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Databases for Articles

Databases are collections of journal articles. Many of these databases will give you the full text of an article. Mizzou purchases the databases with the Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri icon through subscriptions and access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Missouri. Resources with the Available only from within the Health Sciences Library. icon are only aviable from with the Health Sciences Library.

AAMI Standards SearchAnyone can use
Also Known as: Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Standards Search; AAMI Database

Search the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation database for books, reports, final and draft standards available for sale from AAMI. Also includes information about active ISO, IEC and AAMI standards projects and other technical committee news. [more]

ABI/InformRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

ABI/Inform is the primary index to over 1,000 business journals. Includes access to ABI/Inform Global, ABI/Inform Dateline and ABI/Inform Trade & Industry. [more]

ABLEDATAAnyone can use

AbleData is a source for impartial, comprehensive information on products, solutions and resources to improve productivity and ease with life’s tasks. It provides information to assist domestic and international customers and their family members, vendors, distributors, organizations, professionals and caregivers in understanding assistive technology (AT) options and programs available. AbleData does not sell products and do not endorse any non-government websites, companies, or applications. [more]

African Index MedicusAnyone can use

Focuses on sources not indexed in MEDLINE, including books, theses, and agency reports. From the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA) with the technical support of the World Health Organization [more]

AGRICOLARestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

AGRICOLA is produced by the U.S. National Agricultural Library and provides access to worldwide periodical literature and USDA publications. Subject coverage includes plant and animal sciences, food and nutrition, agriculture, biotechnology, entomology, forestry, and wildlife. [more]

AHRQ Innovations ExchangeAnyone can use
Also Known as: Innovations Exchange

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange is a web-based resource designed to support health care professionals in sharing and adopting innovations that improve health care quality. The website includes a clearinghouse of innovative ideas and opportunities to learn and share ideas with others. Submissions of innovative approaches to patient care delivery are welcomed. [more]

AIDSinfoAnyone can use

Over 700 descriptions of current and closed clinical trials for AIDS. Also includes information on AIDS treatment guidelines, drugs and vaccines. [more]

AIDSinfo Drug DatabaseAnyone can use

A dictionary of over 240 chemical and biological agents. Each entry includes pharmacologic action, adverse reactions, chemical and trade names, contraindications, physical/chemical properties, and manufacturers’ names. A service of the Dept. of Health and Human Services. [more]

ALTBIB: Bibliography on the use of live vertebrates in biomedical research and testingAnyone can use

A searchable bibliography of animal testing alternatives. Citations come from journal articles indexed in National Library of Medicine Databases. [more]

America History and LifeRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

America History and Life contains citations and abstracts of books, dissertations, and articles from approximately 2,000 journals published worldwide. Covers all aspects of U.S. and Canadian history, culture, and current affairs from prehistoric times to the present. [more]

American Periodical Series OnlineRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

American Periodical Series Online is full-text collection of over 1,100 magazines and journals published between 1741 and 1900. [more]

Annual Reviews Online IndexAnyone can use

Search the full-text of Annual Reviews: Anthropology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure, Cell Developmental Biology, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Energy and the Environment, Fluid Mechanics, Genetics, Immunology, Materials Science, Medicine, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Nuclear and Particle Science, Nutrition, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physical Chemistry, Physiology, Phytopathology, Plant Physiology, Psychology, Public Health, and Sociology. [more]

ArticleFirstRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

ArticleFirst is an OCLC index of articles from approximately 16,000 journals. Subjects covered include business, social science, science, technology, humanities, medicine, and culture. Coverage is 1990 to date. [more]

askHERMESAnyone can use
Also Known as: ask hermes ; medQA ; med Q A ; MedQ@A

An experimental search engine to mine PubMed/MEDLINE, eMedicine, and the National Guideline Clearinghouse for answers to clinical questions. Type in a specific question for best results. [more]

eBooks / Books

The books below does not include all the books available at the MU Library, rather a select few noted by Librarians as noteworthy in a particular subject field. To search for more books please visit MERLIN, the MU Libraries Catalog.

