Bible pages, cartoon spreads, and Walt Whitman texts for Special Collections.

10/27/95: Wallis Book Donation. Columbia Tribune. Michael and Suzanne Wallis donate 1st editions of their books to Ellis Library. The ceremony took place in the Special Collections reading room.

9/2/93: [s. n.] In Rare Form: Cataloging project brings unique collection to world's scholars. Mizzou Weekly. LD3442.9 .A5232. A collection of rare British pamphlets and books, including a handwritten account of Charles I's execution, is being cataloged for use. These items will become a part of Special Collections' Rare collection.


Schieber, Philip. A Guide to Special Collections in the OCLC Database. Z688 .A2 O24 1988.

12/15/88: Thelen, Jenny. UMC Library Lands Grant to Buy, Preserve Books. Columbia Daily Tribune. CPRR Film. An additional National Endowment for the Humanities grant was won to continue the acquisition of new humanities material, and to continue preservation efforts for humanities texts already in our collection.

3/6/86: Murray, David A. UMC Gets Book Grant. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. The Department of Education disburses a $202,757 grant to catalog some of the University's holdings using a national computer catalog (OCLC). 21,000 books printed before 1800 will be cataloged using this system.

12/5/85: Smith, Michelle M. Library Wins $500,000 Grant. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. A National Endowment for the Humanities Grant will be used to improve the humanities collection and to preserve existing volumes.The library will focus on building collections with national significance, such as art history, archaeology, and Russian and Soviet history.

1/13/85: Carr, Jeff. Ellis Library Stores Rare Children's Books. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. Notes and descriptions of rare children's materials in Special Collections.

8/31/84: Hare, Tim. Ellis' Rare Books Feel Age, Weather. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. Challenges facing the preservation of rare materials.

12/28/83: Salmon, Chris. Scholars Put Rare Book Section to Work at University Library. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. An overview of Special Collections and its use in research and reference work.

12/1982: Friends of the University Library. Gifts to the Rare Book Room of Ellis Library. Notes. Z881 .M82 An announcement of a brochure listing recent valuable acquisitions and gifts to Special Collections.

3/5/82: Special Collections Library Gathers More Than Just Books. Mizzou Weekly. LD3442.9 .A5232. An overview of Special Collections' holdings, including incunabula, the Gutenberg leaf, miniature books, and World War I and II posters.

2/18/82: Stansberry, Rhonda. Rare Books: Age Not Only Factor in Determining Value. Columbia Daily Tribune. CPRR Film. Factors other than age (limited editions, signed by prominent authors, private press titles, and significant illustrations) are just a few criteria which help discern what books are valuable.

12/11/81: Dempsey, Terrell. UMC's Collection of Collections: From Gavels to Spiders. Mizzou Weekly. LD3442.9 .A5232. A summary of interesting collections available for use at MU, including Special Collections' almanacs, Confederate money, World War I and II posters, and Fourth of July orations from the 1800's.

3/17/81: Attenberry, Susan. Many Rare Books Shelved in Ellis Library. Maneater. Special Collections Film Misc. Highlighting some of Special Collections' most prominent rare texts.


2/14/76: Kasle, Tom. Standards in Appraising Rare Books Vary. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. What makes a rare book rare? Criteria for Ellis Library and the State Historical Society.


1/1969: Rare Books: Living Tissue of History's Fiber. Missouri Alumnus. LH1 .M63 A5. The growth and acquisition of Special Collections' rare materials.

3/15/61: McReynolds, Norma. M. U. Library Attacking Diseases of Rare Books. Columbia Missourian. CPRR Film. A look at the condition of the Rare collection, and what can be done to preserve the items for future use.

Before 1960

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1920: Kane, Charles. "Valuable addition to library". Missouri Alumnus, 9:2 (1920): 35.