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Mrs. Beeton

Isabella Beeton (1836–1865)
Beeton's every-day cookery and housekeeping book (London, New York, Ward, Lock, 1891)
MU Special Collections
Closed Collection
TX717 .B44 1890

Isabella Beeton married into the Beeton publishing company in 1856 and immediately put her skills to work as editor of the English Woman's Domestic Magazine. She published a monumental compendium of domestic science, The Book of Household Management, in 1861.  The book was an immediate success, and Beeton’s name became synonymous with Victorian domesticity. This updated edition was produced twenty-five years after her death.

Although not a vocal feminist like Catharine Beecher, Beeton sought to validate and professionalize women’s work in the home.  This edition contains a table of the chemical components of foods, based on research by Justus Liebig and others, and advises women to prepare more vegetables and less meat.  Beeton also admonishes her readers to seek further scientific education for the good of their households.

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