Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville

1646 - 1720

Robert Sayer

1725 - 1794

The exhibited map of the Whole Russian Empire published by Robert Sayer on March, 2 1772 was reproduced from the original crafted by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, perhaps the greatest French cartographer and geographical author of the eighteenth century.

He was a passionate geographical researcher who at the end of his life accumulated one of the most extensive collections of maps, geographical materials, plans and sketches in Europe. It had been purchased by Louis XVI, who granted him the right to keep it in his possession as long as he lived. Robert Sayer (1725 – 1794) and John Bennett (fl. 1770-1784) made an important English map and print publishing duo of the mid to late 18th century. They published various works by many cartographers, including d'Anville. After nearly 50 years in the map trade, the company was acquired by Laurie and Whittle who would continue to republish revised and updated editions of his work for many years to come.

The whole Russian empire The European Part of the Russian Empire With the Several Countries that are the Theatre of the Present War between the Turks and the Russians ; The Asiatic Part of The Russian Empire, with the adjacent Coast of North America ; from D'Anvilles Maps.

London: Robt. Sayer, 1772.
G7000 1772 .S3

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