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#TipTuesday: Quiet Study Areas

If silence and tranquility are what you need to succeed, this post is for you.

Did you know that Ellis library has designated quiet study areas on four out of five floors?

  • Maps of all the quiet study areas at Ellis library.

Are other students being disruptive in designated quiet areas?

Use our instant message service to request library staff ask students in these areas to be quiet.

If you’d rather call us, just be sure to leave the quiet area first!



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#TipTuesday: Finding Peer-Reviewed Sources

Finding sources that meet the expectations of your professor may seem like a daunting task. However, Mizzou Libraries provides tools to simplify the process of finding high-quality, scholarly sources.

After you search the main search bar on the library homepage, you can limit your results to peer-reviewed sources by clicking this checkbox:




This way, you know the articles you’re viewing have been peer-reviewed and are scholarly.

Other databases may offer a similar option, but each is arranged and designed independently, so the wording or location may be different.

One more pedantic note–it is ultimately your job to determine the quality of source. If you are unsure, you can always chat with a librarian or come to the Research Help and Information Desk for assistance. We are happy to help!


home Databases & Electronic Resources New Databases: Library of Latin Texts Collection

New Databases: Library of Latin Texts Collection

Mizzou Libraries now provides online access to the Library of Latin Texts Collection, which includes five databases.

Library of Latin Texts – Series A contains over 3,200 works that can be searched full-text. All works presented in this database benefit from scholarship by the Centre ‘Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium’ or (CTLO). All paratextual elements are distinguished from the original text. Coverage spans from classical antiquity to 1965.

Library of Latin Texts – Series B is a supplement to Library of Latin Texts -Series A that is sourced from existing scholarly editions. This database collects Latin text of all genres and periods and adds 4-5 million words to the searchable corpora per year.

Cross-Database Search Tool facilitates simultaneous searching among the two databases.

Database of Latin Dictionaries contains the full text of 10 Latin dictionaries. Read more about this ongoing project of the CTLO on the publisher’s website.

Database of Medieval Latin from British Sources covers medieval Latin sourced from British authors works and papers from 540 A.D. to 1600. The interface can be configured to several languages (English, French, German, and Italian) and can be searched by Latin and non-Latin words.

For more information on each database and its coverage and scope, see our guide to the Library of Latin Texts Collection.

Access is provided thanks to a generous contribution from the department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

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#TipTuesday: Studying off the Beaten Path

Studying off the Beaten Path

Let us study the libraries
As one prepares for exams,
And while the west stacks may seem scary,
Among the books is a great place to cram.

The Bookmark café may have it all:
Coffee, cookies, and outlets, to boot
While the trees shed their leaves in fall
The best study spaces have been hoarded like loot!

To ace your projects, papers, and tests
Seek study spaces off the beaten path
Whether it is chaos or silence you like best,
Let the libraries be your guide, compass, and map.

If alone or in mobs, find your refuge via Places to Study
Grab a desk in the stacks or reserve room 3G62 and bring all your buddies!

home Databases & Electronic Resources, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: DVDs & Streaming Video

#TipTuesday: DVDs & Streaming Video

You may be aware that Ellis Library has nearly 3,000 DVDs,

but did you know

…you also have immediate access to almost 20,000 streaming videos?

From feature films and documentaries, to tutorials and educational materials, Mizzou Libraries has you covered.

Search DVDs and videos or browse by genre today.


home Databases & Electronic Resources, Resources and Services Trial Available for Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

Trial Available for Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

Including the complete works of Jane Austen and all of the plays of Shakespeare, Oxford Scholarly Editions (OSEO) also features 880 Oxford critical editions. OSEO coverage includes annotated texts originally written from 1485 to 1901, as well as some classic Greek authors. One of the nice aspects of this resource is how the annotations are displayed. Annotations are located in an adjustable panel to the right of the text. By clicking the annotation or the footnote, the interface scrolls automatically to the appropriate position. Additionally, this database is easily browsed by author, work, or edition, and includes a list of selected works. Check it out before our trial ends on November 17, 2016.

More info

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online