Books Exhibited

Acker, Susan; Dianne Weiss; and Carol Cunningham. A potpourri: information and recipes for making sweet scents. Mill Valley, Ca.: Splendid Press & Paper Works, 1979.
Spec Rare TT 899.4 .A25 1979

Albin, Thomas. Pure Gold from the Rivers of Wisdom. New York: D. Appleton, 1841.
Spec Rare PN 6084 .R3 A5 1841.

Alighieri, Dante. La Divina Commedia. Firenze: G. Barbèra , 1921.

American Tract Society. Dew Drops. New York: American Tract Society, [1845-1855].
Spec Rare BV 4810 .D49 1845.

American Tract Society. Thautropfen New York: American Tract Society, [1845-1855].
Spec Rare BV 4810 .D4915 1800z.

Aunt Laura. Orphan Willie. Buffalo: Breed, Butler & Co., 1862.
Spec Rare PS 1654 .F5 O76 1862.

Barney Brallaghan's Songster. New York: Song and Toy Book Depot, [1925?].

Baskin, Leonard. Leonard Baskin's Miniature Natural History: First Series. New York: Pantheon Books, 1983.
Spec Closed QL 46 .B25 1983 1-4.

Bible Meditations: verses from each book of the Old and New Testaments. [Kansas City, Mo.]: Hallmark Cards, Inc., [197-?].
Spec Closed BS 416 .B53 1970z.

Bolton, Claire. Paper Cranes. [Marcham, England]: Alembic Press, 2004.
Spec Rare N 7433.4 .B66 P36 2004.

Bolton, Claire. Madeleine. [Marcham, England]: Alembic Press, 2004.
Spec Rare N 7433.4 .B66 M34 2004.

Bolton, Claire. M. [Marcham, England]: Alembic Press, 2002.
Spec Rare N 7433.4 .B66 M3 2002.

A Book of Christmas. USA : Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1980's.
Spec Rare BT 315 .A3 1980z.

Book of Common Prayer. New York: Oxford University Press, 1907.

The Book of Trades. Philadelphia : H. C. Peck & Theo, 1847.
Spec Rare HF 5381.2 .B66 1847.

Brooks, Phillips. O Little Town of Bethlehem. Akron, OH: Saalfield Publishing Co., [1925?].

Brown, Margaret Wise. Little Fur Family. New York: Harper, 1984.
Spec Closed PZ 7 .B8163 Lm 1984.

The Bunker Hill Songster. New York : Murphy, Printer and Publisher, 1850.
Spec Rare ML 54.6 .B86 1850.

Burns, Robert. Tam o' Shanter: a tale. Edinburgh: Anderson, [189-?].
Spec Closed PR 4314 .A1 1890z.

Carpenter, Cecil C. The Child’s Bible and Prayer Book. Peoria, Ill.: The Baby Bible & Prayer Book Co, 1932.
Spec Rare BT 302 .C3 1932.

Chamizo, Luis. El miajón de los castúos (rapsodias extremeñas). Madrid: Aguilar, 1963.
Spec Comic PQ 6605 .H26 M5 1963.

Cobb, Lyman. Miniature Lexicon of the English Language. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1847.

Crowther, Alice. Chips From Great Authors. New York : Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1900's.
Spec Rare PN 6081 .C5 1900z.

Daily Food for Daily Life. New York: Fleming H. Revell.

Dickey, James. Poems: 1957-1967. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press.

Eastlake, F.W. and N. Kanda. A New Pocket Japanese-English Dictionary. Sanseidō, 1891.

Episcopal Church. The Book of Common Prayer. Rev. ed. Philadelphia: Henry F. Anners, 1850.
Spec Rare BX 5943 .A1 1850.

Ford, Alla T. The Joys of Collecting Children’s Books. Hong Kong: Ford Press, 1968.
Spec Rare Z 987 .F58.

France. Code Judiciare. Paris: De l'Imprimerie Nationale, 1792.
Spec Rare KJV 3721 .A3 1792 C6.

France. Code des Pensions. A Paris: De I'Imprimerie Nationale, 1792.
Spec Rare KJV3558.A3 1792 C6.

France. Réglemens sur le Matieres Ecclésiastiques. [Paris: s.n., 1788].
Spec Rare KJV 255 .A3 1788 1-3.

Geistlicher Schild Gegen Gest. Gedruckt zu Mainz: [s.n., 1674?]
Spec Rare BX 2079 .G45 1674.

Goddard, Robert Hutchings. The autobiography of Robert Hutchings Goddard, father of the space age; early years to 1927. Worcester , Mass. : A. J. St. Onge, 1966.
Spec Rare TL 781.85 .G6 A3.

Goethe, W. V. Goethe's Gedichte. Liepzig: Schmidt & Günther, 1908.

