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About Food Revolutions

This exhibition was originally mounted in the Ellis Library Colonnade during March 2012 as part of Food Sense: The 8th Annual Life Sciences and Society Symposium. Materials for this exhibition came from the following collections and libraries:


Exhibition Curators

Kelli Hansen, Gary Cox, and Karen Witt, with support from Michael Holland, Alla Barabtarlo, Anselm Huelsbergen, Amy Jones, and Rebecca Vogler

Exhibition Installation

Michael Holland, Alla Barabtarlo, Kelli Hansen, Gary Cox, Karen Witt, Amy Jones, Rebecca Vogler, Laila Faramarzi, Caitlin Corbett, Michaelle Dorsey, and the staff of the Physical Processing and Preservation department

Graphic Design

Amy Jones

Opening Lecture

Food Revolutions: How Science Changed the Way We Eat,” by Dr. Ingolf Gruen

Audiovisual support and recording by PT Martin; event preparation by Patricia Jones, Julie Rogers, Duane Bittle, and Russell Matthews

Digital Imaging and Metadata

Elaine Huntsucker, Regina Guccione, Felicity Dykas, Brian Cain, Amy Jones, Rebecca Vogler, and Amy Lana

Digital Exhibition Design and Construction

Kelli Hansen and Amy Jones

Technical Notes

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All other scripts were developed in house and are free to adapt.

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