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Unusual Meats

Jessie Alice Cline (1891-1996) and Rosalie S. Godfrey (1895-1966)
Unusual meats
Circular 162
University of Missouri, Agricultural Experiment Station, 1927
University Archives, Collection  C:5/11/2

Cline and Godfrey collaborated on this circular to provide information on the use of various internal organ meats. The circular places emphasis on special methods of preparation since most of these meats spoil faster than commonly used muscular tissues. The circular also provides a variety of recipes for the brain, tongue, kidney, heart, liver, thymus glands and the feet of cattle, hogs and sheep. Godfrey held a research position with the University of Missouri at the time of this publication but left for the University of Texas shortly after, where she was Associate Professor Emeritus of Home Economics at the time of her death.

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