Adam Olearius

August 16, 1603 – February 22, 1671

Adam Olearius, German scholar, diplomat, and librarian first visited Moscow on August 14, 1634, as a secretary to the ambassadors Philip Crusius and Otto Bruggemann, sent by the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp Frederick III to the Tsar Mikhail I of Russia. He visited Moscow again on 29 March 1636 and left the Russian capital on 30 June for Isfahan, where he was received by the shah of Persia. He returned to Russia in 1639 and again in 1643.

He is best known by his excellent narrative of the Russian and Persian embassies (Beschreibung der muscowitischen und persischen Reise, published in Schleswig, 1647, and afterwards in several enlarged editions, 1656, and others.)

His lively muscowitischen und persischen Reise was quickly translated into several European languages. Soon it had run through nine German, five French, three Dutch, two English, and an Italian edition, with more eighteenth-century editions to follow. An English version was made by John Davies of Kidwelly (Travels of the Ambassadors sent by Frederic, Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia, London, 1662; and 1669)

The voyages & travels of the ambassadors from the Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy, and the King of Persia

London: Printed for Thomas Dring, and John Starkey, and are to be sold at their shops ..., 1662.
DK22 .O43 1662