Georg Matthäus Seutter

1646 - 1757

Tobias Conrad Lotter

1717 - 1777

Tobias Conrad Lotter was a baker's son; he began in 1740 as an engraver at the cartographic establishment of his future father-in-law George Matthäus Seutter, who was honored by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI with the title of an "Imperial Geographer". In 1757 Tobias Lotter succeeded him in his publishing business and became one of the most prolific German publishers and cartographers of his time.

Spatiosissimum Imperium Russiae magnae iuxta recentissimas Observationes Mappa Geographica

Augustae Vindel. [Augsburg] : Tobias Conrad Lotter, [1757]
G7000 1757 .L6

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