AAFP Conditions A to ZRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Abeloff’s Clinical OncologyRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Clinical Oncology

Abernathy’s surgical secretsRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Surgical secrets; Abernathy surgical secrets

AccessMedicineRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Search a collection approximately 100 books in clinical medicine and the basic sciences, including Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Hurst’s The Heart, and many more. Click on My AccessMedicine to register for a free password which entitles you to use the Lange self-assessment tool for board preparation, PDF chapter downloads, and podcasts. MyNCBI account holders can link to articles and ordering options via Findit@MU. To locate more recent articles which cite a referenced article, enter the PMID article Identifier here. [more]

AccessMedicine: ImagesRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Accident and Emergency Radiology, 3rd ed.Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Emergency Radiology

Adams & Victor’s Principles of NeurologyRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Adler’s physiology of the eyeRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Physiology of the eye; Adlers physiology of the eye; Adler’s

AHFS Drug InformationRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri[please give feedback here]

A collection of drug monographs prepared for the purpose of disseminating comprehensive, evaluative drug information. [more]

AllergyRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

AMA Manual of StyleRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: american medical association manual of style ; ama style manual

This handbook provides medical writers and editors with guidance in manuscript preparation, writing style, reference formatting, and more. From the American Medical Association. Since access limited to 5 users at a time, please scroll down and click “Log Out” in the lower right when finished. [more]

American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of PsychiatryRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Aminoff’s Neurology and General Medicine, 5th ed.Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Neurology and General Medicine

Anatomy AtlasesAnyone can use

A digital library of anatomy information from the University of Iowa. Includes cross sectional and microscopic images. Formerly part of the Virtual Hospital [more]

Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin : Clinical Dermatology, 12th editionRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Diseases of the skin clinical dermatology; Andrews Diseases of the Skin

Animal Drugs @ FDAAnyone can use
Also Known as: Green Book; FDA Approved Animal Drug Products

Listing of all FDA approved animal drugs and methods for their use. [more]

Art of Examining and Interpreting Histologic PreparationsAnyone can use

Required for PBL Block 1. [more]

Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney (Schrier)Anyone can use

The complete text of all five volumes, courtesy of ISN Informatics Commission and NKF cyberNephrology. [more]

Atlas of Emergency MedicineRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Autoimmune Diseases, 5th ed.Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: The autoimmune diseases

Avery’s Diseases of the NewbornRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Diseases of the Newborn

AVMA Guidelines on EuthanasiaAnyone can use

Published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in June 2007. Formerly Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia. [more]

Resources Online

A Guide to Utilization of the Microbiology Laboratory for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: 2013 Recommendations by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)Anyone can use
Also Known as: IDSA lab tests

A reference guide showing which laboratory tests are valuable in diagnosing infectious diseases and which are not. Includes best practices for gathering and labeling specimens. Organized by body system. From the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Society of Microbiology. [more]

About Clinical TrialsAnyone can use

Provides information about current clinical trials at the University of Missouri Health Care. Includes a sign up form questionnaire for consumers interested in possibly participating in a trial. [more]

About Herbs, Botanicals, and Other ProductsAnyone can use

Provides evaluative information on herbal and botanical therapies, including potential benefits/problems, interactions, adverse effects and constituents. Patient summaries are also available. From the Integrative Medicine Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Free registration required. [more]

ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources Inc.)Restricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Creates, produces, hosts and manages a very large number of specific online resources for cancer patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and basic research scientists. [more]

ACR Appropriateness Criteria from the American College of RadiologyAnyone can use

Search and view evidence based guidelines on diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology, and radiation oncology, developed by expert panels on over 170 topics. Personal use is limited to research, scientific, and informational purposes. [more]

Adam.com Medical EncyclopediaAnyone can use

Browse or search for symptoms in this encyclopedia available via MEDLINEplus. [more]

