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Databases for Articles

Databases are collections of journal articles. Many of these databases will give you the full text of an article. Mizzou purchases the databases with the Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri icon through subscriptions and access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Missouri. Resources with the Available only from within the Health Sciences Library. icon are only aviable from with the Health Sciences Library.

Vanderbilt Internal Medicine and Pediatric CurriculumRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Vanderbilt IM Peds curriculum

The Vanderbilt Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Curriculum is a comprehensive, case-based curriculum for the care of adults and children in the outpatient setting. This curriculum can be used by learners in all stages of training, from students to residents to practicing clinicians and is updated regularly to reflect the newest research and guidelines. We have provided a suggested schedule for residency, but feel free to sort by topic or by organ system. Check back regularly for new topics and updates. [more]

VetMed ResourceRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Contains the Veterinary Science Database, a subset of CAB Abstracts covering all aspects of veterinary medicine. Coverage includes companion animals, equines, food animals, aquaculture species, zoo animals, and wild animals. Also contains CAB Reviews; In Brief and In Depth articles; the Animal Health and Production Compendium; and a Calendar focused on veterinary conferences and other events worldwide. Geared toward those working in the field of veterinary medicine and animal health. [more]

Videos in Clinical MedicineRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: nejm videos ; new england journal of medicine videos

Videos showing common medical procedures from the New England Journal of Medicine. Can also be viewed on mobile devices. [more]

eBooks / Books

The books below does not include all the books available at the MU Library, rather a select few noted by Librarians as noteworthy in a particular subject field. To search for more books please visit MERLIN, the MU Libraries Catalog.

Vaughan & Asbury’s General Ophthalmology, 19th ed.Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Resources Online

Veterinary Abbreviations and AcronymsAnyone can use
Abbreviations and acryonyms commonly used in veterinary medicine. From University of Illinois. [more]

Veterinary Professional OrganizationsAnyone can use

Netvet provides helpful links to a variety of organizations and associations in the areas of veterinary and animal science, animal welfare, and wildlife conservation. [more]

VH DissectorAnyone can use

Available the M148 anatomy lab and from the M1 medical student labs. Students can buy their own copy for about the price of a textbook. Contact Dr. Carol Ward in Anatomy. [more]

ViFAVetAnyone can use
Also Known as: Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Veterinärmedizin

Veterinary search engine from the University of Hannover. Includes several online veterinary dissertations. [more]

VIPPS-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice SitesAnyone can use

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy developed VIPPS in 1999 in response to public concern about the safety of pharmacy practices on the Internet. The public is welcome to search for a VIPPS Internet pharmacy that matches their needs. [more]

Viral Genotyping ToolAnyone can use

Viral Genotyping Tool: a web-based program that identifies the genotype (or subtype) of recombinant or non-recombinant viral nucleotide sequences. It works by using BLAST to compare a query sequence to a set of reference sequences for known genotypes. Predefined reference genotypes exist for three major viral pathogens: human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV), as well as for poliovirus. User-defined reference sequences can be used at the same time. The query sequence is broken into segments for comparison to the reference so that the mosaic organization of recombinant sequences is revealed. The results are displayed graphically using color-coded genotypes. Therefore, the genotype(s) of any portion of the query can quickly be determined. [more]

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library Research RepositoryAnyone can use

A DSpace digital repository of nursing research grey literature, including preprints; working papers; theses; dissertations; doctorate of nursing practice projects, conference papers; presentations; faculty-created learning objects; data sets; and more. From the Sigma Theta Tau International. [more]

Virtual AutopsyAnyone can use

Case studies including symptoms, examination and test results, progression of the case and an interactive cadaver. [more]

Virtual Pediatric Hospital, University of IowaAnyone can use

A collection of textbooks and images for pediatricians and their patients. Especially strong in radiology and imaging. Formerly part of the Virtual Hospital. [more]

Visible Human ProjectAnyone can use

From the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the Visible Human Project includes complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies. [more]

Vitals.comAnyone can use

Search for a doctor based on location, specialty, and symptom. Contains data on expertise, years in practice, training, certification, and disciplinary actions on over 700,000 MDs and DOs nationwide. Information is culled from public records. [more]

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