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Web Resources on Elizabeth

Many of the links on this page can also be found on the following website:

Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend
This is the website for the original exhibit at the Newberry Library, upon which this traveling exhibition is based. 


General Resources

  • Kings and Queens of England
    This site gives a short biography of Elizabeth and links to the text of a speech she gave to troops at Tilbury.  Users can also read about other members of the Tudor family and download a family tree.

  • Tudor England: 1485 – 1603
    This site contains biographies, historical overviews, portraits and primary sources for the entire Tudor era.  Visitors can also take quizzes about their knowledge of Tudor England and find a list of Tudor-themed movies.

    Contains a wealth of information about Tudor England, including biographies, film and TV references, electronic texts and resources for students.

  • Tudor Portraits
    Portraits and other works of art from the Tudor and Elizabethan eras.

  • Modern History Sourcebook: Queen Elizabeth I of England, Selected Writing and Speeches
    Includes the text of Elizabeth’s speeches to Parliament on her marriage, religion, and her farewell speech.

  • Renaissance Literature
    Renaissance literature site with links to works by all the prominent authors of the period, including Queen Elizabeth.  Includes her selections from her poetry, speeches and letters.  Also has extensive bavkground information on Renaissance life and culture.

  • Queen Elizabeth I
    Articles on Elizabethan life, biographies of key figures, and resources for students.

  • Renaissance: The Elizabethan World
    Links to many other Renaissance resources on the internet.

  • The Elizabethan Era
    Contains many articles and links to information about Elizabethan daily life, politics, and the Tudors.

  • The Mary Rose
    The website of a Tudor warship sunk in 1545 and now raised and on exhibit as a museum.


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