Herman Moll

1654? - 1732

Herman Moll was an engraver, publisher, and cartographer, who had his book and map establishment in London.

His origin is unknown. His biographer Dennis Reinhartz assumes that Moll came from Bremen, but other scholars speculated that he was a Dutchman from Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Moll moved to London in 1678, where he set up himself as an engraver during the reign of Queen Anne. Curiously enough, he provided fanciful maps for Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. In 1715 he published The Beaver Map, one of the most famous early maps of North America, which he copied from the works of Nicolas de Fer of 1698. He was one of the most distinguished English cartographers of the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The exhibited map was executed by the order of Peter I, the Russian Emperor, and dedicated to him. It appeared first in the atlas published in 1714. The actual survey of the land was done by Cornelius Cruis, John Thesing, and Captain Pamburg, while improvements and corrections, by Captain Perry.

To His Most Serene and August Majesty Peter Alexovitz Absolute Lord of Russia & c. This map of map of Moscovy, Poland, Little Tartary, and ye Black Sea &c. is most humbly dedicated

[London]: Printed for H. Moll between Temple Bar & St. Clem. Church in ye Strand, I. Bowles at the Black Horse in Cornhill, P. Overton over against S. Dunstans Church in Fleetstreet & T. Bowles next to the Chapter house in St. Pauls Church yard and for I. King Print & Mapseller at the Globe in the Poultry. [1730]
G7000 1714 .M6 1730

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