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Missouri Bread

Jessie Alice Cline ( 1891-1996)
The use of dried yeast in making light bread from Missouri soft wheat flour
Master of Arts Thesis
University of Missouri, 1925
UM Libraries Depository
378.7M71 XC615

In her 1925 master’s thesis, Jessie Alice Cline addressed “the problem of lack of information available to enable housewives to use soft wheat flour with a cheaper form of yeast which keeps indefinitely, to produce good bread.” Cline argued that while more difficult than baking with hard wheat flour, it was possible to make bread from soft wheat flour with improved “shape, oven spring, volume and texture.”  

At the time Missouri ranked first in states producing soft winter wheat.  Most of the wheat however, was being exported, while hard winter wheat was being imported to Missouri for bread making.  Cline predicted a shortage of hard wheat and wanted to find a way to utilize locally grown wheat as a substitute.  If successful, Cline expected Missouri flour mills to benefit from this transition and the price of bread to go down, as a result of reduced transportation costs.  The research centers around conserving the use of expensive yeast by experimenting with the fermentation and proofing periods to achieve the desired results.

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