Antonio Possevino

1533 – 1611

Antonio Possevino, a Jesuit monk, theologian, scholar, and papal envoy, arrived at Moscow on February 14, 1582. At that time the Russian Tsar Ivan IV sought the pope's mediation in the cause of peace with Stephen Báthori, the King of Poland. Possevino was sent by the Pope Gregory XIII as his legate. With the permission of Ivan IV he conducted a public dispute about the matters the faith, trying to convert Ivan IV to Roman Catholicism. The Tsar was so infuriated that he almost killed Possevino. He left Moscow laden with honors but not deceived as to the success of his efforts. Possevino wrote several very interesting treatises on Russia, including "Moscovia", rich of factual material and astute observations, and the less known Missio Moscovitica.

Respublica Moscoviæ et Urbes: Accedunt Quædam latinè nunquam Antehac Edita.

Lugduni Batavorum: Ex Officina Ioannis Maire, 1630
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