Gold Dust. New York: James Pott & Co.

Golden, Alisa. Night Monster. Berkeley, Calif.: Never Mind the Press, 2004.
Spec Rare PS 3557 .O3592 N54 2004.

Golden Rod, Love of Country Boston: De Wolfe, Fiske & Co.
Spec Rare PN 1080 .G65 1902.

Gregory, Dr. Father’s legacy to his daughters.New York: C. Wells, 1796.
Spec Rare HQ 1229 .G7 1837.

Hamady, Walter. The quartz crystal history of Perry Township since the earliest creation of life. Mt. Horeb, Wis.: Pinprick US(&)A [i. e. Perishable Press], 1979.
Spec Rare PS 3558 .A42 Q3.

History of the Bible. T. Bedlington & J. Ball. 1814.
Spec Rare BS 408 .H57 1814.

Holy Bible: contains a portion of the New Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Chicago: Gernat's, [19--].
Spec Closed BS 2261 .G47 1900z

Home Life Insurance Co. The Little Red Book. “The Year 1917”. New York: Home Life Insurance Co., 1917.
Spec Rare HF 6146 .C2 L58 1917.

Hymnal. New York: Henry Frowde, 1892.

Improved Pocket Dictionary. Cazenovia: S. H. Henry & Co., 1836.

Jiminez, Juan Ramon. Platero y yo; elegía andaluza, 1907-1916. Aguilar, Mexico: 1953.
Spec Rare PQ 6619.I4 P6 1953A.

Johnson, Samuel. Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language. London: T. Nelson and Sons, 1852.
Spec Rare PE 1620 .J6 1852.

Justinian I, Emperor. Imperatoris Ivstiniani Institvtionvm Libri IV. Venetiis : Apud Guerilios, 1667.
Spec Rare K .IN692 1667.

Kennedy, John F. Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy. Los Angeles: Bela Blau, 1965.
Spec Rare J 82 .D91 Jan 20b.

Kette, Dragotin. Pesmi. V Ljubljani: Pri Slovenskem knjiznem zavodu, 1946.
Spec Rare PG 1918 .K43 A6 1946.

Khayyam, Omar. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. London: G.G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. 1915.
Spec Rare PK 6513 .A1 1915.

Kommunisticheskaia partiaa Sovetskogo Souiza. Ustav. Priniat 19 sezdom partii. Chastichnye izmeneniia vneseny 20 sezdom KPSS.[Moskva: Gos. izd-vo polit. lit-ry], 1958.
Spec Rare JN 6598 .K6 U843 1958.

Kováks, Margit. Kováks Margit Kiskönyve. Szentendre : [Pest Megyei Múzeumok Igazgatósága], 1984.
Spec Rare NK 4210 .K64 A4 1984.

Kraus, Robert. The Silver Dandelion. Harper & Row, 1965.
Spec Rare PZ 7 .K868 Sil 1965.

Lagerlöf, Selma. The Legend of the Christmas Rose. USA : Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1970's.
Spec Rare PT 9763 .L4313 1970z.

Langenscheidt’s Lilliput Dictionary, English/Dutch. Berlin: Langenscheidt, 1956.
Spec Rare PF 640 .L362 1956.

Langenscheidt’s Lilliput Dictionary, English/Russian. Berlin: Langenscheidt, 1965.
Spec Rare PE 1645 .R8 L36 1965.

Langenscheidt’s Lilliput Woordenboek, Nederlands/Engels. Berlin-Schoneberg : Langenscheidt. 1956.
Spec Closed PF 640 .L36 1956.

Lawrence, David J. Miniature literature: the Stanley Marcus collection of miniature books at Bridwell Library. Dallas, TX.: The Sunhill Press for the Bridwell Library, 1995.
Spec Rare Z 1033 .M6 M56 1995.

Letters of William Penn to his Wife and Children on his Departure for Pennsyulvania in 1682. Philadelphia: Friends' Book Association, 1882.

The Little Bible. Elgin, Illinois : David C. Cook Pub. Co., [195-?].
Spec Closed BS 391.2 .L77 1950z 1-2.

London quadrille preceptor: containing the twelve sets (Almack's), lancers, caledonians, cuirassiers, la gallopade quadrilles &c., mazurka. London: E.D. Lawless, 1824-1840?
Spec Closed GV 1646. E6 L4 1824.

Martí, José. Versos sencillos/Ismaelillo.Madrid: Aguilar, 1969.
Spec Closed PQ 7389 .M2 I8 1969.

Mason, W. Crumbs from the Master's Table; or select sentences, doctrinal, practical, and experimental. New York: D. Appleton. [1937]

Mauthe, Jörg. How to be a Viennese. Vienna: E. Hunna Varlag, 1966.
Spec Rare PT 2673 .A87 W5413 1966.