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)Anyone can use

Provides information on outcomes and effectiveness; preventive services; clinical practice guidelines; quality and patient safety. [more]

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)Anyone can use

An agency of the Public Health Service in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Its mission is to prevent exposure and adverse human health effects and diminished quality of life associated with exposure to hazardous substances from waste sites, unplanned releases, and other sources of pollution present in the environment. The homepage provides access points for ATSDR Datasets/Resources such as the HazDat Database, toxicology information, health studies and registries, health education and communication, the Hazardous Substances & Public Health newsletter, a Primer on Health Risk Communication Principles and Practices, congressional testimony and reports to Congress, and access to other related organizations and internet resources. [more]

Agriculture Network Information CenterAnyone can use
Also Known as: AgNIC

AgNIC facilitates and participates in partnerships and cooperation among institutions and organizations world-wide that are committed to the identification, delivery and preservation of reliable, freely-available, evaluated, digital content and quality services for agriculture, food, and natural resources information. [more]

AHRQ Health Care Innovations ExchangeAnyone can use
Also Known as: Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Healthcare Innovations Exchange

Browse descriptions of novel health care innovations by disease, setting, patient population, and more. Includes reports of both successful and unsuccessful innovations. For each innovation, learn: what they did; did it work?; and how they did it. From the U.S. Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. [more]

AHRQ Web M&M: Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the WebAnyone can use

A forum on patient safety, featuring expert analyses of anonymously submitted medical errors, and interactive learning modules on patient safety. From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. [more]

AIM DocFinderAnyone can use

Search a doctor’s name for any disciplinary information provided by medical boards in over 20 states. Missouri is not included, although there is a link to the Missouri State Board for the Healing Arts Licensee Database. AIM DocFinder is provided by the Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors. [more]

Alan E. Lindsay ECG learning center in cyberspaceAnyone can use

This interactive ECG tutorial represents an introduction to clinical electrocardiography. In this tutorial an attempt has been made to conform to standardized terminology and criteria. New diagnostic concepts derived from the recent ECG literature have been included in some of the sections. [more]

Alice! Columbia University’s Health Education ProgramAnyone can use

Healthwise is the Health Education and Wellness Program of Columbia University. Healthwise contains information on drug and alcohol concerns, sexual health, nutrition & diet, emotional well-being and general health. It also contains an interactive question and answer health line. [more]

Alliance of Genetic Support GroupsAnyone can use

A directory of support groups for people with genetic disorders and their families. Includes many rare diseases. [more]

Alternative & Complementary Medicine Center, Health World OnlineAnyone can use

A site with a wealth of resources on alternative medicine topics. Features include a Professional Referral Network for alternative medicine specialties such as acupuncture, homeopathy and holistic health care. This site also offers an online version of Materia Medica for information about herbs. [more]

AltVet MedAnyone can use

Complementary and alternatives veterinary medicine (CAVM), including acupuncture, chiopracty, herbal medicine, homeopahty, and nutritional therapy. [more]

AltWebAnyone can use

Clearinghouse for information on alternatives to animal testing. Produced by Johns Hopkins. [more]

AMA Doctor FinderAnyone can use

A directory of virtually every licensed physician in the United States. Search the 650,000+ entries by name and medical specialty. [more]

AMA Physician-Related Data Resources by CountyAnyone can use
Also Known as: American Medical Association Physician Statistics by County

Discover the total number of physicians in any U.S. county, or in a given medical specialty in a county. From the AMA Physicians Masterfile. [more]

American Academy of Pediatrics PolicyAnyone can use
Also Known as: AAP Policy

This resource provides access to clinical guidelines, policy statements, clinical reports and technical reports developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. [more]

American Animal Hospital AssociationAnyone can use
Also Known as: AAHA

Established in 1933, AAHA is the only companion animal exclusive veterinary association. AAHA develops industry benchmarks, business practice standards (known as the Standards of Accreditation), and publications and educational programs designed to support companion animal hospitals. [more]

