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The Return to Nature

John Frank Newton
The return to nature, or, A defence of the vegetable regimen (London : Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, by J. M'Creery, 1811.)
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TX392 .N4 1811

Little is known about John Frank Newton, but he seems to have been a follower of Dr. William Lambe, a prominent vegetarian whose writings influenced Shelley, Keats, and many others. 

In this book, Newton claims that a diet of vegetables and distilled water cured him of an unspecified disease from which he suffered from childhood.  He gives few specifics about the diet, but instead devotes most of the book to a defense of vegetarianism in general.  He draws on the Bible for his argument against eating meat:

Adam and Eve had before them in Paradise, viz. the vegetables and the animals; over which, dominion was given to man, not surely that he should rob them of all they have, their lives; a permission irreconcilable with a state of perfect innocence; but that he might render them serviceable to himself in cultivating the earth, and in other respects.

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