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Inclement Weather – Campus Closure Policies

In anticipation of winter weather and in preparation for any other campus emergencies, the UM Human Resources Policy Manual HR217 outlines campus closure and pay procedures for University of Missouri. These policies permit two types of campus closures: full closure or partial closure.

The policy can be accessed by following the below links:

As a major research campus that has extensive 24/7 operations, MU will not typically close. Should the Chancellor designate a partial campus closure (e.g., classes are cancelled but many operations remain open), the following pay procedures for staff employees will apply:

  • Employees who do not report to work may cover the absence(s) with paid time off (vacation or personal days) as appropriate.
  • Employees who are able to report to work will receive straight pay. Employees arriving late may use paid time off for the tardiness/absence (lost work time), request a flexible work schedule (if available) or request leave without pay, all with supervisory approval.

While unlikely, a full campus closure could occur in the event of a major disaster or other catastrophic event and the campus would be closed, classes cancelled and administrative and academic operations suspended. Certain continuous operations would be maintained even in the event of a full campus closure. Employees (except those deemed situationally critical) would be directed not to report to work. In the event of a full campus closure the following pay procedures will apply:

  • Regular employees who are not required to report to work will receive regular pay for up to five days with no reduction to the employee’s paid time off balances. If the closure continues for more than five days, employees could choose to cover the time off with vacation, personal days or sick leave, as appropriate, based on the situation causing the closure.
  • Regular non-exempt employees (i.e., hourly paid) who are required to report to work during a full campus closure will receive time and a half for all hours actually worked.

Because of the nature of our campus and the need to maintain critical 24/7 operations, the MU campus would designate a full closure only in extreme circumstances.

 Departments should designate those positions considered situationally critical and inform employees in advance, if possible, in preparation for a partial or full campus closure. The designation of situationally critical may differ based on the nature of the situation.

 The above policies do not apply to staff at MU Health Care.