English 2010 Identity

English 2010: Identity in the Age of Cybercitizenship Instructor: Svitlana Matviyenko Some research tricks Clarify your questions and the types of information you need to answer them. Think about where types of information are typically published. Use a variety of

Biological Sciences 4660

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 4660: Plant Population Biology Instructor: Candy Galen  217 Tucker Hall Find Journal Articles Begin at the MU Libraries’ Gateway.  Click on Find a Database and then click on the subject area, Science and Technology. Choose the subject areas Biology,

Primary Sources

Primary Sources Definition of Primary Source The meaning of the term "primary source" varies by scholarly discipline, but at the root, a primary source is a document that is studied by scholars in the field of study, while the documents

Off Campus MU Proxy

Using the MU Libraries’ Proxy Server To use the proxy server, you will need your Username (myZou username and password). Your browser needs to accept cookies.  You do not need to do anything special to use the proxy server. Our