McClure, Michael. Lion fight. New York: The Pierrepont Press, 1969.
Spec Closed PS 3563 .A262 L5.

Morales, Jose Ignacio. Las Constituciones de Mexico. México: Editorial Pueblo, 1957.
Spec Rare 342.72 M792c.

Narito, Kiyofusa. Nagashizuki & tamezuki : oriental and western methods of papermaking. Tokyo, Japan: Bunseido Press, 1978.
Spec Rare TS 1095 .J3 N37 1978.

New Testament. London: Oxford University Press, 1844.

New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour and Jesus Christ. England: Oxford University Press.

New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour and Jesus Christ. London: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1915.

Pedraz, Martín Alonso. Diccionario Ortográfico. Madrid: 1968.
Spec Rare PC 4628 .A56 1968.

Periodical Publishers’ Association. Annual Dinner of the Periodical Publishers’ Association of America. New York: Periodical Publishers' Association., 1904.
Spec Rare PN 4841 .P5 1904.

Personal Bible. Sanatoga, PA.: Little Bible Ministry, [19--].
Spec Rare BS 416 .B5313 1900z.

Pocket Book of Evening Amusements. New York: Geo. A Leavitt, 1850.

Pocket Book of Good Society. New York: Geo. A Leavitt, 1850.

Pocket Book of Needle Work. New York: Geo. A Leavitt, 1850.

Pocket Book of True Politeness. New York: Geo. A Leavitt, 1850.

Pollok, Robert, A.M. The Course of Time. Portland: Sanborn & Carter, 1848.

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. (trans.) La Vita Nuova (The New life) of Dante Alighieri. Venice: S. Rosen, 1905.
Spec Rare PQ 4315.58 .R7 1905.

Ruskin, John. The Mystery of Life and its arts. London: Henry Frowde, [190-?].
Spec Rare PR 5260 .A1 1900z 1-3.

Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer-Night’s Dream. London: Burgess & Bowes Ltd.
Spec Closed PR 2827 .A1 1900z.

Shakespeare, William. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. New York: Knickerbocker Leather & Novelty Co.
Spec Rare PR 2807 .A1 1900z.

Shakespeare, William. Julius Caesar. London: Burgess & Bowes Ltd.
Spec Closed PR 2808 .A1 1900z.

Shakespeare, William. King Lear. London: Burgess & Bowes Ltd.
Spec Rare PR 2819 .A1 1900z.

Shakespeare, William. Merchant of Venice. New York: Knickerbocker Leather & Novelty Co.
Spec Rare PR 2825 .A1 1900z.

Shakespeare, William. Othello. London: Burgess & Bowes Ltd.
Spec Closed PR 2829 .A1 1900z.

Shakespeare, William. Taming of the Shrew. New York: Knickerbocker Leather & Novelty Co.
Spec Rare PR 2832 .A1 1900z.

Smith, Rev. James.Our Daily Food. London: T. Nelson & Sons.

Stick to It. Cleveland: Ingham & Bragg.

Svenska Kyrkan. Swenska Psalm-Boken. Eksjö: K. Peterson, 1881.
Spec Rare BX 8067 .P8 S8 1881.

Thomas, Frank J. Circus Wagons. Los Angeles: Tenfingers Press, c1972.
Spec Closed GV 1801 .T5.

Updike, John. Mites & other poems in miniature. Northridge, Calif.: Lord John Press, 1990.
Spec Rare PS 3571 .P4 M57 1990.

Valdés, Juan Meléndes. Poesias. Madrid: Impr. de M. Ginesta, 1876.
Spec Rare PQ 6538.M5 A17 1876.

Vaptsarov, Nikola. Viara. Sofiia : Izd-vo na Bulgarskata akademiia na naukite, 1984.
Spec Rare PG 1037 .V25 V512 1984.

Wesley, John. A collection of hymns for the use of the people called Methodists. London: J. Mason, 1839.
Spec Rare BV 415 .W5 1839.

Wilde, Oscar. The nightingale and the rose. Hyattsville, Md.: Rebecca Press in cooperation with Cheloniidae Press, 1985.
Spec Rare PR 5818 .N5 1985.

Williams, Helen Maria. Paul and Virginia. New York: D. Appleton, [1846?]

YMCA/YWCA. Around the Columns '04. Columbia, Mo.: Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations, 1904.
Spec MU LD 3471.2 .Y6 1904/1905.

YMCA/YWCA. On the Quad '05. Columbia, Mo.: Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations, 1905.
Spec MU LD 3471.2 .Y6 1905/1906.

The Young Child’s A,B,C; or, First Book. New York: S. Wood and sons, [n.d.].
Spec Rare PZ 5 .E2 1