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Arthur Estabrook's Mongrel Virginians

Arthur Howard Estabrook (American, 1885 – 1944)
Ivan Eugene McDougle (American, ca. 1892 – 1955)
Mongrel Virginians; The Win Tribe.
Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1926.
Annex 326.973 Es8
University of Missouri Libraries
University of Missouri

Even as late as 1926, Arthur Estabrook coauthored and published Mongrel Virginians; the Win Tribe. This degenerate family study involved the analysis of individuals who were products of race mixing or miscegenation in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The individuals grouped into the “Win Tribe” had a mixed ancestry of Indian, Black, and White. Estabrook and Ivan McDougle, a sociologist from Goucher College, identify these mixed race people as “low-down” and despised by both blacks and whites. It seems that their most readily and uniformly identifiable flaws and undesirable traits were related to not being outgoing and involved in activities outside of their valley.

This critique of the degenerative nature of a family of mixed race is a call to action for stricter anti-miscegenation marriage laws throughout the American South and a defense of those acts already in place such as the Virginia law enacted in 1924. Mongrel Virginians represents the radical racist branch of the eugenics tree.

The images from the text show an “average Win home” and the “interior of a better grade [Win] home.”

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