American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS): Certification MattersAnyone can use
Also Known as: abms ; american board of medical specialties ; who’s certified ; certification matters ; certificationmatters

Verify the physician certification status by one or more of the 24 ABMS member boards, or obtain a list of board certified specialists in a given state or city. Free registration required. [more]

American Board of Orthopaedic SurgeryAnyone can use
Also Known as: ABOS

Establishes educational standards for orthopaedic residents and evaluates orthopaedic surgeons. [more]

American Indian HealthAnyone can use

Provides links to Web sites, documents, databases, and other resources of interest to Native Americans. From the National Library of Medicine. [more]

American Physical Therapy AssociationAnyone can use

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)Anyone can use

Certifies in radiography and nuclear medicine. [more]

American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)Anyone can use

Largest professional society for radiologic technologists including the specialties of nuclear medicine and radiography. [more]

American Veterinary Medical History Society (AVMHS)Anyone can use

The American Veterinary Medical History Society was formed by a group of interested veterinarians and friends to recall the past and relate it in an interesting fashion to their colleagues, and to collect and place in suitable archives a record of the “remembered” past from as many as possible. This group is made up of those interested in preserving books, photos, and artifacts of the past and present. [more]

American Veterinay Medical AssociationAnyone can use
Also Known as: AVMA

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 81,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. [more]

America’s Health RankingsAnyone can use

View state rankings for a variety of diseases and health indicators. From United Health Foundation. [more]

America’s Top DoctorsAnyone can use

Lists top doctors in various specialties according to a variety of criteria that includes physician nomination of other physicians. Some information is free, but the majority is fee-based. [more]

America’s Top HospitalsRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Top hospitals are listed on this site that accompanies America’s Top Doctors. Some information is available for free, but the majority is fee-based. [more]

AMIA – American Medical Informatics AssociationAnyone can use

AMIA is a professional organization for biomedical and health informatics. AMIA promotes the effective organization, analysis, management, and use of information in health care in support of patient care, public health, teaching, research, administration, and related policy. [more]

anatomyEXPERTAnyone can use
Also Known as: anatomy expert ; anatomyexpert.com

An online atlas of human anatomy featuring 3D models, artwork, dissection photographs, cross sections, and histology images. [more]

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)Anyone can use

Provides information on animal and plant health, animal welfare, and importing and exporting of plants and animals. [more]

Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC)Anyone can use

Part of the National Agriculatural Library, AWIC provides information for improved animal care and use in research, teaching, and testing. Includes information on searching for alternatives to use of animals in research. [more]

Animals in ResearchAnyone can use

From the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Extramural Research, includes news, policies, education, training, and information on animals in research. [more]

AOTAAnyone can use

American Occupational Therapy Association [more]

ARGH Biomedical Acronym/Abbreviation DatabaseAnyone can use

Enter an acronym to see what it stands for, and how it has been used in context in MEDLINE titles and abstracts. Generated automatically from the MEDLINE database using a computer algorithm called Acronym Resolving General Heuristics (ARGH), it contains over 200,000 unique acronyms. [more]

ASC Media LibraryAnyone can use

The Academic Support Center maintains a library of over 9000 videos and 5000 films. These are available for overnight rental or may be viewed at the Academic Support Center. [more]

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)Anyone can use

Provides information on medical education, research, and health care. A directory of medical schools and medical school admissions offices in included. [more]

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)Anyone can use

Includes information on veterinary medical colleges and departments of veterinary sciences and comparative medicine in the United States and Canada. Provides resources on applying to veterinary school. [more]

Autism SourceAnyone can use

The Autism Source Resource Database, created by the Autism Society, is a comprehensive directory for credible and reliable resources from a nationwide network of Autism Society, collaborations with other autism organizations, and professionals throughout the U.S. You can search by organization, location, sponsor, or service in order get a list of organizations with the information you need. [more]

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