Giles Fletcher


Giles Fletcher the Elder (c. 1548, Watford, Hertfordshire -- 1611, London) was an Elizabethan scholar, diplomat, and poet. Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he received his doctorate in Civil Law in 1581, he was made a member of Parliament in 1585. He was employed in many public services at home and abroad during his career that lasted until 1611, when he died at the age of seventy-two. The most important among the foreign embassages undertaken by Fletcher was the one to Russia. The outcome of his diplomacy was of great importance to England, especially commercially. In his account Fletcher gives a vibrant description of the Russian world during the reign of Tsar Theodor I. In 1591 he published his Of the Russe Common Wealth. Or, Maner of gouernement of the Russe emperour, (commonly called the Emperour of Moskouia) with the manners, and fashions of the people of that countrey, though the book was suppressed for political reasons by the request of the Muscovy Trading Company.

Thirty-two years after his death came out his The history of Russia, or, The government of the Emperour of Muscovia with the mannors & fashions of the people of that countrey.

The History of Russia, or, The Goverment [sic] of the Emperour of Muscovia, with the Manner & Fashions of the People of that Countrey

[London? : s.n.], 1643.
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