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Jessie Alice Cline, 1891-1996

Photo of Jessie Alice Cline
University Archives, Collection C:1/141/6

Jessie Alice Cline had completed both a Bachelor of Science (1915) and a Bachelor of Arts (1916) degree at the University of Missouri prior to accepting a position as instructor in Home Economics in 1921. Cline was promoted to assistant professor in 1923, completed a Master of Arts in 1925, and was promoted to associate professor and chair of the department that same year. Cline became full professor in 1930, a position she held until 1940, when she resigned to accept the appointment of Director of Home Economics for the National Live Stock and Meat Board in Chicago.

While at the University, Cline had also worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, spending the summer of 1938 in Italy to study the management, methods and techniques of food preparation in hotels and restaurants. Her specialty was meat cookery and the conservation of meat nutrients by use of low temperature cooking. Cline wrote meat cookery manuals for the U.S. Army and Navy, and worked with large restaurants and hotels throughout the country during World War II, to assist them in conserving meat. At various times Cline owned restaurants in Columbia, Chicago and Kansas City, served as a director for the National Restaurant Association, as Food Editor for American Restaurant, and as president of the Missouri Restaurant Association.

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